1. S

    Campbell vs. DMU?

    Leaning towards Campbell just because I think I would prefer living in NC over Iowa (and I don’t like the idea of 4 month harsh winters) but I just want to know if I will get any advantage going to a school like DMU (one of the OG DO schools)? Will it be better for me in terms of placement to...
  2. S

    Touro Nevada vs Campbell?

    I’m from California but I also have family in North Carolina. Can anyone who went to these schools or knows anything about them chime in about the quality of their rotation sites or anything else that would help me make a decision? I’m also interested to know what the overall vibe is like, how...
  3. Kumorebi

    Someone please smack me in the face | NYITCOM-JB vs CAMPBELL (CUSOM)

    Campbell University (CUSOM) Pros Higher board scores and their tests, quizzes, and their OSCEs mimic the boards (see below) Closer to "things to do" - Raleigh airport 43 miles away, shopping centers close by, beach close by, other major cities under an hour away. I play golf - they are right...
  4. medstudent1215

    Campbell University SOM Interview Coordination

    Hey, I was hoping to make a thread specific for coordinating some travel expenses together for hotels, transportation, etc. I guess I'll start off by noting that I am interviewing on 8/14/2018, and am interested in splitting a room with one or more people to minimize costs.
  5. snakeplant

    LECOM-B or CUSOM? help! pros and cons list

    Greetings so I am a Florida resident and im having trouble deciding where I should go for med school. What would you guys do? Thanks in advanced! note: have paid the deposit at LECOM but not at CUSOM yet LECOM PROS: 1 hour from home $32k tuition good match list will potentially get to room...
  6. ginjjji

    Drexel vs Campbell

    I'm trying to figure out what school is best for pre med... Ideas?
  7. L

    Help picking a school! USC vs. Campbell vs. MUSC

    Hey everyone! I'm having a hard time picking a school. I've narrowed my choices to 3 schools, which I've been accepted into: Campbell, MUSC and USC (south carolina, not cali.) I'm from NC but I really like SC. I know I can get a good education no matter where I go, but picking is hard. I need to...
  8. E

    Decision on which pharmacy school to attend

    Hey guys, all answers are appreciated. I'm torn between Shenandoah (VA), Campbell (NC), and University of Charleston (WV). Share any info on which you would choose to better help me. (prestige, curriculum, naplex, etc). Thanks. Lastly, if you were in my shoes. Which would you pick & why?
  9. W

    Campbell vs. Touro Nevada

    Hey Guys, I'm having some trouble deciding whether to pick my acceptance from CUSOM or Touro Nevada. I was really impressed with CUSOM's facilities but they haven't had a graduating class so I don't really have a match list to go off of. I like that Touro Nevada has a good match list, but I'm...
  10. F

    VCOM-CC vs Campbell

    Hey everyone, Could someone give some insight in choosing between these schools? I went into the VCOM interview without any expectations, and left the day incredibly impressed by the facilities, the friendliness and dedication of the professors, and the high tech building and resources. It was...
  11. S

    Campbell Acceptance

    Hey everyone! I was recently accepted for Campbell's DPT program! I interviewed on 9/30 and found out 3 days later, which was incredible. I'm just worried because the program starts in 3 months, and I still haven't heard back from anyone else yet. I applied to Elon, Duke, Shenandoah, Radford...
  12. D

    Campbell University MSBS vs. LMU Master in Biomedical Professions.

    I have been accepted to post-bacc programs at both LMU and Campbell. My ultimate goal is to matriculate into D.O. school for the August 2017 cycle and I am trying to choose the program that would best help me to achieve that. Are there any current students of either programs that can speak to...