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    Sulfur's valence electrons in sulfate ion

    My book (Kaplan MCAT Gen Chem pg 27) says that for the sulfur atom in the sulfate ion, sulfur's 3s and 3p subshells can only contain 8 of these 12 electrons; the other 4 electrons have entered the sulfur atom's 3d subshell, which in elemental sulfur is empty. Why did "the other 4 electrons"...
  2. P

    Question about sulfur's valence electrons in sulfate ion!!!

    My book (Kaplan MCAT Gen Chem pg 27) says that for the sulfur atom in the sulfate ion, sulfur's 3s and 3p subshells can only contain 8 of these 12 electrons; the other 4 electrons have entered the sulfur atom's 3d subshell, which in elemental sulfur is empty. Why did "the other 4 electrons"...
  3. F

    General Chemistry 1 doesn't seem that intuitive

    I find gen chem 1 pretty easy, but like it doesn't seem that intuitive. I'm doing well right now because I'm just thinking of everything in terms of mathematical relationships, I assume this is what you do?
  4. I

    Gen Chem on DAT for Starters

    hello everyone. What would you recommend for someone who is very weak in chemistry. I know Chads is great, but im speaking even more elementary. For example how to break up NaCl-->Na+ + Cl- , and balancing Reactions, and maybe even the nomenclature like how to name nitrATE vs nitrITE and...
  5. C

    Freshman GPA: What should I do??!

    Hello, I am a new member here and just wanted to ask a few questions about being a pre-med. I just finished my freshman year. Took Gen Chem 1, writing course in the first semester and took Gen Chem 2, Bio 1 and another writing course in the second semester. (Plus other courses that count...
  6. T

    Pre-Med concerns

    Hi guys, I am an English Pre-Med...and I am currently taking Gen Chem 1. Idk how I'll do (not so well but I'm determined to do better), but I feel the urge to retake the class with a different professor just to learn more in depth about the topic. Of course I would do better the second time...
  7. Fancy312

    Destoryer 2016 # 226 GC

    Soooo I thought I had the hang of this problem down till I realized i got it wrong and still confused on the log portion of the problem::: 226. Consider a sample of 100 mL of pure water @ 25 degrees celsius. If the hydronium ion concentration was tripled, what would the resulting pH be? A. 6.5...
  8. E

    What classes should I take my freshman year of college?

    I'm going to be a public health/nutritional science major. I've read that it's common in college to double up on sciences in college and I don't want to that because I don't think I can handle it especially my first year of college. I NEED to start of strong. Anyways, for my science class next...
  9. Fancy312

    I don't get it

    Can someone please explain this question to me on how they get the answer, I've read explanations but for some reason I am still confused and i feel dumb for asking this lol Which of the following electronic transitions in the hydrogen atom would involve an emission of a photon of the shortest...
  10. Fancy312

    Refresher for Gen chem 1 or Gen chem 2 along with Orgo?

    Hi everyone, SoI think I'm going to retake gen chem and orgo at my local community college, I really really REALLY need help in these courses and figured that I should just retake them while studying for the rest of the sections at home. (I have destroyer/TY jacobs notes/Feralis/Cliffs 3rd...
  11. C

    bond enthalpy vs enthalpy of formation

    I always get confused with these two!???? When is it that i put a zero for things in elemental state like Br2, H2, Cl2 ..????
  12. C

    destroyer gen chem 162

    Consider hydrozoic acid, HN3. The Ka at 25 degree celsius is 2 x 10^-5. Which of these statements will be true if HN3 was put into solution. a) [N3-] = [H+] at equilibrium b) [H+] = 3[N-] at equilibrium c) [H+]>[N-3] at equilibrium d) A .10 M solution of HN3 has a pH of 5.2 the correct answer...
  13. C

    which salt gives solution with ph less than 7

    which salt gives ph less than 7 NaBr LiBr AlCl3 KF two of these the book does the crossing of the H2O thing. isn't there a simpler way?
  14. C

    for those of u who took DAT question about format

    guys for those of u who took it for the chem stuff are things given to you typically in words.. like or example would it say benzyl 2 methylbbutanoate reacts with blabla to give bla or does it have it drawn? also for gen chem are the formulas written out or in words. i know they say there is a...
  15. C


    how many diff ways can 2 girls and 3 boys sit in a row if the 2 girls always sit side by side. I'm trying to apply chads method but i can't tell how. clearly order matters and when order matters he just puts the number of selections on top and thats it because order matters... so it should be 5...
  16. C


    #92 Consider the following reactino: 4H+ (aq) + O2 (g) + 4 e- <-- --> 2H2O (l) If sodium hydroxide is added, and assuming O2 (g) is at 1 atm and [H+] = 1.0 M, which statement is true? a) The E value would not change since base is not a part of this system b) E value would increaes c) The...
  17. C


    HEY EVERYONE.. does anyone know of a perfect/really good formula sheet for GEN CHEM/ Math to use for DAT.. its like as soon as i memorize one another formula comes up. i kind of want all of them infront of me to memorize ONCE... and the bootcamp one is kinda half ass not all of em are on it...
  18. Itsnotludwigs

    Destroyer GC 264

    The solution in this question states that the Ksp = [Pb]^2. I am confused as to why it is not Ksp = [Pb][2I]^2? Thanks again!
  19. C


    Yoooooo can someone please give me an easy way of telling if somethings polar or non polar. I'm sick of drawing these lewis each time and checking for symmetry and dipole and all that.. i know theres trick.. like if s is a central atom its polar? yea? no? idk. help! :(((((
  20. Fancy312

    your opinions...?

    Do you guys think this would help me brush up on my gen chem? Or waste of time based on what ive been using? http://chadsvideos.com/?course=general-chemistry-for-the-datoat I'm going through destroyer, as well as watching Mike Christensen's gen chem/orgo videos while taking notes on youtube...
  21. Fancy312

    Destroyer #62

    Hi Guys, Just had some confusion with this one, if anyone can help me out step by step for this i would really appreciate it! 62. Barium is an alkaline earth metal with the atomic number 56 . Which set of quantum numbers may be written for a valence electron of Barium? I got that it was in...
  22. Fancy312

    "Chads Videos" turned into "Chemistry Prep"...

    Hi All, I went on chadsvideos.com to see if he happened to upload his old orgo stuff, but unfortunately he hasn't. I noticed that he posted another link on that same website titled "chemistry prep" and that its new and improved. I was wondering if anyone signed up for this new version and if...
  23. F

    1st, 2nd, 3rd ionization energies

    can someone please explain to me how this works? very difficult thanks!
  24. K

    DAT destroyer General Chemistry

    hi guys: Anyone is working the DAT destroyer 2016 version. In the gen chem part, question 68 it states which statement is false: I choose E. but the answer gives D. when i check out the explanation, it explain the molecular speed, whatsoever.. which is totally different to kinetic energy of...
  25. E

    Is a C+ worth retaking for sGPA improvement?

    I got a C+ in general chemistry II my freshman year and I just graduated in December. It seems like most DO schools require a retake if you get a C or below in the required prereqs, but if retaking the C+ course as part of an informal post-bac will raise my sGPA faster than just taking extra...
  26. R

    Retake or not?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new here and this is my first post. Anyway, I need some advice, and it's a bit complicated but all advice is appreciated. I'm a freshman pre-med at a T-20 University (I would share the name, but I see people avoid doing that) and I've been struggling a bit. I got a B in my...
  27. Fancy312


    Hi guys, I wanted to get an input from anyone that has struggled with gen chem and orgo, and what resources they found that best worked for them? Been watching Chads Videos, as well as doing problems from destroyer, but in terms of starting from scratch and recognizing what ideally works, what...
  28. A

    1 month before my DAT

    Okay so I have a little less then a month until my test. This will be my first time taking it, and want it to be my last. Any tips? So far this is what I have planned... Reviewing all Chad's videos in hyper speed and redoing his quizzes for OC & GC. I've been on and off with Destroyer for OC...
  29. Fancy312

    Chads Videos VS Course saver ?

    Okay so I just wanted to make sure so I can study from the right videos and quizzes, can someone please verify which website to use? I am torn between: http://chadsvideos.com/ https://www.coursesaver.com/video/category/dat-videos