SMPs/Masters Programs for Dental School help!

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Dec 15, 2015
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Hey guys! I'm a senior graduating in May and i'm going to try to keep this short..

Basically I started off my undergrad at a state school and started off there decent (A's and B's). During my second year my dad had a major heart surgery because of a heart attack, lost his job, and went through depression (he's the only person in our household who works) and it really affected our family -- and my grades. I did terribly for 2 semesters and transferred to a community college before I finally moved home because it had been almost two years and he was still unemployed. I took a semester off and worked and now I am back in school (luckily my dad found a job as well) and have an amazing GPA (3.8) with all upper level science classes and a semester left. However, if I combine it with my bad semesters its at a 2.5...

So I know for sure I won't get into dental school right off the bat because of my GPA at my first school. I have been working all throughout school and shadowing and will have some research experience next semester with a professor as well. Also, I'm taking the GRE this week and the DAT next semester as well (taking both tests just to have both done). I am going to be applying to SMP programs (Rutgers, Barry University, etc) but I was curious if anyone could give me an idea on what chances I have getting in? I have been taking practice GRE tests and scoring in the high 150's - low 160's so I'm assuming that is what I'll make. I know I'll have excellent recommendations and graduate with a great GPA at my transfer school but not an overall one.

Also, should I include all the personal family problems I experienced in my statement of purpose or application essays? And lastly, I'm unsure on whether I should apply after next semester is over or earlier (since apps are rolling) because I know applications are due at the end of summer and I"ll have my final semester grades in by then which will put another semester of A's (hopefully) on my transcript. Just a little confused on the timing of when I should apply and if I even have a good chance in getting in..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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