1. R

    Can you apply to DR with only an IR sub-internship on your transcript?

    Hello and thank you in advance for answering my questions! MS3 here - I recently enjoyed a short rotation in DR and IR and am starting to think about residency applications for next cycle. I'm sold on Diagnostic Radiology but haven't ruled out IR yet. I now have to decide what kind of...
  2. S

    Thoughts on DR/NM combined residency?

    Hi all, hope you're doing well. I'm an MS4 currently applying into rads and was wondering what people's thoughts were on the (relatively) new combined 16 month DR/NM pathways available at some institutions? Is it worth it? Does it make you marketable? Can you practice DR and NM? I think it...
  3. S

    Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Open House; 9/23/20 | 6pm EST

    Hello everyone! Hope you're staying safe! Please see the flyer here (or attached pdf) for the virtual open house for the Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Program--the event is scheduled for 9/23/20 at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to meet residents and program directors at Mount Sinai if...
  4. D

    Need Help on Diagnostic Worksheet

    I really need help on determining possible lesions that could have resulted in the following visual deficits: Patient 1: Lacks vision in the entire visual field of the right eye and has no pupillary reflex. Patient 2: Lacks vision in the upper and lower temporal field of the left eye and...
  5. A

    489 okay score for TPR Diagnostic?

    Hi guys. I took a practice MCAT today through TPR. I have not started studying at all. (my exam date is in august and I'm enrolled for a class throughout the summer. I have no other requirement's over the summer so MCAT studying will be my life). I scored a 489 with chemphys: 121 biobiochem: 121...
  6. conradical

    504 on Diagnostic and First Full Length

    I took my diagnostic Kaplan about a month ago and was happy with the result (504), but assumed it was some sort of fluke. After a month of light studying (I'm still a full time student and haven't made enough time to study MCAT) I took my first full length and got a 504. I suppose my question...
  7. H

    FS: brand new Welch Allyn Panoptic diagnostic set

    Welch Allyn 97800-MCL Panoptic MacroView 3.5V LED Halogen Otoscope diagnostic Set. also have Welch Allyn 11720 3.5V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope Head Both items are brand new never used. Will sell both as a set for $650+ shipping hae jeung has shared 3 photos with you!
  8. X

    Matching University of Colorado radiology with a 234 Step 1 score?

    Is it possible? How is the program in terms of competitiveness? What would you guys recommend to have a high chance of matching there?
  9. E

    Does Radiology Residency Prestige/Brand Name Matter?

    It is coming time for me to apply (!!!!) and as I read about radiology residency programs around the country, I am curious how much prestige matters post-residency for both a private practice career vs an academic career? Also, how does Duke (dream program in the south) compare to programs...
  10. M


    Hey guys, I'm a 3rd year thinking about applying for diagnostic radiology (both DO and MD). Should I do auditions? Where have you rotated? For those who matched radiology, what were your scores (if you wouldn't mind sharing)? Did you do any research? Where have you interviewed? Did you have...
  11. Mass_Effect

    Pros & Cons of Community Programs vs. University Programs for Diagnostic Radiology

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages for Community vs. University programs specifically for Diagnostic Radiology. As far as I know, if you're trying to pursue academics or a fellowship, then you need to go into a university program. Are there any benefits...
  12. M

    Kaplan Diagnostic

    Yes, I know there are plenty of posts about this already, but because there have been constant changes since the 2015 MCAT, I'm looking to get some more recent data and opinions. I'm taking Kaplan's MCAT prep course this spring. I made a 497 on the diagnostic which initially made me feel great...
  13. D

    512 NS Diagnostic - Next Steps?

    Hi all, I took the NS half-length diagnostic exam this weekend and scored a 512 (128 CPBS, 129 CARS, 128 BBLS, 127 PSBB; 87th percentile). For some background, I'm a sophomore at a state school who has taken introductory bio, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry I; I am also currently...
  14. Froot4Lyfe

    Diagnostic Radiology Help

    Hi. So I'm posting this thread because I am entering the 9th grade in September. I've dreamed of becoming a diagnostic radiologist. I've fallen in love with this field because I love the idea of learning new things as I progress through life by continuing reading because I know that radiologists...
  15. JayPath

    Companion Diagnostics (stratified medicine)

    I was wondering what everyone's (or anyone's) opinion is on companion diagnostic testing. I have been trying to keep up to date with the regulatory changes and clinical trials. Is there anything that has been peaking your interest? Maybe some recent clinical trials, new technology or approvals...
  16. T

    Low MCAT Diagnostic score

    On my mcat diagnostic i got a 488. I'm a little overwhelmed because the exam was so difficult and I guessed on a lot of the questions. My overall gpa and science gpa arent good (3.5 and 2.7 respectively) so the mcat is really all i have left to work on (as well as physics2 and biochem to raise...
  17. frosted_flake

    Varsity Tutors diagnostic exams?

    See title :) I thought they were pretty difficult, anyone else have experience with these diagnostics? When I converted my score it is equivalent to about a 125 in the Biological sciences section. http://www.varsitytutors.com/mcat-diagnostic-tests
  18. D

    MPrep and Kaplan MCAT Qbanks: What scores to aim for, and Kaplan diagnostic

    I know there were some older threads on this topic, but some of them seem rather old and I am not sure if the Qbanks have changed recently. I have just started seriously studying for the MCAT about two weeks ago. On MPrep Banks I am consistently getting about 75%, and on the Kaplan Qbanks I am...