1. L

    Listing Accepted( but withdrawn) Conference Abstract on ERAS

    Hi all: Hope you're doing well. I have a rather unique circumstance. An oncology project I've been working on( not first-author) was accepted by a major conference for "online publication only". However, the first author( not me) decided to withdraw the "accepted" abstract to provisionally...
  2. H

    [Research Opportunity in Dermatology] Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship

    Title: Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship Fellowship Director: Shawn Kwatra, MD Duration: 1 year Description: Under the direction of Dr. Shawn Kwatra, the Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship is interviewing for a position starting in March 2021 (starting date flexible). The fellow will engage in...
  3. reaction mechanisms

    COVID-19 vaccine clinical research?

    Is it possible to get any publications out of a clinical research study as a research assistant? I’m very thrilled to be working on a phase III candidate vaccine study for COVID-19 during this gap year (deferred admission for EY 2021) and am really hoping to get some publications out of it. I’m...
  4. B

    Manuscript submitted to American Journal of Medicine.. how do I include in ERAS application?

    Hi everyone- I have two manuscripts that were submitted to American Journal of Medicine just a few days ago. With my ERAS applications going out tomorrow, I am wondering if this is something I can include somehow in my application or if I have to wait until it becomes confirmed for print and...
  5. G

    Unpublished Case Report Under Research Experience ERAS?

    I have a case series/case report that has been submitted to a journal but is currently "under review." Would it be okay to include this under "research experience"? I have seen a lot of mixed thoughts if case reports actually qualify as research. I just want to include it somewhere because I...
  6. C

    Second-author in "Nature" pub equivalent for Econ field. How to communicate research experience in social sciences?

    I co-authored a paper and it was accepted into the Journal of Political Economy. It is considered one of the top five peer-reviewed journals in economics and getting a paper published in the "Top Five" is considered to be a career accomplishment that impacts tenure and promotion decisions in the...
  7. Y

    Should I continue my research job?

    Hey folks, I'm currently waiting on the results of a couple interviews, and I'm wondering whether I should continue my basic research job or not. I recently published a review paper, and I feel like I may be close to publishing my own research paper, but there's actually quite a lot left to do...
  8. @Hazel-rah

    How to go about publishing a case report?

    Hi, I am naive to the publishing arena but trying to get something on my CV under the "Research and Publications" heading. I have a very interesting case that I'm submitting to present as an oral presentation at a citywide research day. I also think I could write it as an article to get...
  9. I

    How to find/what to look for in clinical research positions?

    I just started my first of several gap years, and am still looking for work. I've been advised by several doctors that the one thing that would really improve my app at this point is clinical research, since I have no research experience. However, I live in ND where there are zero opportunities...
  10. N

    Undergraduate Publication?

    For the past year I have been working at my lab. My PI has been saying he does not mind too much commitment during the school year (coming in every week or so, or couple times a week). However, the caviot is he expects an average of 40 hours a week over summer. His lab publishes in many high...
  11. T

    Listing Research Abstract on Application

    Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what is fair game for my AMCAs activities. The PI in charge of the research that I assist in submitted an abstract for our project to be orally presented at the ASGSR conference (Oct. 31st - Nov 3rd, 2018). Is this something that I could list...
  12. S

    Second author to an attending

    Ms2 shooting for ortho. I got a paper into a top ortho journal and was expecting to be first author as I wrote the whole thing and did all phone follow up and stats/data analysis. However my established attending took first author, he's very well known in the field. How will this be viewed? I'm...
  13. B

    Research lab problem

    So I am senior now and will be graduating after next semester. I have >1000 hours of research at 3 different labs (stayed at each lab for 1 year including summers), with the most recent one with >400 hours (9 months including summers). However, I do not have any publications... I was going to...
  14. C

    How impressive is getting paid/published for research?

    So I met the PI whose lab I'm going to start working in and he mentioned that he would definitely pay me and if I wanted to do an independent project later on we could definitely talk about that, and he would support me in maybe getting it into something like PLoS. So I was super excited to hear...
  15. Happyface025

    MD 3.5s/3.6c upward trend, 517, +research. School list check

    Posted about a year ago but significant changes to ECs since then. School list at bottom. Thank you! GPA 1st university: 2.7 (Chemistry, Bio I, Calc) Community College: 3.9 (O Chem, Physics, Bio II, Calc) 2nd university (similar ranking to first): 3.94c/4.00s (Molecular & Cell Bio Major, Pysch...
  16. K

    Creative Writing Major - Will it hurt?

  17. DK Washington

    How do adcoms view nonresearch publications?

    I'm a Biology major and Creative Writing minor and wonder if listing my published poems in my application would look impressive to adcoms and/or set me apart from most applicants or would it work against me since they'd prefer publications related to research.
  18. K

    MD Wet Lab vs. Clinical Research?

    Will it be at my disadvantage to not have wet lab experience when applying to medical school? I am currently an RA at a UCSF clinical research center. My plan is to continue to work in this sphere, but should I also have wet lab experience? Does it matter?
  19. neuroace

    Anyone doing research in Cardio or Rad?

    I'm a very hard working MSII looking to help out on a research publication in Cardio or Radiology. If you are currently working on one and are open to having another student help out, please let me know. Thankyou

    Who is considered to be the "first author" in this publication?

    Hey everyone! I'm getting my first publication soon (yay!), but I'm very unfamiliar with the "rules" for authorship of a publication. Based on the following list of authors in the manuscript, who is considered to be the "first author" of this paper?
  21. J

    Oncology research as an MS1

    Hi all, I am an incoming M1 who is undecided about which specialty I want to pursue (as we all are.) I have done extensive shadowing an a lot of fields, and from my experiences I have decided that I am leaning toward medicine related fields rather than surgical specialties. Fields like...
  22. ArtMajor

    Where to List Publication In Progress

    Under my activities section of AMCAS, I have a publications category for a publication for which I am second author. I was thinking of using the rest of the description space to list a publication which has been submitted and is in review, and one which is in progress. Since I am not giving...
  23. J

    Citing Publications in AMCAS

    Hi guys, Having a bit of difficulty fitting the word requirements to site these two publications in AMCAS. Should I just put et al. after the first author? I also want to say that I presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, want to make this section as concise as possible. Any...
  24. erbkeb

    AMCAS Abstract and poster presentation

    I am applying for the 2018 cycle and am listed as an author on 5 separate abstracts for an upcoming conference (June 24-29, 2017) and will be presenting a poster as well. I do not know how to go about listing these on my application since the abstracts are not necessarily published anywhere and...
  25. minionphil

    Research Experience: both student researcher and research scientist

    Hi guys, I have a question about how to input my research experience. I started doing research junior year in undergrad, continued in the same research lab during my Master's degree, and now I work in the same research lab as a research scientist. Should this experience be included under...
  26. Spr1ngrolls

    Updates to Med Schools About Research Publications and More?

    Hey everyone, so I'm a little bit lost because I'm not sure what to do. I've been in research in a bio-pharmaceutical/bioengineering lab for three years (2300+ hours) during my undergraduate years studying what are essentially novel platforms for drug delivery for treatment of various cancer...
  27. U

    The University of Miami Department of Dermatology in Miami, FL is offering a 1-2 year dermatologic s

    The University of Miami Department of Dermatology in Miami, FL is offering a 1-2 year dermatologic surgery research fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Keyvan Nouri Description: A great opportunity for a highly-motivated individual who is interested in participating in clinical/translational...
  28. bengalsfan0525

    Publications before medical school or in different fields

    I currently am working on a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering and recently got two papers published. I was curious if these publications, being in a completely different field and before attending medical school, would be considered relevant when applying for residency (specifically when...
  29. B

    Legitimacy of review articles?

    I just graduated and am currently applying to medical school. In the last year I published two review articles together with a surgeon on surgical techniques. He just asked me to write another review article which just was approved through presubmission at a major surgical journal (impact factor...
  30. A

    Summer Research vs. During school year research?

    I am currently applying to some top 10/20 schools this cycle, among many more mid tiers and low tiers and I understand the importance many of the top schools place on research. Having said that, I feel a little bit weird comparing myself to students who have conducted research for 2-3 years...
  31. coffeeandcodeine

    Very small, low impact, high school publication....worth adding to secondaries?

    Hey guys, My current research of about 4 years remains unpublished (although it is currently in the pipeline), but I have a second author publication in a low impact journal from my work in high school. Would you guys consider this worth adding to my secondary applications when specifically...
  32. LIC2015

    Work/Activities: Experience Name for Publications?

    I'm listing multiple scientific publications as an activity, any recommendations for Experience Name? They're obviously listed as Publications under Experience Type but would using that as the name be redundant?
  33. A

    Publications - Physician Collaborators needed for health comm and policy articles

    I am hoping to find a practicing physician or resident with an interest in collaborating and co-authoring manuscripts in this area. I am a rapid and productive writer, interested in quickly building a publication record and potentially applying for faculty position in the future (ideally in...