1. T

    Applying with a Misdemeanor

    Are there any dentists/applicants/dental students that have checked yes on the "have you been convicted of misdemeanor or summary offense" What was your experience in regards to all of that? Did you mark no because it was expunged, what was your experience with that? Thanks so much you guys...
  2. kate743

    First time applicant- what are my chances?

    Hello! I am in-state, applying to the DVM @ WSU in Pullman. I believe I have a very strong application, except for my GPA. It is definitely not preferable, with a cumulative gpa of 3.1, and my lower classes (lowest a C) being 100 level science. I am a first time applicant, and I am okay with...
  3. M

    Other Unmatched Again! They Don't Care!

    Exams completed. ECFMG certified. No gaps in between and have remained consistent with work in the health field relative to gaining clinical experience. I have called numerous programs where the program directors/coordinators have straight said over the phone "I have not had a chance to check...
  4. O

    Evaluate my chances and any tips or strategies would be helpful

    I will preface by saying you're going to read this and probably say yikes. That is fine but its too late now I decided that I'm applying this cycle what matters here now is strategy to overcome my 1% chance of getting in. So I will do my best to give a picture of me as an applicant then give me...
  5. Captain_America07

    Earning bachelors in more than 4 years will it hurt me?

    Due to being active duty army I didnt have the time to attend school full time and It took me longer to get my bachelors degree (Around 6 years) Will this hinder my application process? How could I make my application stronger if so?
  6. P

    UCR School of Medicine - Questions and Opinions

    Hello! For all those who have applied to UCR's medical school, what was your stats and experience like and if you have any advice to those who are future applicants to this school? I'm from Riverside, California went to Kinder all the way to college in Riverside, my family works in...
  7. B

    Is it acceptable/common practice to seek advice from admitted acquaintances on applying to their school?

    Background: I went to a mid-sized high school of ~1000 which is just small enough for me consider virtually everyone within two grades of me there an acquaintance. It is one of the top public high schools in CA and, as I am getting into my late 20s, my cohort and those preceding/following it is...
  8. D

    Agnes Scott Post-Bacc Pre-Med 2020-2021

    Hello, I recently applied for Agnes Scott's Post-Baccalaureate program. I wanted to start this thread for other applicants to support each other - that includes previous applicants and those waiting for a response. If you have any questions about the program that have not been answered yet...
  9. R

    Asking about LGBTQ+ identity on secondary application

    Hi everyone! I'm a current M1 working with our LGBTQ+ student group and some faculty on revamping our secondary app. For the first time last year we asked about LGBTQ+ identities (1 q about sexual orientation, another about gender identity), both with several options (I don't know specifics, but...
  10. C

    Reputation of Rosalind Franklin

    I was considering Rosalind Franklin for pharmacy school but I heard they don’t have a great reputation and preceptors are not impressed with the students. Can anyone attest to this?
  11. S

    Advise for a Mid-Cycle Contemplator

    So to put things short -- I am facing a future with many different paths and was looking for some input. I am currently in the midst of the 2019-2020 cycle. I applied to all of the TMDSAS schools (including TCOM) early, have submitted all of my secondaries, and am currently waiting for...
  12. L

    Touro Harlem vs Middletown

    On the secondary, it seems like you are only allowed to apply for one of the two campuses. All feedback is appreciated. Here are my questions: 1. Pros and cons of both? 2. Does anyone think one site is more competitive than the other? (I was thinking about applying to the one that isn't as...
  13. ChromeFile1

    Update Letter in July?

    I've sent secondaries to all of my schools earlier this month, and 3 of my research papers (2 primaries, 1 secondary authorship) have been accepted for publication. Is this reason to reach out right now to schools accepting updates? Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. jg2021

    What more can I do?

    I will be a junior this fall 2019 and i’m looking for ways to improve my application as this is sort of the final year I can do this unless I end up needing to take a gap year. I have a 3.5 gpa, which I know isn’t too good but I am on the track to a 3.6 by the end of semester 1 of junior year...
  15. A

    Can Medical School Applicants Be Accepted After Agency In FBI?

    Howdy Doctors, Med Students, and undergrads! I'm currently entering my first year of Pre-Med down here in Texas and am curious about the application process for students interested in medical school, yet that are years removed from their undergraduate studies. I have a great interest in...
  16. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  17. T

    Idaho State University Fall 2019 start Applicants

    Hey everyone, I haven't seen anything about applicants for this most recent cycle to ISU. So I thought I would create a new thread for it. so the question is who all has applied, have you heard back, done an online interview, or have any valuable information for the rest of us? Thank you and...
  18. melizabeth18

    OVC c/o 2023 Applicants

    Hey guys! First time applicant, and applying to the OVC DVM program as an international student. I did notice that the OVC international admission process is a little different this year. Instead of various interview dates with 45 minute interviews, they are doing MMIs on February 2nd and 3rd...
  19. Diverdude93

    Research vs Scribing To Improve As Re-Applicant?

    Hi all. So I applied to 10 schools, all allopathic, during the 2017-2018 cycle. I got 2 interviews, which both resulted in waitlists and ultimately rejections. I am taking a year off and trying to improve my application, but need help deciding what to do during the upcoming year. Here was my...
  20. J

    Pre-Med, what do I need to become a more attractive applicant

    Currently I am a junior in school but I will have an additional year due to athletics. I plan on having a biology major with psych and business minors. I have around a 3.1 GPA at the moment and am really focusing on course work to increase that GPA. I am an NCAA division 1 athlete and work as a...

    University of Texas Austin Pharmacy Class of 2023

    I didn't see a thread for this upcoming application cycle so I thought I would start one! I am applying early decision to University of Texas at Austin for the 2019 entering class. Let's see if we can support one another through this long and tedious application process and hopefully get to know...
  22. Pistachio556

    Cornell c/o 2023 applicants

    Hello all! Struggling on some of the supplemental essays... Having a hard time with the significant impact and odds against me situation ones. It’s suprisingly hard to think of responses Wondering if anyone else could shed some light on what they wrote about
  23. D


  24. B

    Texas vs Ohio Residency

    I am a non-traditional applicant, and have been working as an engineer in Ohio until I get my MCAT score up to make myself a competitive applicant. I wanted to ask if anybody on here has any experience with the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service. I have been looking to...
  25. charliep833

    What are Examples of Quality PT Programs?

    Hey PT Community, Could anyone give me insight into what they've found to be quality PT programs? Preferably with small class size and in a location with nature nearby. Money isn't too important in my PT school decision-making. If you know believe a particular PT program to be of quality...
  26. B

    Awkward MCAT score, still apply?

    I received a very.. very strange MCAT score. DISCLAIMER I knew my cars would be the weaker section. How can an exam be that tilted. I had enough critical analyzing skills to do hard science but not enough to guess (emphasis on guess) what an author was thinking? I need advice!! I have a 3.48...
  27. G

    What are my chances (WAMC) for a friend

    Here we are, the classic what are my chances thread, however this time it’s for a friend of mine. I appreciate any and all advice as always. (sorry, this is quite long) She’s currently pretty discouraged to apply at all this year, but I figured I would consult SDN and hope for some positive...
  28. W

    Looking for personal statement readers

    Hi, I am looking for some people to help read my personal statement and give me feedback/ help edit. If you are available and think you can help, Please let me know. thank You
  29. S


    Hi, I recently saw the following on my AMCAS application after I submitted it: Submitted to AMCAS – On Hold. I have no idea what this means, and AMCAS doesn't explain it on their website either. It doesn't say financial hold, or transcript hold, or anything like that. It just says "On Hold"...
  30. F

    Reapplicant LOR Update

    I'm in the process of reapplying to dental school and I'm wondering what exactly schools want in an "updated" letter of recommendation. Other than asking the writers to update the date, what exactly would be the best way to approach this?
  31. N

    A few questions regarding dental application

    I have a theoretical scenario I can't seem to find an answer to.. I hope someone can help me out. Suppose I took the DAT in May and my scores are average. If I apply and get denied from my schools is it possible to retake the DAT in September, get a higher score and reapply in the same...
  32. W

    MD & DO Where to apply? Low MCAT, High GPA

    Hello Everyone, I am a first time user and pretty new to this, but wanted to seek some help as I'm struggling with the application process. I graduated summa cum laude (GPA 3.97) last year with a degree in Health Sciences from a public research university. This year, I've been working in a...
  33. A

    Gap Year + Application Advice

    Hey everyone! I had decided a while back that I would be taking a gap year after undergraduate school. I recently graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in biomedical sciences and a 3.97 GPA. I have a bit of shadowing experience with surgeries in a foreign country, and...
  34. student-of-life

    Attended Stanford for undergrad - should I use not well known state school postbac committee letter?

    I attended Stanford for undergrad, taught through TFA, and then worked in edtech for a few years before deciding to become a doctor. As a career changer, I've done most of my pre-req requirements over the past 1.5 years at a local state school, which is now offering to write me a committee...
  35. thegrind33

    3.85 gpa but an F on the transcript

    Long story short, just found out I made an F in a one hour pass/fail writing class. My university GPA will drop to a 3.87 from a 3.9 due to this and my amcas/tmdsas gpa will be a 3.85 and BCMPgpa of a 3.85 paired with a 511 mcat. I have had a rough semester (flu twice) and had to drop...
  36. U

    MD School List Advice: CA res. 3.88 sGPA, TBD June MCAT

    Thanks for taking the time to suggest any number of schools. Don't need to read everything necessarily, just bolded and skim should be enough to comment. Profile - California resident, white male - Graduated 2017: Political science major**, 3.88 sGPA, 3.95 cGPA - MCAT TBD (June 16) - 2 years...
  37. G

    How pleasing does my pre-med journey sound so far?

    Some of the stuff i say may be irrelevant but i don't know every single thing that factors into a good applicant so ill just spew out whatever lol 2nd year African American female Physiological Sciences 3.38 GPA cum 3 clubs; premed one ( which i am on the executive board as social chair) ...
  38. jordij94


  39. D

    2017-2018 California University of Science and Medicine

    The California University of Science and Medicine-School of Medicine is now accepting applications for Fall 2018. We are listed on AMCAS and are located in beautiful Southern California. For more information please see our website. #1 (250 words) If you were working on a small group project and...