early decision

  1. M

    Deferred from ED - Help!

    Hi everyone, I am going through a bit of setback at the moment given I was deferred from Early Decision at a school in NJ 2 weeks ago and I need some help. Since I received that decision I have applied to other schools (about 12) in NJ, PA, VT and NY. I was wondering what my chances look like...
  2. Bpetro93

    Northeast Ohio Medical University-personal experience

    I was waitlisted for both NEOMED and Wright State this past year after applying at the end of the application cycle (in October). I was presented with an early assurance opportunity with NEOMED, which would require that I complete a 1 year masters with the school before starting at the COM in...
  3. power818

    Should I apply Early Decision to UAB?

    I have basically spent the past year of preparation under the assumption that I would be applying early decision to UAB here in a couple days; however, I have had a few people advise against it along with the general presumption here being that it is a bad idea. I want to give my specific...
  4. reesetee

    How many AT Still applicant apply early decision??

    Anyone know how many students apply early decision for ATSU and how many usually get accepted each year? Either campus is fine.
  5. H

    Applied Early Decision and moved to General pool UWL 2018-2019 cycle

    Hi all! I am a first time applicant in the 2018-2019 cycle. I applied to University of Wisconsin- La Crosse as an early admit and was moved to the general pool. Just curious as to if anyone is in the same boat and how folks have fared this situation in the past at UWL or another school. I...
  6. K

    Graduating early

    I am considering graduating early (deadline September 28) but I hear back from the school I ED’d to October 1. I’m right at their average with a 510 and 3.8. I have interesting activities and had a decent interview, but the school seems more stats focused (ugh) The only classes I would take...
  7. I

    UHCOP 2023

    Hello everybody ! Who else has applied ed for UHCOP???
  8. I

    Midwestern CCP Fall 2019

    has anyone else applies to MWU CCP for early decision or regular?
  9. I

    Early Decision for Fall 2019

    Has anyone else applied for early decision if so what school and have you heard back yet? I applied for Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy. I received an email from them saying my application was complete and under review.. anyone else?
  10. Ske0016

    Is the Early Decision deadline the deadline for pharmCAS verifying my application or me submitting m

    I am applying to the early decision program at Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy. I submitted my application on July 19. However, one of the three schools I attended as an undergrad has given me a very hard time about sending my transcripts. They just sent my transcript yesterday and they...
  11. F

    USF Early Decision

    Is anyone else applying for USF ED? I just finally submitted my application yesterday. Nervous but hoping applying ED helps my chances since my GPA and GRE are more slightly above average than very competitive...
  12. F


    Did anyone do early decision and after submitting to pharmcas how long did it take get an answer? I submitted literally the same week PharmCAS opened last week of July, wondering what everyones experience was once submitted how many weeks till the school reached out to you? Im very impatient! LOL
  13. Ske0016


    I applied for early decision at Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy. Has anyone from there or anywhere else gotten an interview yet?
  14. S

    PTCAS Early Decision Timeline

    I applied for early decision and it took about a month to get everything verified. I understand that the deadline for the program to contact me, by law, is September 24, 2018. I was wondering if the programs wait until the deadline (August 15th) to look at the applications and make their...
  15. O

    Belmont School of PT Early Decision

    I am trying to decide if I want to submit my application as "Early Decision" to Belmont University or wait and submit my application as a regular submission, at the later deadline. I am curious to hear from people that got accepted into Belmont, specifically, accepted when applying Early...
  16. M

    Need a Second Opinion About Early Decision

    I am in the process of applying through AMCAS for this application cycle, and someone on Georgetown SOM's admissions committee (a colleague of my father) suggested I apply early decision to the University of Maryland (UMD). I can have everything done well ahead of the Aug. 1 deadline, and I...
  17. D

    Score release date after deadline

    I am scheduled to take MCAT on July 7th (next Saturday). I am also applying early decision to the school in my hometown. Its deadline for early decision is August 1st. My score obviously won't be released by then. What are my options here? Will this hurt me? They do interviews in August and...
  18. V

    A&m pharmacy

    Has anybody heard back from a&m pharmacy for early decision. Interviews are next week and I have not received word...?
  19. D

    Early Decision "I heard back" Thread 2017-2018

    Hello all! I'm posting this here to help others who are anxiously checking their phone, email, etc for a response from their ED school! A few of us have heard back already, a lot of us should hear soon, and unfortunately many of us will hear back at the deadline. Post here when you hear back...
  20. cody8oh8

    UH Hilo 2018

    I haven't seen anything around about UH Hilo lately and I was wondering if anyone else plans on applying to this school or has already applied and are waiting for an invite? And maybe stats?
  21. J

    Chances of Early Decision for pharmacy school?

    I graduated last year with a 3.79 GPA (Biochemistry Major) PCAT score of 97th percentile I worked as an associate scientist at a large biotech/pharmaceutical company for the past year in research and development for immunoassay development. I have another job lined up for the next year for a...
  22. F

    Choosing an ED school

    Hi everyone, So it's the summer right before senior year for me, and I need to choose a school to ED at. I have a 3.9 GPA (two Bs in precalc Honors Junior year), 34 ACT, 790 math II, and 720 Bio M (I'm gonna retake bio next month). I go to a Bay Area Silicon Valley high school, so I'm not top...
  23. H

    Pacific University (OR) application/ED

    Hi there! Is anyone planning to apply for pacific university this year? Have you start working on the gathering the pieces before the cycle open yet? I'm applying to their early decision program but feeling very nervous :(
  24. squiggle2017

    Designating a LOE to a school post-submission (Early Decision issues)

    So, I applied ED to an MD school and, at the time of submission, I had three LOE already into the system and one that had been created but I wasn't sure if the professor was ever going to get around to writing the letter or not. Rather than assigning the letter to the school only to find out I...
  25. C

    LSU Shreveport 2017-2018 early decision

    Anyone out there planning on applying this summer for LSUS? Or has anyone been accepted recently and wouldn't mind sharing their gpa/mcat? My gpa is questionable so I am worried but I've been through mock interviews and was asked why I didn't apply earlier. I have great ECs and I'm about to take...
  26. M

    Med Schools with High Early Decision Acceptance Rates

    I wanna ask if anybody knows about any medium to low tier SOMs that are known to have high acceptance rates for their early decision applications. I recently toured the Mercer University School of Medicine and was super shocked to see that it's acceptance rate for the early decision pool of...
  27. Babbitt4MVP

    Should I take the MCAT earlier and apply earlier or take a little extra time to study?

    I'm deciding between June 1st and June 16th for my test date. I graduate in late April, so I'll have about 4 weeks to study full-time if I choose June 1st and 6 weeks to study if I choose June 16th. I realize that it takes about a month for med schools to receive MCAT scores, and they won't...
  28. P

    VCU DPT Program

    Has anyone heard anything from VCU? I applied early decision in August and was deferred to regular decision on September 16th. Any updates/ stats/ info would be great! Thanks!
  29. W

    Wayne State University (WSU), enter 2017

    Is anyone applying this year for the PharmD program at Wayne State University?
  30. B

    Early Decision Interviews

    Hi, Yesterday I got an email from UK saying I have an interview with them next month. I applied early decision, and so did my friend, but he has not gotten an email yet. I thought that everyone that applied early decision automatically received an invitation to an interview in October, since...
  31. M

    ** Univeristy Of Texas COP 2021**

    Couldn't find a thread yet for the application this year for UT Austin! I submitted for early decision and wanted to see if anyone else is on here who did the same!
  32. C

    ED Update

    Hey there! Just wondering if anyone who applied ED has heard back on interviews yet?
  33. W

    Wayne State University Early Decision 2016

    Is anyone applying this year to Wayne State University early decision program?
  34. W

    Wayne State University Early Decision 2016

    Is anyone applying to Wayne State University Early Decision program this year?
  35. S

    ED Question

    Hello! I have my application all finished, and was waiting for my professor to submit her reference, but i was wondering if i should submit my application now since there's a processing time? Or if I have to have the reference in first? Thank you!
  36. C

    Elon DPT Early Decision

    Hi all, I am a student applying for physical therapy school this cycle. I just submitted my ED application to Elon! I was wondering if anyone knew stats on Elon, as far as how many apply/get accepted through early decision?
  37. W

    Early Decision vs. Regular Dcision Pharmacy School

    I have read the other threads but none of them have the answer to my question and I am still not in the clear. According to PharmCAS early decision interviews are between sept and oct and decision is made by 21 OCT. However, if I apply as regular admission can I still be interviewed within this...
  38. M

    Am I competitive?

    I took the PCAT today for the first time. My preliminary report showed that I am in the 74th percentile. My current GPA is 3.511. I will be doing the University of Kentucky's early decision process this fall. I have 2.5 years of Pharmacy technician experience, in addition to some shadowing...
  39. jessbp926

    Early decision or wait to retake PCAT

    Hey guys! I was wondering... How does applying early admission affect my chances of getting in? Should I wait to retake the pcat or just apply early decision and retake the pcat if I get rejected. GPA right now is 3.76 I would be applying to the same school as my undergrad if that makes a...
  40. jessbp926

    NSU early decision or wait?

    Hey guys! I was wondering... How does applying early admission affect my chances of getting in? Should I wait to retake the pcat or just apply early decision and retake the pcat if I get rejected. GPA right now is 3.76 I would be applying to the same school as my undergrad if that makes a...