2016 applicants.

  1. A

    Do Allopathic consider grade forgiveness when looking at GPA?

    For osteopathic schools I have sGPA 3.53, cGPA 3.54, MCAT 508 but for allopathic schools my application shows sGPA 3.38, cGPA 3.43, and still MCAT 508. **North Carolina student Wondering if anyone has input on my chances allopathic schools will consider grade forgiveness? My first two years of...
  2. L

    AMCAS Mistake: Wrong Contact info in work/activities!

    So I just realized that I made an error in my work and activities section. For two of the contacts, I accidentally put my school email instead of theirs down. I have a phone number that is correct, but the email is so obviously mine- it has my last name and school. This is a huge mistake and was...
  3. beyoutiful_sunshine

    Texas PT Schools App 2016-2017

    In the spirit of 2 other threads that have been of great help, I thought about starting a thread for those applying to PT schools in Texas this upcoming cycle. Stats: University: Sam Houston State University Major: Health Science Overall GPA: 3.93 Science: 3.98 Pre-Req: ~ 3.91-4.0 GRE: 153 V...
  4. W

    WAMC Great GPA, ECs, worried about MCAT

    Stats: cGPA: 3.95 (Got 2 Bs in concurrent history classes back in high school, have had 4.0 since freshman year college) sGPA: 4.0 ECs: Vice President of my student government association (been involved in it for 3 years), mentor for freshman leadership group for 2 years, member of the same...
  5. K

    Wait for Spring Grades or Nah?

    Hi everyone, I'm in a dilemma. I want my spring grades to count, but I have also heard that applying as early as possible would be extremely advantageous. I am on the quarter system and and will most likely have spring grades come out in late June before I can send out my transcript. I have a...
  6. resh58

    4/1/2016 MCAT Results

    Hello Everyone! I received my April 1st MCAT results back, and overall I am pleased with the results! C/P: 123 (33%) CARS: 128 (90%) Bio: 124 (44%) Psych 129 (92%) Composite: 504 (67%) I intend to apply for allopathic programs in the US after completing an MSc with the London School of...
  7. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Possibility of animosity towards religion/race?

    I'm a female Muslim arab (though I am blonde/white and don't "look" it). When I have applied for jobs/positions in the past I try to not draw attention to my religion or race. My name is foreign, but you wouldn't be able to tell its an arab name. However, in my PS I have written about the...
  8. S

    2016-2017 Dental Post-Baccalaureate UCLA & Loma Linda

    Any news, please share! When did you apply? Have you heard anything yet? If you went through the interview, what should one expect? If you're currently in the program, any insights will be incredibly helpful and appreciated!! Submitted: 4/29/2016 sGPA: 2.65 cGPA: 2.85 No DAT score required...
  9. M

    School List Help Please!

    Hey guys, so long-time lurker here but first time poster so I am not totally sure if there is a set format for giving our credentials and what-not but I just wanted to put my pre-preliminary list of schools out there (there's like 20) and see what suggestions you have. Thanks in advance! OK so...
  10. Lane138

    Predents: Ask Us Anything!

    Hey guys, 4th year Harvard dental student here (graduating in one month!). I've been on SDN for nearly 6 years and have also mentored a lot of pre-dents. I'm surprised at the amount of misconceptions people have about the application process, career goals, what it's like to be a dental student...
  11. B

    NRMP Waiver Request

    Hypothetical situation: Applicant scrambles into a prelim position during SOAP. Another program in NRMP offers applicant a categorical position after the SOAP ends. Applicant has not signed any paperwork outside of the SOAP. What should the applicant do? What are the chances of a waiver...
  12. O

    Post-bac programs and submitting grades

    Hello all, This is my first time using SDN so if i am posting something incorrectly I apologize ahead of time. I am here to ask you a question pertaining to Post-bacc programs and the submission of grades. I have tried using google but have found no help. I graduated from undergrad in December...
  13. T

    Looking for Internal Medicine residency vacancy for 2016

    Hello, I am looking for an internal medicine residency vacancy for 2016. I am IMG student and February 2016 ECFMG certified. I have three months of U.S. hands-on clinical experience and already completed three years of IM residency in Germany. I was wondering if any program director is looking...
  14. S

    Idaho State university class 2016 Applicants

    Graduating class of 2020 ( Pham D) Has anyone got an interview coming up