Struggling with "What unique qualities do you bring to school XYZ?"

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Jan 25, 2018
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I feel like that response would be more appropriate for the prompt "How would you contribute to the diversity of the class?"
For a question about "What unique qualities do you bring?" I think it is more referring to your attributes and skills. I recommend talking about some strengths or special interests you have outside of the classroom. For example, perhaps you have a passion for teaching and want to work with peers and professors on improving health literacy in your community. Perhaps you have traveled a lot and want to join your classmates on study abroad programs and even host transfer students when they visit your school. Or maybe you are interested in healthcare policy and want to encourage your classmates to join you on Capitol Hill. These are just a few ideas, think of what outside-the-classroom projects will be worth your personal time and efforts while in medical school.
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