Sociology as a REQUIRED prereq--not just a recommended prereq--for any med school right now?

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Nov 28, 2023
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Does anyone know specifically if Sociology is a REQUIRED--not just recommended--prereq right now for any med school?

I've gone through these SDN forums about Sociology as a prereq spanning back a number of years. The general consensus is that Sociology is recommended as a prereq at "most" med schools, but does not seem to be required at virtually any med school. However each prereq list is of course school specific.

I've also consulted the AAMC and MSAR websites and their prereq course requirements for each school, and although prereqs are specified in each case it doesn't list Sociology specifically as a course at any school. Instead, it only has the general course "Social Science".

If at all possible, I'd likely prefer to spend my time self-studying for the MCAT including the Sociology section instead of taking a semester-long class with homework, essays, tests, and deadlines. I've already taken some Psychology classes.

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Check with the schools you intend to apply to, but unless their committees just made a change, I wouldn't expect an introduction to sociology course would be required. I would see what the high yield sociology topics are on the MCAT and learn from Khan Academy or similar resources if you don't understand a concept. I agree with your general approach with prioritizing the MCAT.