UNTHSC M.S in Medical Sciences (Texas)

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Aug 13, 2020
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I see there was a previous thread that was closed. I am starting this thread to see current applicants for next Summer/Fall.

I have a GPA under 3.5 and an OOS resident, do you think it is likely that I will be accepted?

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Anyone got any advice? Sorry to bump the post but would really appreciate any sort of help.
I think it depends on if you're talking about the online or in person. I think you'd have a higher chance of getting into the online program.
I would highly recommend against going to this school. I did it (and got a 4.0 - below for proof). Too many things wrong with this program/curriculum, ask anyone from 2021-2022.

The upside is it is cheap (<10k) if you put down you're a Texas resident. I guess that's the benefit if you want to risk it, you won't lose out on much.

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Could you please elaborate more on the negatives? Thinking of applying to the online program. Thanks.