1. Jimmyjohn7

    MCAT: TBR, TPR, ExamKrackers, & Kaplan

    >THE BERKELEY REVIEW (TBR) (New/Post-2015 MCAT) Lightly written in. Set: $250 Biology I & II General Chemistry I & II Organic Chemistry I & II Physics I & II Psychology Verbal Reasoning (Old/Pre-2015 MCAT) Written in. Set: $50 Biology I & II Organic Chemistry I & II General Chemistry I...
  2. J

    MCAT Prep Books (2015 Examkrackers, EK, EK 1001, EK 101, Kaplan, Official Guide to MCAT)

    Hi, I am selling my MCAT books. I have the following for sale: Official Guide to MCAT 2015 2015 ExamKrackers Books (complete set: 2 biology, chemistry, physics, sociology/psychology, verbal) Official Guide to MCAT Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests EK 1001 (complete set: biology, chemistry, physics...
  3. S

    For Sale Complete Kaplan 2015 set brand new

    All 7 books for the new mcat, brand new condition, comes with online resources. Price negotiable
  4. K

    FOR SALE: MCAT 2016 Study Books (TBR/EK/Kaplan/TPRH)

    I have 3 sets of MCAT study books for sale, along with TPRH Verbal book. Full Berkeley Review (9 books)- $275 (like new- most recent edition) (SOLD) Organic I & II Gen. Chem I & II Physics I & II Biology I & II Verbal Reasoning ExamKrackers Complete Study Package 10th edition (6 books)- $175...
  5. D

    What is the BEST mcat workbook you've used?

    Hello all, newbie here, first post! Hope the new year is going well for you. I'm prepping for an April 22nd MCAT. I am currently in a Kaplan MCAT prep course, so I have the books, flashcards, practice exams and section tests from Kaplan and AAMC, and I also use Khan Academy. However, I really...
  6. A

    DAT Destroyer 2015: Organic Chemistry Question #122

    Hey everyone! I'm a little confused about the answer for question #122 in the organic chem section for the 2015 version. The answer says 1,3- dimethylcyclohexane has 3 stereoisomers. However, I can only think of two since the cis stereoisomers would be meso. The answer shows that the cis-wedge...
  7. joe7456

    Selling 2015 TPR Science Workbook & NS Psych/Soc. practice book!

    Like New 2015 TPR Science Workbook- 100$+shipping. Like New 2015 Next Step Psychology & Sociology Strategy & Practice-20$+shipping. Absolutely No writing or highlighting in these books. The TPR has 100s of passages. NS has 40 passages. PM me or text/call to purchase.
  8. dramatrauma

    For Sale .

  9. M

    For Sale TBR 2015 Set (The Berkeley Review) MCAT Prep

    I am selling the 2015TBR set which includes : Biology I and II Gen Chem I and II Organic I and II Physics I and II I took extremely good care of these books and did NOT write in them. They are in practically brand new shape. Email me at [email protected]
  10. F

    New MCAT: I am looking to buy used Kaplan prep materials & books! Anyone have?

    I am looking to buy used Kaplan MCAT (The new MCAT) prep materials and books, anyone have and want to sell? Reply to this thread or email me. Thank you!
  11. DrHalsey

    Low MCAT 2015 score, chances?

    Got a 15 on the old MCAT (was not properly prepared) and 490 on the 2015 MCAT (studied for months for this one). Took it this past May. 550+ hours of volunteer experience at a surgical ward. I have letters from the chairman of the science department at my school and the charge nurse from the...
  12. joe7456

    For Sale Selling MCAT books; The Princeton Review, Examkrackers, Kaplan, and more

    Hello, I have for sale a variety of MCAT books including; 2015 Examkrackers complete package 9th edition- 120$ (some highlighting/ no writing; all passages are clean) Examkrackers 1001 questions in biology- 10$ (no writing/no highlighting) 2007 Examkrackers complete package 7th edition- 5$...
  13. R

    For Sale $130 kaplan 7 book review set 2015 book + online

    it's in brand new condition - never used. bought an extra one when i totally forgot that they gave one for the class. it has no notes, no highlights and is in complete mint condition. i want to sell it asap so message me <3 it's $130!
  14. G

    For Sale DR COLLINS 2015 ,cheap!!!!!

    Selling my Dr. Collins with minimal writing ,2015 for $135 . Willing to bargain, reply or send me a message thanks
  15. sagooch

    MCAT test center double booked - exam pushed back/when to apply

  16. ayothen

    More time on practice tests or practice questions?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for extra practice tests and I'm stumped on which to try. I already have TPR box set and only one test left. I'm also going to buy the AAMC test. My plan was to take a test every week (not sure if I'm going to do this now haha) until my test day which is May 6th. I'm...
  17. SSJimmer7

    Tulane vs. Rosalind Franklin vs. NYMC

    Hey all, I'm having trouble deciding between these three schools and I was hoping for some objective input from SDN. A little background on myself: I'm a former CA resident that currently lives in NYC with my SO. My SO will remain in NYC--she has a great job and can't afford to leave. I'm...
  18. kitkat13

    For Sale Selling BRAND NEW 2015 TPR books! inc science workbook

    Hi! PM me for any of these books! All are 2015 and unwritten in · MCAT 2015 In-Class Compendium -only comes with signing up for the class! -270 pages of passages + answers! (science & CARS) ·MCAT 2015 Science Workbook -only comes with TPR class -700+ pages of practice passages + answers...
  19. ayothen

    How long to study for MCAT given my circumstances?

    Okay, this is probably asked over and over again, but I would still greatly appreciate any input or advice anyone has! Currently I'm signing up for the MCAT but might either take it in March or April. People have told me that without a job, they studied 2 mo and did very well. I'll be starting...
  20. L

    Examkrackers 2015 vs. Kaplan 2015

    Hi everyone, I am going to be studying for the MCAT to take it in 2015, or 2016 (I am currently a sophomore at NYU undergrad). I've been debating on either getting the Examkrackers or the Kaplan study materials. I do have a long time to study, so time isn't the issue. I haven't yet finished all...
  21. DrHalsey

    In search of study partners in Florida Space Coast area

    I am planning on taking the MCAT lat spring/early summer 2016 and I am looking for study partners. I am in the central region of the Space Coast, just south of the cape. I don't mind travelling a few miles.
  22. E

    School suggestions?

    Hi, I'm a junior applying to med schools this coming cycle. I desperately need suggestions for schools that might be targets for me. I do have the MSAR but there is just so much data, it can be hard to make sense of. cGPA=3.7. Should be around 3.72 by May! sGPA=3.6. Should be higher in May...
  23. melmemeli


    I was looking up study resources for the mcat and i found this website that has a bunch of stuff about the mcat and lists all the resources i've heard of. the site looks super fancy but i havent heard anything about it. Do you guys think it's a good site to use or no?
  24. DrHalsey

    Best date to take the MCAT in 2016

    I am finishing up my Biochemistry/Molecular Biology hybrid class and I should walk out with a B. I will be taking an upper level Microbiology class next spring. Once those are complete I will be 1 semester away from graduation. My question is this: I plan to study practice questions throughout...
  25. K

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Boston University OTD 2015-2016

    Hello! Hoping that people who applied to BU for this cycle will post their stats and interview dates! Also students who currently attend...any advice on the interview and thoughts about the program? Here's me: University: Stony Brook University Major: Psychology Minor: English Overall GPA...
  26. SiakTiDoc

    How do you start Studying?

    Hey all! This sounds like a rather dumb question, but how exactly did you guys start studying? I've been getting missed answers, from friends and other boards. I read and was told by some to take a practice test first to see where I'm lacking, but I already know for a fact that my score across...
  27. H

    For Sale DAT & MATH Destroyer 2015

    I have just took DAT and I have a new 2015 DAT & MATH Destroyer. I mismanaged my time and didn't get a chance to use these books. I used other resources and by miracle I passed the test. I want to sell these two books for only $180 if any one interested. Email me on [email protected] Good luck...
  28. SiakTiDoc

    Studying for 2015 MCAT during a school semester?

    Hey All I was hoping to get some advice as to studying for the new MCAT during a school semester. I'm planning on taking about 12 credits (Neuroscience, Microbio, Calculus 1, and a botany/zoology elective). This would leave my Tues/Thurs fairly open with one class at 1-2PM, but I also plan to...
  29. Thoroughbred_Med

    Wanted: AAMC MCAT Practice Exams or Question Packs

    wanting to buy from any post-test takers. You won't have any use for the rest of your attempts so sell them to me!!!
  30. Linus van Pelt

    WANTED: 2015 AAP PREP Self-Assessment Book

    Unfortunately, only the online version of the PREP questions are subsidized for residents now. I would like to have a paper copy but I'm not willing to shell out the $150 the AAP charges for members to purchase. Does anyone have a copy they'd be willing to sell for less than that?
  31. H

    PCAT Dr. Collins (All Updates) & Kaplan 2015-16

    I'm selling the pcat dr. Collins with Fall 2014, January 2015, July 2015 updates for $120 The kaplan book has no markings in it the reference sheets were pulled out but still there. $40 Price can be negotiated Dr. Collins is pdf form Kaplan is a textbook
  32. P

    MCAT 2015: Possible to relate Topics to Reasoning Skills?

    Has anyone tried to narrow down which specific topics in the Biology section are more likely to be asked as a Knowledge of Scientific Concepts and Principles (Skill 1) question? Some intuition regarding this would give my studying (and others') a bit more direction. Thanks!
  33. E

    How to increase MCAT 2015 verbal/success stories?

    Hey everyone, So I took the July 2015 MCAT and did not do as well as I wanted to. The goal was to score 500+ but i scored a mere 492. This basically crushed me and I have yet to pick up any type of MCAT books since. My breakdown: CP- 125 VR- 120 :/ BB- 124 PS- 123 So here I am halfway through...
  34. 2

    Was thinking about retaking DAT but...

    I'm applying this cycle, I submitted my app in July and my DAT score in late August. I got a 19AA 20TS 15PAT. Planned to retake because of the low PAT, but I've gotten 2 interviews so far (Houston, San Antonio). I have a high gpa 3.97 overall 3.94 science, lots of volunteer and dental...
  35. M

    October Pcat!! 2015 Prelim

    Hello:whistle: I take the test on Friday. I think the October test week has already begun :sneaky:. I used the Dr. Collins and the Pearson Practice tests, my first two practice scores range on 80-99 and 75-95, respectively. I am gonna do the last one tomorrow. Let us know how was your...
  36. H

    Chattanooga DPT acceptance?

    Anyone receive an acceptance email/letter to Chattanooga's DPT program yet?
  37. H

    Shenandoah DPT interviews?

    Anyone get an email invitation for a DPT interview at Shenandoah yet?
  38. B

    DAT Study Materials 2015

    Selling my DAT Destroyer 2015 and Math Destroyer 2015 These two books were 95% of my study material and really these two are all you need to get a decent score. Take a look at my breakdown to see for yourself. They are both is great condition, the cover may have signs of wear but that's about...
  39. N

    Advice to Applicants

    Hey everyone! As match season gets underway (and I'm sipping hot chocolate in my scrubs on an overnight call) I couldn't help but get nostalgic about all the fun ya'll are about to have! All of you will be getting loads of advice from classmates, residents, and family (don't leave them out!)...
  40. queenelsa

    ***OBGYN 2015-2016 Waitlist/Rejection Thread***

    Hey guys! I've been lurking around for a while but was never really active, until I realized how much I rely on sdn for my neurotic med student tendencies, and how how our Obgyn thread is regrettably not full of as much up to date information as other threads!! Either post yourselves or PM me...