1. I

    Mayo (MN) v Northwestern

    Hey y'all please help me decide!! Mayo Pros: -#1 hospital in the country -Great for speciality residencies (I’m thinking surgery) -Culture is great, very focused on developing holistic well rounded physicians -basically 1 on 1 student to faculty attention Cons: -Location (I’m a city...
  2. nucleispins

    Stony Brook vs. Albany vs. Upstate vs. Case Western

    First off, I would like to mention that I will specialize in primary care (General Internal Medicine or Med-Peds), so I will never be rolling in cash...especially since I will be working with low socioeconomic populations. I am 99% certain of this specialty. The military is not a choice for me...
  3. B

    Help me choose! U of Utah vs. Regis University

    Hi! I am weighing out the pros and cons between these two schools. I am a California resident so I would apply for residency in Utah. Regis is private so it doesn't matter. I am into rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, really anything outdoors so I know both of these schools have plenty of that...
  4. A

    Post-Bacc Decision: Tufts MBS vs. GeorgeSquared vs. Penn

    Hello, I'm deciding between these schools and need help. Tufts has a thesis, is one year, and I get a MS. GeorgeSquared (George Mason and Georgetown) is one year with MS as well, but no thesis. Penn is a year with no MS (Specialized Studies). I'm still waiting to hear from Johns Hopkins. Tufts...
  5. M

    Hofstra vs. Downstate vs. UMiami - help!

    Summary: NY resident whose main goals are to 1) enjoy medical school and 2) put myself in position to match into a competitive residency if I choose to go that way (ortho or ENT? but still totally undecided). My family lives on LI right near Hof and my girlfriend will be in Manhattan for the...
  6. P

    Northwestern vs Johns Hopkins

    I'm from Chicago and I plan on doing premed. Any help in making a decision would be great. Thanks!
  7. K

    Should I try to transfer

    I was accepted into Concordia's pre pharm to pharm program, but decided to go to Madison instead for undergrad. Is it a good idea to try and transfer back and avoid taking the PCAT or try Madison or MCW. Another factor in my decision is what each school prepares one for, I would like to be...
  8. J

    Help for deciding the next four years: NSU-COM vs. KCUMB

    Hi All, Thanks for all the input. Have been in SDN for about 5 years and first time post. I have had the honor to be accepted by multiple medical school this year. This is my third time applying and I am very glad to finally move on to the next stage. I was able to narrow down my acceptances...
  9. D

    Need expert advise for deciding future!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and help me! I am a senior in college with a GPA and sGPA of 3.2 and an MCAT of 512. I have leadership/ mentoring activities for a year, team building activities, 200+ hours of shadowing, some research experience and an upward trend in GPA. I was...
  10. L

    Med school VS Dental school

    Hey! I have applied to both dental school and med school. I got in to both! The problem: I thought that my gut feeling would help me out on this one but it didn't do its part, me very disappointing :P. My question to you guys is what is the pros and cons for both fields? and could you guys pls...
  11. J

    Should I apply now, or take a gap year?

    Hi everyone! I know I'm cutting it close, but I'm trying to decide whether I should apply this cycle or take a gap year(s). I know this question has come up a couple times in the forums, but not quite with my situation. Here is my info: University: Vanderbilt Class of '18 Major: Neuroscience...
  12. wabunasabi


    Hello, I have been accepted to WSU ESFCOM (allopathic) as well as PNWU (osteopathic). I have been incredibly torn. WSU: - New school, part of the inaugural class -small class size of 60 -$8,000 in scholarships -amazing anatomy lab and campus -large city with plenty of opportunities for me to...
  13. kay815

    GW vs. VCU vs. NYMC

    Hi All! Some background on me -- IS in Virginia (currently living in Richmond), but family all lives in New Jersey (which I take into consideration some). Really my decision right now is between VCU and GW. There are things I love about both schools, but for totally different reasons. Pros of...