Taking MCAT in a week, can people please give me feedback on my proposed Practice FL schedule?


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Apr 19, 2018
I just took NS1 and got a 506 (127/125/127/127) and know for a fact that this was due to timing issues (guessed on 8 questions in B/B, which were on GLYCOLYSIS!!! MY SPECIALTY :( !) I want to spend the next 7 days really hammering FLs and doing as much practice as I can. Below is my schedule and things I need all of your help with.

Today (1am to 10pm): Review NS1 thoroughy, skipping CARS because I want to focus on AAMC logic (until 8:30am). 20min break. Take AAMC Official Guide Half length, timed (~48-50min/section), (9am to 12pm). 30 min break. Review Official Guide (1pm-4pm). Finish the rest of UWORLD Physics Qbank and as much of UWORLD psych/soc as possible. If I am still functioning, do 9 timed CARS 1 Qpack passages and finish as much of the AAMC Qpacks (that I have left) as possible in this order: (CARS 1, Bio 2, Physics, Chem 1/2, CARS2) until I crash. Note: This superextended workload is to fix my sleeping schedule.
Saturday: Take AAMC Sample test @ 8am. 1 hr break to regain sanity. Review from 5pm - 11pm.
Sunday: Finish whatever was unreviewed for Sample Test (8am-11am) and do the C/P and P/S section banks (12pm-6pm), timed. Review all the section banks (6pm-12am, w/ breaks in between to maintain sanity) and make believe my test day is "tomorrow".
Monday: Take AAMC FL 1 (8am to 4pm). Take 1hr break to regain sanity. Review from 5pm - 11pm, making sure all of my holes are covered.
Tuesday: Take AAMC FL 2 (8am to 4pm). Take 1hr break to regain sanity. Finish reviewing FL1 from 5pm - 11pm.
Wednesday: Review FL2 and solidify any and all concepts and strategies, right and wrong (8am to 8pm). Review whatever was not reviewed on section banks (9pm-11pm).
Thursday: Take AAMC FL3 (8am to 4pm). Take 1hr break to regain sanity. Review FL3 from 5pm - 11pm.
Friday: Review FL3 thoroughly (8am to 3pm). Do a brief re-review of AAMC FL1 and FL2 and a more thorough re-review of the 3 section banks (3pm-6pm). Go through the Kaplan Quicksheets and MCAT Excel spreadsheets (a couple I have found on reddit and on SDN) from 6pm-9pm. Carb load and go shopping for next day snacks/essentials. Saturday: Wake up at 5:00am and arrive at testing center 1.5 hrs early. Spend 30-45+ minutes reviewing Quicksheets, C/P equations, hormones, and high (and low) yield psych/soc terms.

Things I really need help with:
1. Since I have access to NS2-4 as well, would it be better to take this instead of my AAMC Sample test on Saturday? Two reasons for this are: AAMC Sample is known to be easier than the real deal/other 3 FLs and NS provides much better explanations for each section. One very good reason against this is the popular belief that: AAMC material is always >>any third party. What should I do?
2. Instead of "finish as much of the AAMC Qpacks (that I have left) as possible in this order: (CARS 1, Bio 2, Physics, Chem 1/2, CARS2) until I crash" should I do UWORLD? I have found their explanations to be AMAZING, but I am again stuck w/ the reddit principle that 1. Do whatever it takes to do ALL AAMC material (which includes Qpacks) before exam day, and 2. (Above) the principle that AAMC>>3rd party. So in short, Qpacks or UWORLD?
3. All I ask is for feedback as to which things to rearrange and what other strategies you would suggest. I would take ANY help and encouragement as possible. Unfortunately, June 16th is the last day I can take the MCAT and have a reasonable shot to reserve a seat for SMPs I applied for.

Thank you in advance and good luck to all as well!


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May 13, 2017
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I am basically in the same boat as you...same exam date anyway.

I'm trying to: finish all AAMC material (FL 2, 3) and get a second pass through the SBs. Lock in my sleep schedule. Avoid panic.

Don't underestimate the deleterious power of burnout.
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