1. F

    What should I do?

    I have worked at Walgreens since 2018. Started as a floater and became staff. My pharmacy manager moved to another store so I was left by myself with no other pharmacist. On days that I was off pharmacy would be closed (super busy location) and I would go back to over 1000 in the queue and a...
  2. P

    Community based residency questions

    I've been told to look into community based residencies and fellowships, but it doesn't really sound like something that's very unique to me.. I also read about what they are, and it sounds like a bunch of what I'm already doing, just at half the salary that I'm at currently. Can someone that...
  3. R

    The Overlap of Pandemic and Opportunities

    Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all doing well during crazy situations and things have been alright. I was at a loss for a few weeks and after trying to get it figured out on my own, I thought I should see if anyone can help me with my issue here. Currently, I am in my fourth year doing...
  4. D

    Question about University of Illinois, Chicago

    Hi! I wanted to reach out and see if there was anyone on this thread who attended UIC in Chicago. I was curious about their thoughts on the curriculum, how they handled it, and if they were able to find a job out of state after finishing school there for residency or retail. The web page...
  5. B

    Pharmacy is slowly going down. CVS/WAGs is a true def of modern day slavery. What are our options?

    Hello, RPh community, After a couple of months with CVS as a floater, I quit due to what I felt was a mental and physical abuse to the RPh and techs. I told my DM it's not ethical to understaff every pharmacy I go in order to save more money. Hence, it could overwork the pharmacist and might...
  6. D

    Pharmacy Job Market in CA

    Hi, I'm Danny. I'm currently a pharmacy student at Midwestern University in AZ. I completed my 1st year already and i have 2 more years left. I was wondering how the pharmacist job market is in California(since i was born and raised there) and any advice to get my foot in the door or set myself...
  7. BaSsHeAd

    is a transition from retail to managed care possible?

    Hi all, I have been in retail for 5+ years now, but only been working as an RPh for about 6 months since i’m a new grad. However, i’m finding it very hard to adjust from being a tech to a being pharmacist and am already burned out. I’m looking to explore the managed care arena and if anyone...
  8. P

    How pharmacy works after graduation?

    Hello, I am entering pharmacy school in the fall of 2018 and am starting to get second thoughts about it. How does the pharmacy outlook look for graduates in 4 years? Also after graduation will getting hours be a problem even if you do get hired for a position in retail? Regarding hospital...
  9. carbonex30

    Decisions... Retail vs LTC Pharm

    I need to make a tricky decision. I am a recent graduate and have received an offer onboard of CVS as a retail pharmacist and literally a day after my acceptance of the offer I was given an offer at a long term care pharmacy. Can the argument be made that working at the LTC pharmacy as an...
  10. H

    Optical store vs. private practice vs. commerical

    Hi, I am interested in pursuing a career in optometry but I had some confusions/questions I wanted to clear up! I did my research online, but I am still struggling a bit. What exactly is considered private practice and what is commercial? I know there are several modes of practices for...
  11. P

    Your real career options with a PharmD

  12. B

    Chemistry undergrad feeling very hopeless

    This is my first time on this website, and I found it at a very good time because the past week has been one of the most hopeless. I'm a third year chemistry and psychology double major and I just finished my first midterms. My first two years were iffy and my GPA right now is 2.6 which upsets...
  13. DrAriPharmD

    How is it working as a pharmacy intern at a retail/major chain pharmacy?

    Hi everyone! Previously, I've worked at CVS as a pharmacy tech for a few months while in undergrad. I didn't get a chance to learn as much as I would have liked to, but it was still a pretty good experience. Now I am about to start pharmacy school in the fall, and was looking at applying to CVS...
  14. greenpharmd

    From retail to federal - is the VA worth the pay cut?

    I'm a PharmD, I've worked in a retail supermarket pharmacy for the past 5 years and came across an opportunity at the local VA Medical Center as a staff pharmacist, working mostly in the outpatient area but with some cross over to clinical. Essentially I'd be working the inpatient side one out...