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Jun 22, 2003
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For the people who applied to the St. Jude's Pediatric Oncology Program for this summer, has anyone heard back yet?

They only let you know if you're accepted but they won't tell you if you're rejected and that is going to drive me nuts!

chuck deli

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Dec 13, 2002
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I've applied to POE for about the past 3 summers. Basically, it's next to impossible to get into (at least in my opinion). It is highly competitive. Here is how the selection process works: Each MD mentor comes into the office and scans the applications for a student that would be a "fit" for their particular research. Often this is done via a search engine that scans the applications for key words (i.e. leukemia, ELISA, MRI, etc). Now, when I applied, I didn't have an "key words" in my application, and despite the fact that I was a solid student, I didn't receive a position. Oh, and I must add that they have a strong desire to give POE positions to minority students. I would have absolutely LOVED to get into POE....maybe as a med. student. Every year I get a "rejection letter" from them in July. Doesn't do me any good in July!
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