1. G

    J1 Waiver jobs for indians and NORI update

    I've heard from someone that there has been someone that there has been some changes in the NORI legislation recently regarding the j1 waiver. What were those changes? I heard from someone that previously indian doctors neither had to do the 3 year j1 waiver jobs nor did they have to return for...
  2. N

    IMG pursuing Emergency Medicine Residency

    Hello, I'm an Indian IMG, currently in the penultimate year of my graduation, interested in pursuing residency in EM. I plan to give my steps next year and follow that up with electives. The problem is that as per 2018 statistics there were 2265 programs in EM and only 109 of them were given...
  3. S

    cant decide between dental or medical

    for all the experienced international doctors and dentists, 1.I am US citizen who did highschool in india and going to an indian university next year, however, my main goal is to settle in the united states. I'm having a tough time deciding between medical or dental (yes,I am aware that...
  4. M

    Study Partner for Step 1- San Francisco Bay area

    Hello folks, I am an Indian IMG writing Step 1 this year. I moved here from the UK a couple of years ago, but my USMLE prep is just getting started. Is anyone around looking for a study partner( I currently live in San Jose)? Skype is also an option just to compare notes, study and be...
  5. N

    MD 516 MCAT & 3.99 GPA | Help with School List!! | WAMC?

    Hi Everyone! I am a Junior at my university and will be applying to medical school (MD) this cycle (2018). I would really appreciate any help with my school list! I would love to go to a top tier school and aim to apply to a large number (35+) of schools. I study at the Honors College of a...
  6. SSDGM

    Should I bring my tribal ID to interviews just in case? Native American.

    Hi Everyone, I'm applying this round and getting very excited now that my AMCAS application is nearing completion. I'm applying as Native American/Alaska Native (I listed my tribe on my application) and White. I'm an enrolled member of federally-recognized tribe. I’m very light-skinned and I...
  7. M

    Would I be considered URM (Mixed)

    Got my answer, thank you!
  8. Budding Doctor07

    Post Graduation in Austria?

    I am a UG from India, i wanted to know the Post Graduation education in Austria. What are the steps and examinations we need to appear for? As a non EU graduate, Is it difficult when compared to Germany? And the language certificate needed(B2/C1) Waiting for a reply :)
  9. C

    USMLE The Journey - 259 - CleverFOX's USMLE STEP 1 Experience

    I have been a silent observer of this forum, this forum has helped me a lot with my questions especially some of the old threads! I am a 3rd year Indian Student, so this post may not be applicable for you if you are a US Student! This is post is meant for International Medical Students and...
  10. D

    SGU vs Medical schools in INDIA

    So, i am new to this forum and have no idea wether i should be here or not but anyways I am an indian citizen currently completing my high school will graduate this year (2016) i applied to SGU (not as a serious option) . Now I've got an offer from sgu for a 5 year Premed+Md program and i wished...
  11. pegasus4999

    Indian medical student who wants to do clinical electives in the USA. Please help.

    I'm in my final year of MBBS in India. I plan to do clinical electives in the US soon. Please help me out. I have not taken any USMLE steps. I'm going to take TOEFL soon. I have no time to prepare for USMLE Step 1 right now. I know some universities ask for that but i don't think there's a way...
  12. L

    Internship or Residency for non-EU or International medical graduates

    Hello Everyone :) I am an indian, currently studying in a medical college in Malaysia. I am going to graduate in 2017. I am kind of in a huge trouble now, you see I cant do my internship in Malaysia because I am a foreign student and I cant do it in India also as because our degree is a...
  13. B

    mph/mha/ dental hygienist !?!

    hello, can anyone please suggest which course is better to study abroad after bds in india... mph/mha or dental hygienist?! also which country is better .... usa/canada/australia ?! and job outlook. i am really confused :(. please help !
  14. D

    does anyone know of any indian females in residency looking for arranged marriage?

    Guys I know this is kind of strange, but I have a friend whose son is starting his first year of fellowship in GI who is looking for an arranged marriage. He's within driving distance of Chicago. She told me that any caste (?) system is ok. I think her son is around my age 28-29 and they are...
  15. C

    International student

    Hi there. So for the past 12 or so years of my life, I've been studying with a CBSE affiliated Indian school. This is my last year. Now, my 10th grade board examination GPA was pretty damn good, a 9.2 out of 10. But I really slacked off during 11th grade due to some family issues. 12th is going...