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    need advice pleaseee! Keck Graduate Institute- MS in Applied Life Sciences

    Hey everyone! I really need some advice as I'm completely confused on what to do:/ So to make a very long story short, I am a first gen, non-trad pre-med student. I have a pretty lowish undergrad and low science GPA but an upward trend towards the end of my college career. For what I lacked in...
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    Need direction and advice

    So I need some direction as to what to do after graduation. I think my sGPA is too low and was planning on doing a post-bacc or SMP anyways to increase my chances of getting in. I know I definitely need improvement but I would like direction as to where. Cumulative GPA 3.35 AMCAS sGPA 3.26...
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    Overwhelmed by circumstances. Graduates undergrad and in a post bacc program

    Hey to anyone who reads this, At most what I get from this post is expressing my issues, but hopefully insight will guide me to the right path. I finished undergrad with a great GPA and background in research, volunteering and extracurriculars. I grew up with 6 siblings (all 7 from the same...
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    Will 2 master's hurt my chances of MD/PhD?

    Hello All, I am simply hoping for some honest feedback for my unique (at least to me and to those I've spoken with) situation. In undergrad I performed quite well at a state school (3.82 for both science and cum GPAs). I was involved in a lot of teaching activities at my institution and like...
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    MD what should I do?

    I've been asking myself what should I do since I graduated college a few months ago. I am currently working as a chief scribe and find medicine very interesting. I'm always looking up medical procedures and videos. Here is the situation I have a GPA of 2.8 and I have not taken the MCAT yet. As...
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    MD & DO sGPA 3.3, MCAT 506,

    Years in school: Graduated 3 years ago Residence: CA Ethnicity: Cambodian (considered URM per AAMC definition and per my prof who's a med school prof at UCSF) Undergraduate school: UC Berkeley Schools to which you're applying: Wishing for the stars: UCSF, UCLA/Drew, UC Davis Hopeful...
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    502 MCAT, 3.51 GPA, URM - share experiences

    Non-traditional, Latino applicant California resident Applied only to MD schools
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    MD & DO 3.85 cGPA, 3.79 sGPA, 502MCAT

    3.85 cGPA 3.79 BCPM GPA 502 MCAT: 128/121/125/128 What are my chances? And will need help coming up with a school list, current list below. Should I retake MCAT July 22? Planning on applying Fall 2017 Admissions & looking to submitting AMCAS apps first/second week of June (1-2 weeks). Already...
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    MD/PHD - 3.35 cGPA, 508 MCAT, URM

    I'm a rising senior applying this summer. I know my numbers are subpar for most MSTPs, but I've been encouraged by my research mentor to just go ahead and try. He said all it takes is one acceptance. My adviser said not to apply, but I don't think they're right. I know that since it's such a...
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    First generation college students/ Pre-Med students that started at CC

    Hey guys, So I'm a worry bug and I'm wondering if I even have a shot at med school anymore. I'm a first generation college student so I'm putting myself through school. I started at a CC did a semester and a 4-year but had to go back to CC for financial purpose. I plan on returning to the four...
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    First Generation Student Need some honesty, how am I doing?

    Hey! I am a first generation college student and I am looking for some advice. I feel like everyone I talk to sugar coats it and "believes" in me, but I am looking for someone to tell me if I am headed in the right direction or if my plan is completely irrational. I currently have my AA from...
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    I want to keep trying...but I need some input, PLEASE.

    Hello Everyone! I have been relying on the information on this site for a long time but I haven't found a question close to mine. I am open to hearing advice, warning, alternative plans etc. I need different points of views since mine are now stagnant. So here is the deal: * first generation...