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Nov 5, 2017
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Hey guys!

With waitlists starting to move, I figured I should have this decision down pat in case USF pulls me from their list. Any advice would be amazing!!


Pros: I really enjoyed the interview day. Met 3 students and they all seemed really cool but this may have been a small sample size.
- nicer facilities, new building coming up and dope simultion center
- SELECT program has required research that we all get a stipend for
- two years in Tampa would be fun but I’m from Philadelphia so the two years in Allentown would be clutch to be near family.

- not true P/F. I believe it is Honors/Pass with Commendation/ Pass/ Fail
- out of state tuition for the entire 4 years which is around 60k
- I want to end up somewhere on the west coast so the clinical years in Allentown seem like they will trap me in the Northeast.

Rutgers RWJMS

Pros: also enjoyed interview day. Everyone seems really nice and ready to help!!
- closer to family and friends in tri-state area.
- out of state tuition which is like 68k for first year but then if I establish NJ residency it will drop to 40k!
- true P/F

- Facilities are definitely not the newest. No plans for more facilities. Kinda depressing architecture.
- Closest city is New Brunswick which doesn’t seem that fun. Mostly a college town for Rutgers
- most of the students are from NJ so I wouldn’t really be expanding my network anywhere cuz I’m from around there too.
- lower ranked (not sure how much this matters)

My goals are to match in a semi competitive speciality. As of right now EM but honestly I won’t really know until I go to medical school so I want to go to the best place that’ll make me stand out and get any residency as long as I put the work in! I don’t want my school to be the place that limits me. I’m all ears, thank you guys!
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