What should I do?

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Jul 8, 2022
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I have worked at Walgreens since 2018. Started as a floater and became staff. My pharmacy manager moved to another store so I was left by myself with no other pharmacist. On days that I was off pharmacy would be closed (super busy location) and I would go back to over 1000 in the queue and a line of screaming patients. We have a specialty pharmacy 30min away that is basically like a private. 9-5, 3 pharmacists low stress. I asked to be transferred there many times but there was no opening. I floated there when I first started and loved it and staff loved me. I made $62/hr at WAG.

So I started applying and got a job as a PIC at Ralph’s. I never intended on being a manager but it was my way out of that hell. So now as manager I set my own schedule but have to work 12 hour shifts. So 3 12 hours and one 4 hour shift a week or if I do weekends it’s two 8 hours and two 12s. 9 min drive from my house. I don’t necessarily like the staff but not a huge deal. As PIC it’s lotssss of paperwork but low volume store. I make $68.60 at Ralph’s.

Soooo the other day I saw a job opening at this specialty Walgreens. I texted the manager there cause I know her and she said it’s a floater position between the two specialty store with “occasional” retail shifts.

I’m sooo torn because I’m dyinggg to work normal hours 9-5. Buttt… I won’t make my schedule and will have the title of “floater” again plus 30min drive.

I really want opinions of people in the field because my family thinks Ralph’s is a no brainer.

What would you do fellow pharmacist???

Thanks in advance!!

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Usually they "say its one thing" but after they hire you, change the rules. That is what is happening to me right now. Keep the Ralphs. Low volume. Staff come and go.
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Are you ******ed? You just left Walgreens. Shame on you for going back. If you do, then you have no one to blame but yourself for all your misery.
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I have a friend that was recently granted a small business loan to open a call center.

In this call center he is taking bids for contracts to call people regarding their car insurance, home insurance, time shares - and all sorts of garbage intended to essentially take advantage of people.

Maybe you should do this? Heck you could even keep it pharmacy related and offer contracts to places like Amazon, Walgreens, etc to make mass calls to Rx patients to discuss switching to their mail order pharmacy.

There - I just dropped some golden opportunities on your lap.

Edit: did you post this in both forums?! Com’ on man!
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You should make a 4th thread about the same thing.
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