USUHS - Clinical Psychology Military Track

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May 23, 2011
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Is it more important for you to go to USUHS or to be a psychologist in the Navy? If it's the latter, there are multiple paths to that outcome and placing all your bets on one school might not be the best strategy. Though if you have been talking with recruiters for a year I would assume they have gone over this?

As far as talking to faculty ahead of time, its usually a school by school policy so if they've let you know how it works I'd be inclined to follow their advice.

I am currently in the process of getting my application together to submit, and am very nervous...I see throughout SDN (which I am new to), there are many threads that pertain to other programs at USUHS, but not so much the psychology program. It would be great to read about other people applying as well. Am I just missing it?? Thank you :)
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I feel the fact that I do not have military experience is really hindering my application as well (even though I know the Navy accepts civilian applicants.)

You are wrong, it isn't a hindrance... There are more important factors.

I was also told by Dr. Eric Getka at USUHS not to contact any faculty I may be interested in working with prior to applying - is this true?

If Dr. Getka tells you not to contact the faculty, you would do well to heed his advice.

Still be prepared to know who you want to work with, why, and be able to talk coherently about their work as well as other important researchers in that area of research.

It is a different program, one that is constantly evolving... Dr. Getka won't steer you wrong, listen to him, he's an important person in this process and no one knows it better than him.