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Apr 3, 2015
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Hello all,

US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up failing 2 shelf exams. I then had some independent/directed study time, retook and passed those two exams, then continued with clerkships and fourth year.

-I have a 212 Step 1.
-Won’t have Step 2 CK score back until Oct 20 or 27 after submitting ERAS on 9/29.
-Clinical honors in 3rd year psych
-Honors in 4th year IM sub-I, FM sub-I, and elective
-3 research journal publications, 7 posters/presentations
-Good amount of volunteer/leadership experiences
-Solid LORs from IM, FM, and FM department
-Applying broadly to 80 programs, but would like to match in Texas near significant other if at all possible

I understand that I may miss out on initial interviews without Step 2 CK, but my strategy is to submit on time 9/29 then update scores mid-late October as soon as they come back and contact programs to let them know.

I realize this isn’t ideal, but was wondering if anyone had similar issues when they applied and can share some insight or advice. I appreciate it!