1. V

    RPVI - need advice

    I’m currently studying for RPVI and I just can’t find anything definitive on what to study. I am doing the Pegasus lectures and I’m doing the physics portion only to see the guy deriving equations etc but not actually telling me what things I need to know on the test - am I going to have to do a...
  2. S

    ABIM and COVID

    To those who have taken any ABIM test this year - does anyone know how Pearson and ABIM are handling potential COVID cases from testees - as in if you had an exposure to a COVID positive person or have any mild cold-like symptoms are you not allowed to take the test? Will ABIM make you wait the...
  3. J

    Advice on an MCAT preparation method

    Hey everybody! Two weeks ago I started my MCAT prep and I have been trying to figure out a rhythm to get content review down in a timely fashion and move on to practice questions and exams. My current MCAT review day consists of flashcard review, read a chapter while creating my own flashcards...
  4. M

    For Sale Selling DAT Study Material

    Hello, Selling my old DAT materials which includes the following: DAT Kaplan Review Notes DAT Kaplan Lesson Book Kaplan Flash Cards Barron's DAT guide (w/ CD Rom w/ example tests) DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer I also printed out these extra items in case I needed to study again but never used...
  5. Sage of Pale Bones

    When to start doing Uworld? (+ Uworld tips)

    Hi! So my plan for the MCAT was to use TBR + Kaplan for content review and Uworld as my main question bank. I hope to get through Uword so I want to start asap but my concern is how much content review do I need to get done before I start Uworld? Is there a certain way to limit the Uworld...
  6. P

    mcat timing

    Hi there, I've taken all the pre reqs for med school besides biochem so far. I take biochem this fall. I want to take the MCAT in January 2020, so if I use a test prep company, would it be best to start studying for the MCAT now (~6 months of studying) or wait until September when school...
  7. Kobethegoat24

    When to take DAT?

    Hello everyone, so I have been studying for the DAT on and off since december but started full time studying for it in january. My scores were around a 16-17 for most the subjects. After one month all my scores have gone up Bio highest 24, Orgo highest 23, Math highest 20, GC highest 19, RC...
  8. F

    Confused. What prep books are used for COMPLEX?

    I tried searching up the DO equivalency of USMLE prep books but couldn’t find any. What books do DO students use to prep for complex? Are books like “first aid” used for both board examinations or only for USMLE? How did you prep? Is first aid sufficient? I appreciate the clarification!
  9. P

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass?

    Did anyone have a bad CCS experience and still pass? It would help me a lot to know that other people had issues solving multiple cases and maybe ran out of time. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. P

    Step 3 question - help

    if cases end early but it doesn't say the patient is getting better but say a patient was scheduled for surgery and the program says that and ends the case, is that a good sign? If you run out of time on the case before the patient can improve but you put in the correct treatment regimen before...
  11. P

    Step 3 Day 1

    Step 3 Day 1- Day 2 in two days I am looking for someone to either let me know that I am like everyone else or if I did worse than I should have. Mostly looking for how people felt during their experience. To make a long story short...6 blocks. The first 2 blocks were very hard for some...
  12. S

    CARS Strategy under 1.5x Extended Time Conditions

    Hello, I have a well-documented learning disability and was recently approved for extended time on the MCAT, with 1.5x standard conditions. Reiterating that the basis for my receiving this is well-founded, I would be interested in how any CARS high scorers or ostensible extended-time CARS...
  13. S

    Should I push my test?

    I got a 503 on my fourth practice test, I want to get a 521+ to get into some of the schools I'm looking at- My test is in 5 weeks, I don't know if it's worth moving the date to January, or just powering through Any tips would be helpful
  14. D

    Feeling discouraged, AA19/TS20 with 3.3 gpa, PLEASE some advice?

    So I just took my DAT for the second time and I’m stuck. I’m not sure how I feel. The first time I took the DAT I got: PAT-20 QR-16 RC-20 BIO-19 GC-17 OC-16 TS-17 AA-18 This time around I got: PAT-22 QR-16 RC-20 BIO-21 GC-19 OC-19 TS-20 AA-19 I am currently working as a Dental assistant at a...
  15. C

    CASPer Test signup

    Has anyone else tried to sign up for a CASPer test date yet? I created an account and followed the steps to upload pictures of my photo ID and a selfie to verify my identity, but now I'm just on the original page where I clicked "I have my ID ready" and it's grayed out with nothing else for me...
  16. S

    For Sale For Sale: Kaplan PCAT 2016-2017 with 2 Practice Tests : Online + Book

    Kaplan PCAT 2016-2017 with 2 Practice Tests : Online + Book | eBay Selling it for a cheap price, thought I was going to take the PCAT so I bought this Kaplan for the PCAT but ended up not taking, so I never opened this book.
  17. D

    Cutting it close

    How close to a test date can I sign up for a test? Like, if I wanted to sign up for a test day on the 22nd of July (today being June 28th), could I do it and not pay outrageous fees?
  18. S

    NC dental hygiene jurisprudence test

    I have tried to take the NC Jurisprudence Test twice now and I’ve failed it both times with a score of 19, and I need 20 to pass. I only have 1 attempt at the test left. I’ve read the laws and info they sent me to study but answers to certain questions are no where to be found on any website...
  19. T

    Taking MCAT in a week, can people please give me feedback on my proposed Practice FL schedule?

    I just took NS1 and got a 506 (127/125/127/127) and know for a fact that this was due to timing issues (guessed on 8 questions in B/B, which were on GLYCOLYSIS!!! MY SPECIALTY :( !) I want to spend the next 7 days really hammering FLs and doing as much practice as I can. Below is my schedule and...
  20. N

    1 practice exam a day?

    is 1 practice exam per day overkill? I have a week and a half? Or should i do 1 every 2 days and review ?
  21. D

    In-State VS. Out-of-State ATT

    I'm a little confused on how the NABP Authorization To Test and jurisdiction process works. I will be graduating in June and I plan on practicing in a state different from my current residence (where I'm currently also attending school). I have not yet selected my primary jurisdiction on NABP...
  22. D

    ACS Exam for Organic

    My Organic 2 class is taking the American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry standardized test for our final in a month. Has anyone else taken this exam? How did you study? Any tips?
  23. MedBoardTutors

    Expert USMLE and COMLEX Tutoring with FirstAid Authors!

    Dear Students, Are you looking to improve your USMLE, NBME, or COMLEX scores to have the best opportunity for any residency program? MedBoardTutors staff can help! We have extremely high average scores compared to other USMLE tutoring companies with an average Step 1 and Step 2 CK of 260+. We...
  24. E

    MCAT immediate score please help

    hey! I take my MCAT in a few days and I have heard that you get an estimate score immediately when you finish the test such as 505-510. But I can’t find ANYTHING online. Do that give you a percent correct or what? I know the scales score comes out a month later and I know how that whole process...
  25. Y

    Pharmacology NBME

    Any suggestions on how to prepare for the pharm shelf? I'll be taking it in about 3 weeks. Should I go for FA, BRS, Qbanks, sketchy?
  26. H

    USMLE tutoring from a United States Physician at an affordable price

    I have double doctorate degrees. I am a US (MD) Medical School Graduate and I also have a Doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD) and graduate with Summa Cum Laude as I was ranked #1 in my class. I am currently taking time off and have time to help/tutor students and physicians with any and all the...
  27. K

    EPPP Study Buddy/Partner

    Hi Everyone, I have failed the EPPP 2 times, though I improved significantly the second time. I want to continue to do things different. . I live in NY, I can do email, FT, in person, phone...whatever works. I think that having someone going through a similar situation will be helpful. Thanks
  28. H

    Need Advice

    This is my first post on SDN. I'm in a very specific situation, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would like to preface by saying that it is my dream to one day become a doctor. I am currently taking 2 labs, two second level science classes, and two electives. I am a full-time dual...
  29. M

    Reading Comprehension Strategy: Search and Destroy

    A quick tip on the RC section of the DAT: Search and Destroy Paragraphs are numbered, therefore: –As you quickly skim the passage, write down a brief (1-4 words) summary and keywords of each paragraph. –The list you make should help you quickly find the answer to each question by identifying...
  30. E

    How far in advance to finalize a DAT date?

    Hello all! I've sifted through previous posts and I haven't seen an answer that really helps me decide, so I'll ask again... How early should I submit and finalize the date for my DAT if I want to take it end of February/first week of March? I am already registered to be able to take (up until...
  31. G

    MCAT Advice

    Hi, I am entering my second semester in my sophomore year (I go to a community college and I will transfer to a 4yr Uni for my junior and senior year). I am wondering a few things regarding the MCAT.... 1) When should I start studying? I plan to take the MCAT in 2019 because I am aiming to...
  32. S

    MCAT Practice Test

    Hey guys! I didn't know where to post this, but I was wondering if it was possible to buy singular kaplan/TPR/etc.. practice tests without buying the full class. I don't have the money to buy the whole course, but I don't want to rely on just the three official tests... Thank you in advance!!
  33. Kobethegoat24

    When should i take my mcat?

    So i need help, I am graduating this july of 2018. I am thinking of taking 2 gap years (applying the summer of next year). I had originally planned on taking the MCAT this summer after graduating but some have told me thats not enough time. So I was planning of taking it december of 2018 (next...
  34. H

    For Sale PCAT materials for sale (Dr. Collins, Kaplan, Barron's)

    Hey everyone! I recently took the PCAT and am interested in selling some of the materials I used to receive a competitive score and help me get into a top 15 program. I paid over $500 for all of these materials and am willing to sell at a competitive price. All are in excellent condition! Let me...
  35. a_zed24

    Disk diffusion method

    Hello there, does anyone know what are the basic steps for the disk diffusion method to test the bacterial susceptibility towards the used antibiotics? Thanks!
  36. M

    USMLE USMLE CS NOV. 11 - in TEXAS [need partner]

  37. Fancy312

    Public service annoucment on awful PAT scores

    Guys, Ive been doing practice test after practice test and I'm still scoring 16's and 15's on bc for PAT. Im good at angle ranking and I do the hole punching strategy where I put a 4x4 box and go based off the line of symmetry but WHY DO I KEEP SUCKING AT THIS?!? Idk what to do, and my exam is...
  38. A


  39. E

    How early should I sign up for the DAT?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering how early I should sign up for the DAT if I want to take it in early 2018 (between January and March?). I want to have my scores available early enough so that way I can apply for the 2019 cycle when the application pool opens on June 1st of next year. If you...
  40. J

    My OAT Scores and My Prep (9/18/17)

    I took the OAT today (9/18/2017) and did better than I thought would have. Actual OAT scores in order of which they are tested: "Standard Score (Percentile)" BIO:_____ 400(99) Total Science:_______ 400(99) GChem:__ 400(99) Academic Average:___ 390(99) OChem:__ 380(94) RComp:__...