UC San diego and pacing for online course

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Mar 25, 2023
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Has anyone taken the UC San diego extended studies Biochemistry course? Is it self paced in terms of being able to finish the class a bit earlier than the end date based on my pacing? I need to finish a Biochem course a bit sooner than expected. Any advice would be nice. I am having a meeting with the admissions guide soon to get more information on this. Super worried because I need to matriculate lol

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not sure if it's different now, but when I was taking it during the pandemic, though it was asynchronous, we had to complete weekly discussions/tests. I think it's mainly up to each of the instructors on how fast they want to grade your submissions (e.g. each week v. once you completed the assignment etc), but I might be wrong. I think maybe it's best to message the course instructor and ask them if you haven't! Good luck!