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  1. W

    PSA: DAT Bootcamp increasing price on April 22nd

    Just thought I'd make everyone aware that DAT Bootcamp is increasing their price from $247 to $347 on April 22nd (tomorrow). If you update today, you will still receive access to all future updates. Hope this helps!
  2. J


    Hello all, I have just begun prepping for the dat. I have just finished with week one and have realized I am struggling with gen chem. All i have been doing is dat bootcamp. Idk if its Mike's videos or if ive just forgotten alot of the material. I need more practice and the quiz problems and...
  3. Doggieloverr52

    DAT Studying Methods

    Hi I just graduated and I want to take my DAT in August. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on DAT preparation courses? I would really like to get the best bang for my buck even if that means spending a little extra. Any suggestions? Also what are the best ways of studying? I want to make...
  4. F


    Hello everyone! I am selling DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer (2016 Version). The books have absolutely no markings on the questions. There are some notes on road maps and math formulas, which is a FREE bonus to you from me;)... If you are interested please PM me. ($150)
  5. D

    BRAND NEW DAT Study Material CHEAP!!!

    I am selling the following materials at competitive prices; 2015 DAT DESTROYER [brand new] $115 2015 MATH DESTROYER [brand new] $50 2015 Organic Chem Odyssey [brand new] $90 Cliffs AP Bio third edition - [brand new; unmarked] $5 Kaplan lesson book [marked; with notes + answers] $25 Kaplan...
  6. D

    Selling KAPLAN DAT Prep 2015 CHEAP

    Hello, I am selling study materials for DAT (see picture). Cliffs AP Bio third edition - [brand new; unmarked] $5 Kaplan lesson book [marked; with notes + answers] $25 Kaplan Review book with questions [marked] $35 Kaplan Review book with questions [brand new] $35 Kaplan Flash Cards [brand...
  7. D

    Selling DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer CHEAP

    Hello, I am selling brand-new DAT Destroyer books (2015 Version). Below is the pricing: DAT Destroyer (orgo, gen chen, bio and QR) for $115 Math Destroyer for $50 Organic Chem Odyssey for $90 Or all three books for $245 or best offer. Please message me for more details. Thank you!
  8. K

    TL;DR Easy 4 week DAT Study Schedule

    might as well do this since I was looking for a short, concise schedule to study for the DAT but they were all so lengthy and complicated so i had to make my own. made 23 bio, 23 genchem, 24 orgo, 27 reading, 30 QR, 23 PAT, and 23 TS 25 AA in case ya'll dont believe my study sched worked :< I...
  9. S

    Looking to buy DAT Bootcamp subscription

    Hello, I am beginning to study for the DAT and I'm looking to take the test at the end of July. If anyone is studying or finishing up soon and would be interested in sharing or allowing me to buy the rest of you subscription of DAT Bootcamp, please let me know!!
  10. A

    Organic Chemistry Reactions

    I'm having trouble dealing/memorizing Organic Chemistry Reactions. Are there any sort of online simulator's that has just reactions? Or anyone recommend any advice? I've just completed destroyer for Ochem & it helped me out, but not enough. I'm going to review it again in upcoming 2-3 weeks...
  11. A

    DAT in 4 weeks...

    My DAT is in 4 weeks..! Nervous & anxious. I just wanted to share what I plan on doing for the remaining month and get others advice on whether to add or subtract anything. Already watched Chad videos multiple times for Bio, QR, gChem, & oChem. I'll probably skim through it again at some point...
  12. D

    DAT in 20 days please help I'm lost!

    So I'm taking my DAT in about 20 days I'm not sure what I should be doing in those 20 days and I'm freaking out tbh. This is what I have done so far for practice *I took the first Bootcamp exam for OC and GC and I got 15 on both but this was more than a month ago. *I just finished the DAT...
  13. D

    DAT Breakdown

    One step closer to being a dentist!! 23 TS (24 Bio, 22 GC, 23 OC) / 23 AA / 22 PAT I started my preparation with Kaplan and found their materials to be a solid foundation to build upon. If you are rusty on Gen Chem, Bio or Pre-Algebra.. this is a great resource. However, I felt that their...
  14. X

    Selling DAT QVault, Bootcamp, and Genius subscriptions

    Hi all, I have the following subscriptions for: DAT QVault BIOL - Expires Feb 02/2016 for $45 DAT Bootcamp full length practice tests - Expires Dec 17/2015 for $30 DAT Genius full length practice tests - Expires Dec 21/2015 for $30 Please contact me if interested.
  15. DentalBombshell

    DAT Study Material

    I am selling all of my old DAT Study Material for a great price! Includes: DAT Destroyer 2011, Math Destroyer 2011, Kaplan DAT Review Notes 2011, Kaplan Lesson Book 2011, CliffsAPBiology 3rd Edition, The Princeton Review MCAT Physical Science Review 2009 Edition and various Kaplan Flash Cards...