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  1. K

    WAMC: Low Master’s GPA, Good / decent DAT

    Hey all, I’ll just post my stats and let y’all do your thing. Have you heard of anyone getting into dental school w/ these stats? Im currently 80k in debt w student loans, so I’m trying to grasp for any hope at this point. I took the DAT once after undergrad. My last hope to make up for my...
  2. S

    Biomedical Sciences Masters Program at Roosevelt University (Chicago, IL)

    Hi I am looking into the Biomedical Sciences Masters program at Roosevelt University in Chicago. My pre-health advisor was recommending schools that have a dental school associated with it, but I was wondering if anyone else on here had experience with this program, and if you did, how did it go?
  3. Dr.opieee

    Reapplying after taking some time off....

    I'm a 24 year old Non-Traditional student that applied to dental school for the 2017/2018 cycle. I graduated from UNC Wilmington with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. My sGPA was a 3.1 and my overall GPA was a 3.3. I took the DAT 2 different times scoring a 19AA both times. During...
  4. R

    What are my chances? Recommendations?

    I'm sort of at a crossroads here and I'm not sure what my next move should be in terms of preparing for my dental school application. Any advice/tips is greatly appreciated... Undergraduate GPA: ~3.1 (I had one semester where I really f*cked up, for various reasons. I had 3 F's and a W this...
  5. P

    UNTHSC M.S. in Medical Sciences (Texas)-SMP 2019-2020

    Let's kick this off! I'm a current medsci and I'm willing to answer any questions you might have. I had lower stats before applying, but I also applied twice. ugpa:3.1, mcat:500. That goes to say, things would always work out. Keep trying hard and you'll get to where you want to be! Good luck!
  6. GoRamsGo

    Dental Schools that like Master's/Post Bacc Students

    Hey everyone, I am currently in a Master's program and will be applying to dental school this cycle. I have completed roughly 20 credits of graduate level classes and have a 4.0 GPA so far. I know some schools like Tufts like graduate students and matriculate a large percentage each year. Are...
  7. P

    post bac/masters program that guarantee an interview to dental school

    I know LECOM has a post bac/masters program that guarantees an interview to their dental school.Which other schools do this too?
  8. stonefawkes

    "Special Masters" vs. "Masters" in LORs

    Hi, wanted to get some input: I am planning on applying to Western U's MSMS program which is a 1-year deal. I have LORs on Interfolio from the last few years in two versions from each letter writer--one that uses the term "special masters program" and the other the uses "postbac program" when...
  9. H

    Dropping out of SMP affiliated with med school

    So I am currently in a Masters program thats affiliated with a medical school. I am about one month into the program and have received an acceptance to another medical school. My question is can i drop my current Masters program without the school I was accepted into from finding out? I never...
  10. P

    Should I do the masters program or continue taking 300-400 level science and math courses?

    Hi All- Thank you in advance for the responses! I graduated in May with my bachelors in biology and minor in chemistry. My overall GPA is a 2.9 with retakes calculated in (3.1 with retake grade replacement). I have two options to increase my chances of getting into dental school... do an...
  11. knewstance

    SMP, Does it matter which one?

    After several attempts in previous application cycles, I've decided it's time for a Masters Program. From my research I've seen that curriculum is fairly consistent between programs. Maybe a class or two variance but for the most part, I would be attending the same classes in most programs...
  12. W

    Non-traditional help Post-bac or just apply?

    Hello. I am deliberating whether to apply this cycle or do a formal post-bac. In an ideal world, I would apply to MD/DO and see where the chips fall, delaying the post-bac decision until after the dust settles. However, application fees are quite exorbitant and I am concerned that it may not be...
  13. L

    Should I pick a new profession?

    Please help, my alternatives may not be reachable anymore. Long story short, I didn't know dental schools combined ALL undergrad science grades (including retaken courses), so while my overall science GPA is a 3.2 (I know, too low to apply to dental school), my recalculated science GPA is around...
  14. Imkay

    PsyD PhD Grad School Advice Needed ASAP Please

    To begin I am an extremely hard worker, I would like to consider myself conscientiousness, determined and goal driven. I am currently in my senior year of undergraduate work and am still unsure of my plans next year. My dream has been to obtain a terminal degree (PhD. or PsyD) in clinical...
  15. I

    Any Master's program roll into Med School????

    Hi All! Just wondering if anyone out there knows of any Master's programs like Medical Health Science, etc …. that is a 1 year program that if you have high enough GPA like 3.5 or above in the program you have a chance / roll into their medical school? I've heard vaguely there might be...
  16. G

    Masters Programs for admittance into podiatry programs?

    So, I am two years out of college. Have already graduated. With just below average MCAT scores and GPA (out of a 4.0 based system). My question is where should I go from here? I have not been in school due to working at a family business. I have applied to DPM programs and have had several...
  17. AldeHide

    specific MS Program before medical School

    So this is sort of specific to a particular MS program out of ASU - The MS in Science of Health Care Delivery. I cant find much in reviews or the sort on it, nothing on here for the most part anyways. I will probably end up graduating from U. Iowa with a BS in Human Physiology and a Cum GPA of...
  18. April O'Neil

    Is John Jay's MA in Forensic Psych program APA accredited?

    (This is a rather long post I'm afraid, sorry. I'm just nervous and would really appreciate any advice.) Hello everyone, First, a bit of background. I completed my bachelor's in Journalism, Psychology, and English Literature from 2007-2010 at an Indian university. I then completed a Master's...
  19. mavsfanforlife6

    SMPs/Masters Programs for Dental School help!

    Hey guys! I'm a senior graduating in May and i'm going to try to keep this short.. Basically I started off my undergrad at a state school and started off there decent (A's and B's). During my second year my dad had a major heart surgery because of a heart attack, lost his job, and went through...
  20. F

    3.2 Overall/ 3.2 science/ strong upward trend with Graduate course load/ 30 on practice MCAT

    I was hoping to get some feedback about my odds of getting into medical school. I am a senior microbiology major but I am enrolled in a combined 3+2 masters program so I shall be receiving my masters in 2017. I am an underrepresented minority student. I decided to enroll in the masters program...
  21. D

    Post bacc or retake MCAT

    Hi guys! I am trying to decide whether I should do a post-bacc, masters or just retake the MCAT. Small state school - bachelors of science in biology, (went to a community college afterwards and took nearly 5 courses.....medical terminology, calculus 1 to name a few - all sciences were taken...
  22. D

    University of South Carolina Post bacc/Masters of Biomedical Science

    It seems to be difficult to find information on the post bacc biomedical certificate and masters of biomedical science programs offered by the University of South Carolina... Has anyone enrolled in one of these programs and been successful at gaining admission to medical school the year...
  23. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Chances of Getting into Eastern Washington’s Occupational Therapy Masters Program

    Hello, I’m 19 years old and I’ll be graduating this year in a bachelors of Kinesiology degree from a private university (I’ll be 20 when I graduate because I did Running Start). I am worried my application is not elite enough to be considered for a competitive application for the Eastern...
  24. T

    WAMC: What Are My Chances

    MOD NOTE: We are now going to have one thread for all of the inquiries for competitiveness, what are my chances, do I have a shot, can I get into ABC University, etc. Most of the other SDN forums have found success with having one thread, so we are going to adopt that going forward. 1. Please...
  25. ForensicOdontology

    New sGPA Factoring?

    Hey all, I'm sorry if this has been addressed -- although I can't see how it could have been since it's a fairly specific situation. I'm just a tad confused and looking for thoughts/guidance. First off, the Forensic Sciences are considered in the sGPA now?? Is this new or did I miss something...
  26. P

    What to do with my gap year?

    I am currently a 4th year undergrad (African American female) at GW set to graduate May 2016. I have a cGPA of 3.35 and sGPA of 2.97. I know my GPA is too low to apply to medical school now, and I have yet to take the MCAT. As of now, I see post-bacc programs for academic enhancers as my only...
  27. T

    Finishing pre-reqs: Masters vs Classes only/no degree

    I will complete my bachelor's in a non-science major this fall, but gaps in my pre-requisites for dental school will require another full year of school. My question for people with relevant experience or knowledge of this situation is; would you recommend enrolling in a master's program to...
  28. E

    PhD/PsyD Help! Can I get my MA in a PsyD program and then quit to pursue therapy? Read on for my reasoning.

    Okay I am a psychology major (Junior) with a research emphasis and I am not 100% sure what I want to do after I graduate. I go back and forth between a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy or a PsyD, but my only reservation about the MFT is that I may change my mind and want to pursue my PsyD...
  29. kaymellow

    Hampton University's Master of Medical Science 2016

    Hey guys! Didn't see a thread for this application cycle yet. Anyone applying/planning to apply for this program? I am gathering my application materials at the moment. Commentary from current students is welcomed as well! :)
  30. H

    Low GPA.. Do I have to do a Masters?

  31. C

    Two Masters should I focus on Md/PhD or MD?

    Hi all, I'm having some difficulty figuring out if an MD/PhD route will be more beneficial for me than just pursuing an MD with residency and a fellowship/post doc. I obtained a B.S in Neuroscience and I'm finishing up my premed requirements while I'm currently in a Masters of Neuroscience...
  32. A

    Career change from attorney to psychologist -- possible routes?

    Hi all, Thanks so much for everyone's input--this site is an incredibly helpful resource. I am an early 30's attorney at a large law firm in new york doing civil litigation, and am looking to make a career change to being a psychologist. I was a psych major at an ivy league school for...
  33. D


    Hey everyone! So I was wondering if I could get some advice about what to do after graduation. I plan to graduate in the spring and I was wondering what would be better to do on my year "off". Should I: 1. Do a 1 year masters program in medical sciences. This would help me get my GPA high, I...
  34. N

    What are my chances? Canadian/Master's Degree

    I graduated undergrad with a degree in microbiology from UW-Madison with oGPA of 2.99 and sGPA of 2.89. I am currently getting my Master's in Microbiology (2 year program) and will graduate with at least a 3.5 but hopefully at 3.6. I have about 50 hours of shadowing and currently volunteer as a...
  35. scribePT

    GWU MPH - anyone know anything about

    Hey all, I'm curious about the MPH programs at George Washington U. Does anyone have experience in applying to this school? Or are you currently attending an MPH program there? Which one? And what do you like about Washington, DC? My interests lie in their MPH/Peace Corps program, and I'm...