1. G

    Hemepath then Dermatopathology Fellowship Possible?

    I’m at the end of my second year and want to do Dermpath; however, I have low expectations of getting accepted. Would applying for a Hemepath fellowship at an institution that has a Dermpath fellowship be an “in” so to speak? I like Hemepath. I want a good fellowship in terms of marketability if...
  2. C

    Gap year humanities/non-STEM opportunities that are not service?

    I'm not particularly interested in the conventional options available for pre-med gap years (e.g. biomedical/clinical research, volunteering, clinical work, etc.), which means that the resources available to me are also fairly limited, and I'm not quite sure where to even start. My personal...
  3. S

    USMLE Scores for Dermatology Fellowships

    Hello everyone, Could anyone shed some light on whether USMLE scores are use to evaluate candidates for Fellowships positions in the US (Mohs, Dermpath or Procedural/Cosmetic)? If so, which step(s) are usually considered? Thanks in advance.
  4. DrSatan

    Neural Repair & Rehabilitation Fellowships?

  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical What to Expect After Medical School

    For this section of our What to Expect After Medical School series, I’ll provide a brief run-down of what happens after you graduate from medical school. As you have probably realized by now, medicine requires a commitment to lifelong learning. There will always be new procedures, new...
  6. dassie

    how late for child fellowship applications?

    I'm applying for the child & adolescent fellowship this year - or, I guess, more accurately, right now. Pretty much all of my application is complete except I'm still waiting for 2 of my LORs... Is it better to submit an incomplete application now/ASAP or should I wait another week or two for my...
  7. InsiderMedical

    Medical Insider Medical Admissions Services for Fellowship Applicants

    Dr. Finkel, the founder of Insider Medical Admissions, has incomparable experience. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Medical School. On completing her residency at Harvard, she was asked to stay on as faculty at Harvard Medical School and spent five years teaching at the...
  8. K

    Funding Opportunities for Ophtho MD/PhD Candidates?

    Hey all, I'm an MD/PhD looking to head into Ophtho currently in my 2nd year of my PhD and looking for any and all grant writing + funding opportunities to support my research costs. Other than an F30 or F31, many of the funding opportunities I've come across are not available for MD/PhD...
  9. R

    Is a fellowship in molecular pathology worth it ??

    will molecular pathology be a feild that is dominated by phd people as they chrage less or people with pathology degree will be preffered in the future .what are the present pay scales comapred to other fellowships in pathology . what do you all think the future would be ? if its a waste in...
  10. A

    Peace with not doing fellowship

    I'm about to start PGY2, and I'm still trying to come to terms with what I want to do with my life. It sort of is hitting me that I can't really put off making a decision any longer. I really think I would be happy as a hospitalist. I like general medicine. I don't find procedures that...
  11. J

    Application for Residencies/Fellowships for MD/DO

    Hello SDN community, I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to what I should be accomplishing in medical school to get a decent chance at residencies and eventually fellowships to spaces such as CT Surg. I going to be in medical school (most likely DO, but we'll cross our fingers and...
  12. M

    Healthcare Organization Movement Disorders Fellowship

    Fellowship Vacancy July 2017-June 2018 Cedars-Sinai Movement Disorders Program is looking for a fellow to start July 2017. For application information and more details: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Education/Graduate-Medical-Education/Fellowship-Programs/Movement-Disorders/index.aspx
  13. CalendarJ

    Writing Tips!

    Hey All, I'm a second-year undergraduate. I'm looking into doing MD/PhD, so research is a big part of my life right now (and hopefully will continue to be). Anyways, I've been writing much more than I used to. Lots of personal statements/questions for scholarship apps and internships and even...
  14. greg.house1408

    Transplant Surgery in my Future?

    I've posted before about some of my subspecialty interests; now, I have been accepted to a medical school and will begin the next chapter of the journey. For personal reasons, I really want to become a liver transplant surgeon (maybe some pancreatic or kidney also, though main focus is liver)...
  15. Psychology PostDoc

    PhD/PsyD Post-Doc Positions Still Open (March 2016)

    Hi everyone, Let's get a thread going about positions for post-docs that are still open as of March 2016! Here's a list of some that I know about: 1. Weill Cornell Medical College/ NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital: Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship in Eating Disorders Website...
  16. A

    US Fellowship for European

    Hello! I am MD and I am doing my residency in my country, Netherlands. My question is: Could I start fellowship somewhere in American research university, without doing extra 3year residency there? or it is necessary to get USMLE? If yes, which commission will validate mine foreign residency...
  17. septoplasty

    Sports Medicine 2016-2017

    How did the match fair for everyone? Based on the report we got in the NRMP, pass percentage has gone up, despite a few programs dropping out pre-rank as well as more candidates.
  18. R

    SF match ophthalmology fellowship scramble

    Does anyone have details about the fellowship scramble? I understand that SF match will post immediate vacancies and then you contact the programs directly. Does anyone know, do you find out results that day? Or do they review applications and get back to you? How many programs should you...
  19. Polycherry

    Other Research fellowships for undergraduate foreign students?

    Are there any research fellowships offered by universities for UG undergraduate students
  20. B

    Navy Navy Pediatric fellowships

    I am currently getting ready to apply to medical school and am seriously considering the Navy HPSP scholarship. I am interested in doing a pediatric residency and a fellowship in critical care pediatrics. I do understand that as I go to school and do rotations my interests can change and I will...
  21. B

    Navy pediatric fellowships

    I am currently getting ready to apply to medical school and am seriously considering the Navy HPSP scholarship. I am interested in doing a pediatric residency and a fellowship in critical care pediatrics. I do understand that as I go to school and do rotations my interests can change and I will...
  22. U

    Disaster Medicine Fellowship

    Hi - I am new to the student doctor forums. One of the medical students just told me about it. I am the fellowship director for the UMass Disaster Medicine fellowship. I've seen some questions come up on the forums about DM fellowships and I am happy to give some input on this topic. Send me...