WAMC? Should I Apply DO or Just MD?

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Sep 12, 2023
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I applied to 28 MD, submitting my secondaries 2-3 weeks after receiving them, so I was finished around early-mid August. I was planning on applying to 3-5 DO schools to have more options, since my stats are mid. Honestly, I was more focused on the 28 MD at the beginning of the summer and never finished the DO application. Now I'm wondering if it is worth the time and money to still apply to DO, considering it is late in the cycle?

MCAT : 506 (126,126,127,127)
GPA: Cumulative 3.87, BCPM 3.77
ORM, female, financially independent from parents, first-time applicant
Solid personal statement and letter of recs

Physician Shadowing: 120 hours
Paid Non-Medical/Clinical Work: 4150 hours
Paid Medical/Clinical: 260
Volunteer Non-Medical/Clinical: 50 hours
Volunteer Medical/Clinical: 380 hours
Research: 150 hours
Tutor: 125 hours
Teaching Assistant: 130 hours

Extracurriculars: natural science fraternity, intramural volleyball, high school valedictorian, founder of non-profit in high school until COVID

Please let me know if you think I should still apply DO or just stick with the 28 MD, since it is late and expensive to apply DO? (Also let me know your thoughts on getting into MD in general)

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Sounds like you are avoiding the obvious about your application.

It's not late for DO, and you should make the effort unless you want the stress of reapplying and retaking the MCAT over beginning your education as a doctor.

And I have no idea what your mission fit is with schools you want to apply to, based on what you disclosed.
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with a MCAT of 506, you should apply to DO schools also and I suggest these: