1. H

    MD WAMC/School List -

    MCAT - 505 -->128/125/127/125 cGPA- 3.57 sGPA- 3.54 Science major, non-trad applicant (entering 4th gap year), Hispanic, good Spanish, from Rural community with interest in working in rural community after residency. Worked as peer-mentor in undergrad. Was a member of Pre-med fraternity for...
  2. D

    MD 3.47 GPA 518 (131/129/130/128) MCAT WAMC

    So I think my application is pretty clean outside of my GPA which is my biggest worry. sGPA is about the same as combined. For context schools is JHU with degree in Mol Cell Bio. I had a >3.5 GPA in all semesters save for sophomore year in which I had a 3.07 and 3.45, Lowest grade was a B- in...
  3. Happymadness

    Schools that consider LGBTQ+ applicants URMs

    Hi all, DELETED
  4. mednovice12

    Slowly losing my mind... HELP?!

    I've spent days going through this website seeing if I can even get in anywhere and let me just tell you its a rollercoaster of emotions. There are people with high GPA/high mcat that don't even get into DO schools and other people that get into all of them. I don't even know how to begin...
  5. B

    Am I URM?

    Hello everyone! I was born in North Africa and I am a US citizen. Yes, I know, most people in North Africa are considered white by the US census bureau. However, from my sociocultural perspective, I have ALWAYS considered myself to be African. In fact, the concept of race is pretty much...
  6. G

    MD 3.7 cGPA 3.69 sGPA and 505 MCAT

    I am a hispanic female. I just got my MCAT score back and am extremely discouraged by it. The CARS section got the best of me on the exam. I am still applying this round (i know i should retake the MCAT but i feel confident enough in the rest of my application as i spoke with an admissions rep...
  7. U

    Spanish on Transcript...

    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place here. My pre-med reqs and my core requirements for the school I'm attending are immense and ridiculous. however, I know medical schools glance upon those who have some sort of Spanish major/minor favorably. My question is, would it be more beneficial for...
  8. M

    Would I be considered URM (Mixed)

    Got my answer, thank you!
  9. the.dude.

    3.78/3.75/514 CA resident

  10. W

    MD What are my chances for California schools?

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this. I am currently a Hispanic Male student/ senior at one of the UCs. Major: Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology GPA (From 2.79 freshman) to=3.4 overall. Science GPA= 3.4 Two Graduate Level Courses Taken= 4.0 GPA MCAT: 500 Research= 3 yrs. upon graduation E.C.=...
  11. M

    Changing very common hispanic last name for a unique last name

    Hello everyone! I am an international student that just got accepted into medical school. In my country you have both your father and mothers last name legally. My question is if I should change my very common Hispanic last name (ex. Rodriguez, Garcia) to my second legal name which is more...
  12. D

    The race question...

    As I am filling out supplemental applications every school keeps asking for my race...It is a little tricky for me because I am Hispanic but that is not a race, so I do not know what race to select. Any advice? Also I am Ecuadorian but born and raised in US if that helps. I usually just leave...
  13. Cali sunshine

    At what point do you just give up?

    Hi all, Took MCAT a couple of days ago for the 2nd TIME!...don't feel as if i did well...can't go into the details due to the AAMC's signed agreement not to discuss the specifics of the exam. Well, studied like crazy for about 4 months, mcat tutor, princeton review (classes for about 3...