1. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Colorado State University OTD program (Summer 2022)

    Haven't seen a forum for this school and program yet so decided to start one. Have you guys heard from CSU yet? I applied in October, but my grad application is glitching out so I am worried CSU didn't even receive my stuff. No one wants to pick up phone call or respond to my emails either...
  2. S

    CSU to Dental School

    Hi... I'm a little worried because I transferred from a UC to a CSU midway through college and so far at every interview I've had, they always grilled me about that decision. Personally, I just wasn't a fan of huge class sizes at the UC school because I never felt comfortable enough to approach...
  3. batpuac

    WAMC CA Resident 3.49 cGPA 507 MCAT

    CA resident. Filipino. Non-traditional. Veteran. cGPA is 3.49 and sGPA is 3.75 - upward trend (my GPA was < 2.5 prior to joining the military) BS in Physiology w/ Chemistry minor at a CSU MCAT is 507 (127, 125, 128, 127) - 3 years active duty service in the Air Force - 850 hrs non-clinical...
  4. Jari97

    Just Beginning Biological Sciences 08/2018

    Hello everyone! Amazing to see a place full of people like me. I have some questions that others who have possibly gone through this could help me with. UC v. CSU I have just started at a CC in California. There is an ADT- Associate Degree for Transfer/ AS-T- Associate's in Science for...
  5. D

    Canadian Student Applying to AUS Schools

    I have my BSc degree in biology and Im in my first year of dental hygiene... took the DAT twice, my DAT scores weren't the best but they weren't bad 21 was my highest and 17 being my lowest mark avg was 19. Tried applying to Canadian dental schools and got the interview for Dalhousie Dental...
  6. TBD PT

    Comparing CSU Schools (for the student and the spouse)

    My wife will be applying to PT schools this summer/fall for next summer/fall. We currently live in the SF Bay Area and have for some time (~12 years) but we're open to (if not in favor of) relocating for school, though we'd prefer to stay in California to keep tuition costs reasonable. Thus...
  7. clinicalscience808

    Tuition Contemplation

    Hey guys! I have the amazing issue this year of being accepted into several schools. Im OOS/WICHE for all of them but I don't have full confidence that I'll get a WICHE sponsorship or spot in each school since there's just so few of them. Looking at the OOS tuitions, I am definitely...
  8. F

    MD CSU(LA)

  9. C

    MD & DO .

  10. B

    Chicago State University or Midwestern University

    I've been thankfully accepted to the two pharmacy schools I wanted to be in, however it's a tough decision deciding which one I should go to... As a person with little slow learning capabilities what would anyone recommend, even though of course pharmacy school is still a challenge. Thanks!
  11. C

    Cleveland State DPT program starting in January 2018

    Hello I am a student at Kent State University who was recently just accepted to CSU for their DPT program that starts spring 2018. I haven't seen any posts about CSU DPT students but if anyone has been accepted or known anyone who has gone their recently feel free to comment or post something...
  12. Ajshsj

    Chossing school and major

    Hi I would like to ask if majoring in health science at cal state fullerton would be a good major to apply for pharmacy. What is the difference between cal state and uc? Which should i attend to better prepare myself for pharm school? What is the ideal gpa coming from csu and uc? Also, does...
  13. Ajshsj

    Choosing major and school and pharmacy admissions

    Hi I would like to ask if majoring in health science at cal state fullerton would be a good major to apply for pharmacy school. What is the difference between cal state and uc? Which should i attend to better prepare myself for pharm school? What is the ideal gpa coming from csu and uc? Also...
  14. Devastating

    Colorado State c/o 2021 Hopefuls

    It's finally time to start this thread! Who is applying? This will be my second time applying here. CSU is without a doubt the closest I've got to a "dream school" (not that I'd turn down an acceptance from a more affordable school :laugh:), so I'm excited to see what may happen as I improve...
  15. CynicKitten

    Calling all current/future Colostate vet med students!

    Hey current and future Rams. :) I'm currently trying to make a resource for the incoming vet med class to find pet friendly housing in Fort Collins. The essential idea is to: 1. Survey current students on where they lived: the cost, the environment, and whether or not they are looking to...
  16. T

    Sonoma vs. Chico Premed?

    Wondering which of these two CSU's would be the most preferable for premed program/advising. Just wanna hear opinions and experiences from grads or currents premeds from either schools.
  17. justanotherhopeful

    Denied but Reapplying

    So, I just found out that I was denied admission to OSU. I was also denied admission to CSU; which was partly expected considering I'm OOS. But, the rejection from OSU, my IS, really, really, really, bummed me out to say the least. I didn't even get so far as to have an interview... I wanted to...
  18. SecretSafe

    Colorado State Vet Prep Program

    So I just received my rejection letter from CSU :( However, I still have hope that maybe I will get a call to be admitted into the vet prep program. I think I am a good candidate: military veteran, non-traditional 27 year old applicant, proven financial hardships, and first generation college...