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  1. U

    WAMC MD - CA ORM - 3.94, 516 Retake (Should I apply to more schools?)

    Hi SDN! I'm graduating in the summer, and I'm planning on applying this cycle. I am a transfer student, so some of my activities are mixed between schools. I have also already applied to all of the schools listed before I knew I scored a 516 on the MCAT. Should I apply to more reach schools and...
  2. HappyPerson

    How will MCAT retake work with primaries

    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your help. I am currently in a predicament, I am planning on retaking the MCAT May 14, 2022, and I get my score back June 14, 2022. I already have a score on file with AAMC but I'm not happy with it, so how will me applying this cycle work. If I get my...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    Retaking MCAT before this cycle ends?

    Hi all. So I'm applying to MD and DO schools this cycle. I took the MCAT twice and got a 505 both times (507 superscored; I have a 3.96 cGPA and 3.93 sGPA) and as such am not too hopeful about my chances, especially with the drastic increase in apps this cycle. My question is this: I really want...
  4. K

    MD Hopeful Looking For Reapplication Guidance

    Hi everyone, I am a long time lurker first time poster looking for guidance on reapplication. Background: I am a second generation student from an immigrant family, non URM(South-Asian). I have performed well in a post bacc(GPA: 3.9+) and will likely have an cGPA ~ 3.5. I have taken my MCAT...
  5. Wayfinder

    Preparing for Reapplication: Feedback

    Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this, I know what I wrote below is long, it really does mean a lot. Current Stats 3.8 cGPA/sGPA : Biomed Major @ local state university 508 MCAT (127/124/127/130) Secondaries in the first week of September FL Resident, White, Female, first-gen college...
  6. X

    Poll: Would you retake a highly unbalanced (123/132/126/129) 510 MCAT?

  7. X

    Should I retake? VERY unbalanced MCAT?

  8. B

    507 MCAT score with 3.75 GPA, TX, what should I do?

    Hi All, Need advice, what should I do? I am in UT 3rd yr with biology, got 507 score in Jan 2019 test. cGPA - 3.75 sGPA - 3.7 I am scared if I don't get admission in any med school in TX in this cycle, I will have to go for gap year route. I have a decent research experience and clinical...
  9. M

    MCAT Retake & Advice

    Hi everyone, I wrote the MCAT on 1/18 and I got a devastating 490 and I am looking for some advice/guidance. Background: I am a graduating senior this semester and plan to apply this upcoming cycle.I used KAPLAN 7 book series and AAMC package for prep. My overall score was quite shocking...
  10. M

    Odds of getting in

  11. F

    should i retake the MCAT?

    have a 3.9X, multiple pubs, heavy leadership Got 510 with low CARS was aiming for 515+... what should i do? Retake or apply? as well, had a low CARS (sub-125). Really not sure what to do
  12. Lee

    Forum Members Should I Retake the MCAT?

    This is the Official "Should I Retake"" Thread Part 2 This is an updated from: https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/official-should-i-retake-thread.412739/ (created on June 14, 2007 and retired on December 20, 2018) in favor of a post that is catered for Retake advice for the New Post-2015...
  13. D

    applying 2019 cycle with old MCAT but retaking question

    I am planning on applying to the 2019 cycle, and I have already taken my MCAT (back in September), got a terrible score, and am planning to retake it either April 13th, or May 11th. I want to send in my application May 31st/June 1st, right away on the first day its able to be submitted for the...
  14. S

    Retaking 514 MCAT?

    Hi all, I am a long-time lurker here on SDN and this is my first time posting. I am looking for advice as to whether I should retake the MCAT. I have taken the MCAT a total of two times. I received a 511 (126/124/131/130) on my first attempt and a 514 (126/126/131/131) on my second attempt. To...
  15. booknerdz

    MCAT for a third time?!

    I’m a recent graduate (URM/disadvantaged/3.64 GPA) and just got my second MCAT score back. 494. Pretty discouraged because I spent months studying. I used Khan Academy, Kaplan, and the AAMC materials. I decided to study on my own since I didn’t have the money to pay for a professional...
  16. M

    Best MCAT Prep

    So I'm studying to retake the MCAT in January. The first time I took the MCAT I used Kaplan and some AAMC materials. Right now, I'm using Examkrackers and Princeton Review books. I was considering taking an online course, but a lot of people on here are saying it's not worth it. I feel like you...
  17. F

    target score

    I applied MD only this cycle with the score from my first attempt of 506 (130/121/126/129). Obviously, the 121 in CARS is a death sentence for my application. My cars score was always inconsistent (123-127), so I was asking for this. I completed a summer research program too, and did not allow...
  18. F

    MD & DO Should I apply or wait?

    Hi there, I am in a sticky situation. I cannot decide whether or not to apply this cycle or wait and retake the MCAT. I have a low MCAT score but a very good GPA and incredible experience. I hear that it is good for medical schools to see your name, but I can't decide if it is the worth money...
  19. B

    Real MCAT score much lower than practice

    I will have a TL;DR at the bottom but I am looking for guidance, observations, experience, and recommendations while I plan my approach for the retake. Background - I am a nontraditional student. Poor grades early in college (undeclared major without a goal or focus) and only went because I was...
  20. K

    MD 3.67 gpa MCAT Retake 503-> 514; school list?

    Hello! I am applying MD & DO but would greatly appreciate any help with my MD school list! Stats: Florida resident sGPA- 3.62 cGPA- 3.67 2017 MCAT - 503 (yes, very bad. Changed my study habits/attitude/discovered-the-meaning-of-life-etc. for my next attempt) 2018 MCAT - 514...
  21. M

    Tips for retaking/Should I retake the MCAT? 507, 3.91 GPA

    I can't decide if I should retake it or when would be the best time to retake it. I'm a Texas resident and am planning on mainly applying in state. I am confident that I could do better if I study more because I only studied for 1.5 months the first time around. I could retake it on July 21 and...
  22. L

    Reapplicant w. 511 MCAT. Should I retake MCAT and send AMCAS late?

    Hi everyone! So I took the MCAT late last August for the first time and scored a 511. I got my scores back in September and wasn't sure how applications worked because I'm an idiot and applied to a bunch of schools from Oct-Dec. Obviously I didn't get in anywhere. I was wondering if I should...
  23. Sadlyanon

    WAMC 3.8c 3.69s URM 504 MCAT

    Unwatch Thread Ignore Thre Hello all cGPA 3.80 sGPA 3.69 First mcat 501 (127/122/127/125) Predicted Second mcat 504 (128/120/127/129) My 3 aamc practice exams were all exactly 507 i really don’t know what happened. I know you are supposed to retake when you are ready, I never ever scored...
  24. Xanias

    Should I postpone ?

    Scheduled to take my MCAT on April 20th. Need advice on whether I should postpone till May; Scores so far; This is a retake so I really can't mess this up. AAMC Sample Test; C/P (78%), CARS (68%), B/B (72%), P/S (81%) Next Step FL1; 508 - C/P (127), CARS (126), B/B (126), P/S (129) Next Step...
  25. DontSugarCoatIt

    Latest MCAT retest date?

    I am in somewhat of an unique situation. My previous MCAT is enough to get me to all my secondaries. However, it is not enough to get me into all my interviews. I guess you could call me a "near miss" this year. With a 510 MCAT and 3.87 cGPA, I received two interviews last cycle. Alas, I...
  26. A

    3.89 GPA/ivy league grad/510,506 MCAT should I retake?

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to apply in the 2019 cycle but I'm in a really tough spot. I am an international student and went to an ivy league school. My GPA is 3.89, I graduated magna cum laude with a distinction in my major. However, I didn't do well on my first MCAT attempt last year: 510 (129...
  27. P

    Feedback needed: Gap Year Job Switching + Possible Reapplication Improvements

  28. T

    mcat motivation: 10th-->70th percentile increase

    I created this thread for all the sub 500 scorers (~50% of test takers) who look around the threads but never post b/c they are discouraged by all the top scores they see on SDN. You will increase your score, this test is not a test of intelligence. Growth will be achieved from working hard...
  29. T

    Help? MCAT Retake Test Date/Strategies

  30. M

    Mention 3 MCATS as a weakness in application on secondaries?

    Hey everyone. So I have taken the MCAT 3 times. In the summer of 2016 I scored a 509 (128/124/129/128) and in May 2017 I scored a 507 (127/125/127/128). I re-took at the end of July and am expecting nothing short of a 515. (I never took the unscored AAMC before and scored low 90's % overall days...
  31. D

    AACOMAS messed up my application - Withdraw or keep applying?

    Hey everyone, This will be/is my second time applying. Last year I received 2 IIs and 2 WLs at DO programs. I had a 3.21 sGPA, 3.28 cGPA, and 500 MCAT. I have very unique, continuous ECs with different types of clinical exposure and volunteering with the underserved. I also have a compelling...
  32. sailo1994

    MCAT HELP!!!!!

  33. I

    MCAT Retake?

    Hello Just wanted to get some opinions on whether i should retake the MCAT. Last time I took the MCAT i got a 498 and I have been studying over the course of the year on and off, though. Recent practice test i have taken , ive gotten max 505 on NS and lowest 498 on kaplan. I am afraid if i...
  34. N

    MCAT Retake Advice?

    Hey guys, So I am planning on taking a Masters degree in the Fall starting in late August which is meant to last a year long and I want to retake my MCAT before my classes start. i am graduating from undergraduate next May and this is the third time I am retaking the MCAT and i need to do...
  35. Mr.Lahey

    Improving application/retake mcat?

    Hello, First Time poster looking for advice on how to improve my application to Medical school. Stats: GPA: 3.84, sGPA: 3.8, MCAT: 508 (128,126,126,128) EC: 50 Hr. Shadowing Teaching Assistant for 3 years ER Patient ambassador (volunteer) ER Scribe (paid) 1 year of research with no...
  36. E

    501 first MCAT. 498 on retake. Question about sending

    So I got a 501 on my first MCAT and a 498 on my retake(I know it sucks). When I submitted by AACOMAS app a few months ago, I indicate that I'd be taking a future MCAT. However, when I viewed the PDF's of all my applications for each DO school, nowhere does it show on there about a future MCAT...
  37. Sasb

    MD 3.51 GPA/ 3.7 sGPA/ 507 MCAT

    I am a recent graduate with a B.S. in psychology (minor biology) and a B.S. in criminology (minor chemistry). I am currently in the process of deciding whether to apply for this cycle or waiting until next year. I just found out I don't qualify for FAP (curse my parents income -__- ) so this is...
  38. S

    When to retake my 33 MCAT?

    Hello everyone, I took the old MCAT a little over a year ago and scored a 33. I really think I rushed my MCAT preparation and scored less than I am capable of. I am thinking about taking it again this summer during applications. To study thoroughly, I think I would need a good 4 months (I'm...