Mar 28, 2019
Man it took some time. I didn't get my admission decision until the beginning of May, but it was an acceptance so I can't complain.

Congrats for those who got accepted. I wish all got interview letter luck.
I am taking PCAT exam tomorrow. I am so nervous. Could you please share with me your experiences!?
Thank you
Sorry I'm a day late. I'm still going to answer though. Definitely get a good nights sleep. Don't stay up cramming, there's a lot of info so I doubt it would be much help. Probably the most important thing imo is managing your time. If you don't know the answer, pick something and move on. Instead of wasting minutes on a question you can't answer, you can spend that time going through questions you can answer in seconds. It's a long test but keep up with the time management. Hope you did well, and good luck on the upcoming application cycle.