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  1. A

    Feralis vs. Bootcamp for bio???

    My test is on August 3rd and so far I have been studying bio using the pre made bootcamp anki decks. However, I've heard so many good things about the Feralis deck that it has made me consider using those instead. I'm a bio major so I feel like I have a good chance at scoring highly on that...
  2. G

    DAT Retake - already used bootcamp so now what do I do

    Hi! I took the DAT back in August (scored an 18 AA) and am now prepping for a retake. I used bootcamp before and did all ten practice tests multiple times sooo I don’t really want to use bootcamp again, since I think I’ll remember the questions and it’ll be ineffective. I already purchased PAT...
  3. NewtonStar

    Feralis Biology Notes

    Where can I find the latest version of Feralis Biology notes?
  4. A

    Studying for Bio

    Hi everyone, I started studying for the DAT almost two weeks ago, and I'm starting to have a difficult time sticking to Ari's schedule for the biology review. I'm about five chapters into Cliffs AP bio, and I have been supplementing it with Feralis's notes (now BC Bio Notes). Basically I spend...
  5. K

    Feralis notes

    Can anyone send me the updated version of Feralis' notes? I found one from DAT bootcamp website, but it only had 4 or 5 chapters. Does anyone have the updated version of feralis' notes? Thanks!
  6. I

    Feralis Bio Notes

    Hi everyone! I am starting my DAT studies, but I can't seem to find the complete Feralis notes? Can someone pretty please send them to me?
  7. paperbands

    DAT Breakdown 2017 (24 PAT/30 QR/30 RC/30 BIO/27 GC/28 OC/28 TS/29 AA)

    Before I start… I apologize for how lengthy this post is! I took my test yesterday! I studied for around 10-11 weeks. The first month and a half was inconsistent studying, and I studied between 0-6 hours a day (probably with a mean of 3-4 hours a day). I didn’t crack down until the last month...
  8. dl2501

    DAT Breakdown 23AA/24PAT/24TS (non-science major)

    Let’s start this breakdown! Study time period: I graduated at the end of May, and after being with family for a week or so, I started to do research about this DAT thing. And if you take anything away from this post, it is this: do research about all the different study materials and...
  9. IdleKoala

    Rate my DAT Study Schedule. Advice Welcome!

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as of last night, and let me tell you, this forum has already been an invaluable resource to me! The community on here seems to be amazing and super motivated! Very inspiring, but also intimidating! I wish the best to all of us and hope that we can encourage...
  10. trypsinthecat

    Selling DAT Study Materials!

    I'm selling the 2014 DAT Destroyer, Math Destroyer, and Organic Chemistry Odyssey! I can also throw in a Kaplan book, Cliffs AP Bio 2nd edition and 3rd edition, my Feralis notes, and notes from Chad's videos. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for...
  11. trypsinthecat

    Selling PCAT Study Materials!

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins 2016-2017 study bundle, 3 full Pearson tests, 5 Cliffs PCAT tests, and my Kaplan 2016-2017 book! I used all of them to study and I got a 97 composite. They are all in very good condition. Please email me at [email protected] for details. Thank you!
  12. dentaldiva27

    So conflicted about my DAT. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi everyone, Right now I am scheduled to take my first DAT a week from today on the 25th. However, I don't feel I am as prepared as I should be and am considering postponing it another week. I started off using Kaplan for about a month but found that to be a huge waste of my time and really...
  13. itsilya

    [DAT] 2017 Destroyer Package + Tons of Notes

    Selling package for $170: 1. 2017 DAT Destroyer + 2017 Math Destroyer (in an excellent condition; no writing/marks at all) 2. Barron's DAT Book 3. Cliff's AP Bio 3rd edition 4. My binder of notes (annotated Chad's summary for OC, GC, & Math, printed Alan's & Feralis notes, and 2 practice exams)
  14. Auntymarkovnikov

    Feralis vs Anki vs Cliffs

    My DAT is in less than a month. I read through Cliffs one time and made flash cards on all the destroyer bio problems. I wanted to know you guys think would be most efficient/effective in addition to studying my destroyer flashcards: reading over Feralis, rereading Cliffs, or simply downloading...
  15. ucfknight7

    DAT in two weeks, looking for some advice!

    So my DAT is in two weeks and I'm aiming for at least a 21-22, which is very doable with the amount I've studied and the results I'm getting back from my practice tests besides biology which I'm averaging a 19... Everything else I've been scoring well consistently. I've been studying from...
  16. itsilya

    Adjusting anki to get through feralis deck in a month

    Hi, I've recently started using anki so I'm not that familiar with the settings. I'm using feralis deck and I seem to go slowly through the material as there are so many cards. I was wondering if its possible to adjust the settings so I can go through all the cards in a month?
  17. I

    Ty Jacobs/ feralis

    does anyone know if TY Jacobs notes and Feralis notes were created based on cliffs ap? Kaplan? A random bio textbook? I'm trying to see what the best source is to use coupled with their notes so I could use a primary bio study source then refer to their notes for a summary or refresher?
  18. P

    DAT Bio Advice

    Hi guys, so I'm taking the DAT on June 28th and I've been studying for the DAT since May 8th. I've pretty much got all of chem, qr, ochem down but I'm struggling with bio. I've gone through chapters 1-8 in bio and I have them down as far as memorizing and understanding the material. I'm having...
  19. R

    Feralis Biology Notes for CANADIAN DAT

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has used the Feralis Biology notes to study for the Canadian DAT. If so were these notes sufficient for the biology section of the Canadian DAT? Thanks
  20. Mason91

    How do you guys take notes/study for Biology?

  21. C

    DAT Breakdown TS 26 / AA 26

    Hello everyone, I took the DAT a few months ago and I found it super helpful to read through all the breakdown threads. Now that I have some free time (aka procrastinating on homework), I can finally write a my own breakdown. Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you. :) DAT Breakdown...
  22. Mason91

    Feralis GC/OC notes?

  23. V


    THE DAT BREAKDOWN YOU WANT TO READ 25AA REAL DAT SCORES: PAT: 21 BIO: 21 GEN CHEM: 23 ORGANIC CHEM: 30 READING COMPREHENSION: 24 QUANTITATIVE REASONING: 25 TOTAL SCIENCE: 23 ACADEMIC AVERAGE: 25 Time Spent Studying: - ~70 days for ~8-10 hours per day -First four weeks were...
  24. Mason91

    Russelldw or faralis?

  25. C

    dat bio section anatomy ear/eye

    hey y'all.. i was going over cliff/ ferrali cliff doesnt have stuff on eye and ear but he does.. do we need to know the anatomy of those for dat?
  26. fit2

    Where does capaciation happen?

    So last night I stumbled upon the OAT free test and I decided to do it and I got a question wrong that really bothered me. In Feralis notes I saw that capacitation happens in vagina, but the answer for the OAT was in the oviduct. I went online and couldn't find a definitive answer: it says it...
  27. C


    I've read cliffs.. Things don't seem to stick in my brain.. I've made flash cards here n there but it takes 10x longer to get thru material like I spend more time writing flashcards than I do studying.. And literally EVERY term would need a flashcards idk how u guys do that.. As for the Anki...
  28. mOlar1!

    DAT prep material/study schedule. Any advice?

    Hello, I am new here so please pardon if I don't do or answer something the right way. I made this thread to ask if I am on the right track in terms of studying because I didn't know who to ask for guidance. Any advice or recommendation would be very helpful. Okay so I scheduled to take my DAT...
  29. Fancy312


    Okay so, I have never posted on here, but I really, really need some last minute advice since my DAT is in one week. I have been doing the usual, DAT DESTROYER/ DATBOOTCAMP/ KAPLAN 2015 DAT BOOK/ FERALIS/CRACK DAT PAT section A lot of this has been overwhelming since I keep trying to focus on...
  30. B

    DAT BREAKDOWN 22AA 09/24/2015

    Hello! I've been lurking the forums for the past few months while I've been studying for the DAT, and I figured now would be a great time to post! AA: 22 BIO: 21 GCHEM: 22 OCHEM: 24 TS: 22 RC:21 QR: 22 PAT: 19 Educational Background: I'm entering my final year of undergrad as a Human Biology...