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Jul 24, 2016
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I asked for LOR's a LONG time ago because I thought I was on top of things. They have all already been submitted, and the last was submitted in late June. Most of them were submitted in May.

I gave all of the letter writers that AMCAS PDF that explains how to upload the letter, etc. When they upload it, does it specify that they should sign the letter?? I can't remember if I asked my professors to make sure to sign it and put it on an official letterhead. I know I reminded my non-professor letter writers to do this. Should I assume that professors know to sign letters and send them on official letterheads?? Should I just wait and see, or should I contact them and ask? Would this make that big of a difference anyway? Any insight appreciated.

Lardy Boy

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Mar 27, 2016
Just send an email stating what must be included in the letter. They can easily reupload another letter using h same amcas letter request form you gave them. My writers responded accordingly.

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