1. M

    Not disadvantaged, but kinda?

    Hey everyone, I’m applying for the 2021 cycle and when I did my AMCAS app, I selected “no” when asked if i believed I was a disadvantaged student. To my surprise, AAMC designated me as disadvantaged when my app was verified. Although I am a first-generation American born to immigrant...
  2. Ramona Flowers

    Disadvantaged status?

    Hi there,
  3. M

    Another AMCAS Disadvantaged Question--Present or Past?

    Hi all, I know this question has been asked in various forms but I've searched all over this site with no clear answer to my particular question: Should I claim "disadvantaged status" if I presently consider myself disadvantaged, but may not have in the past? I qualified for FAP and definitely...
  4. W

    writing about economic disadvantage

    Hi there! So I am writing my disadvantage statement and I was wondering. If we mention that we are economically disadvantaged, Could it backfire at private schools? As in, could the schools read it and think "we should not accept him because if he won't be able to afford our schools...
  5. I

    MD MD father primary app disclosure: anchor on otherwise-strong app?

    If TLDR: refer to bolded for quick skim.. I do not want to come off as entitled. I do believe that income/background disclosures have a place on the primary application so as to benefit URM populations. What I oppose is their disclosure being (arguably) mandatory. My father is a prominent ER...
  6. J

    MD blind in one eye

    Hey guys I am a current MS1 at a US medical school and have had this question on my mind for a while. I am blind in one eye from birth and can see 20/15 in the other eye with correction. It has never held me back in the past, but I presume that might change in my 3rd and 4th year. I was...
  7. U

    Delay MCAT? More time needed, but means post-June 1 app (deemphasizing applicant anecdotes)

    (read bolded for quick skim) Thanks in advance for reading and responding. I don't think I am the only one with this question so hopefully others can glean something from this discussion. I am scheduled to test April 21 and it has occurred to me that I need to put some finishing touches on...
  8. T

    Are D.O. students disadvantaged on USMLE?

    Hi guys. I'm sorry because I can't find information that addresses this exact question. 1. Do you guys feel that if a DO student decides to study for both the USMLE as well as COMLEX that they are at some kind of disadvantage over someone who only had to study for the USMLE or only for the...
  9. lickerwhicker

    *Does this count as disadvantaged status?*

    deleted for anonymity
  10. L

    Interview scheduling - am i at a disadvantage?

    So a school just sent me an email that i've been selected for an interview and they told me to choose a date. I was surprised to see how quickly the dates filled up. I did see the email a bit late, approximately 24 hours after they sent it and they only do interviews once a week so I ended up...
  11. S

    What is considered public assistance?

    I have been asked on secondary if my family has received public assistance. Do FAFSA grants (Pell grants, etc) count as public assistance? Does receiving Medi-Cal count as public assistance?
  12. D

    Accepted to post-bacc..should I pursue? Help needed!

    Hi guys! I was recently accepted to a post-bacc at a DO school and have been weighing my options since I have a unique situation.(I posted a similar thread about six months ago, before I had concrete stats (primarily gpa).) I graduated with a biology degree, stats cgpa 3.5ish and BCPM gpa...
  13. Wanderer_

    Does this count as disadvantaged?

    If one parent and two of your sisters had severe addiction problems (two of the three are still in that black hole all these years later, around 12 years to be exact) and the other parent was mentally ill but could still work, all while you were growing up, does that count as disadvantaged? It...
  14. 7

    Should letter writers also receive your disadvantage statement?

    In the the process of compiling letter "packets" for my writers and wondering if I should include my disadvantage statement or not? While most of my writers are aware of my economic disadvantages, they are not aware of others. Personally, I'm leaning towards no as there are things I'm a little...
  15. sat0ri

    FAP≡SES? Fee Assistance Program and evalation of disadvantaged SES

    Hopefully this is not a frivolous question though I seem to have a penchant for that, but is there any relation between getting FAP and being seen by adcom's as being SES disadvantaged? For example, if you do not get FAP are you precluded from being considered SES disadvantaged? Does FAP...
  16. S

    Should I Claim Disadvantaged Status?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at the 2016 AMCAS application and I can't decide whether or not to designate myself as a disadvantaged applicant. The application lists Underserved, Family, and state and federal assistance programs as guiding factors. I'll list some of the reasons I might be...
  17. cheshirecatxox

    Diversity Secondary

    Of the list below, can you tell me what stands out most? socio-econoimic disadvantage due to my single mother becoming permanently disabled when I was 9. how we were treated because of this, how it has made me want to help disadvantaged and disabled I've been her caretaker since 2013 when she...