1. overthinkingdog99

    Mercer M.S. -- Preclinical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences 2022

    Hi all, I applied extremely last minute on June 30th and got my acceptance today July 5th. I didn’t see any recent threads regarding this program for this year so I wanted to create one. I’d like to see if anyone else was accepted and plans on attending the preclinical masters program this year...
  2. d-dimer

    Anesthesia groups in the South

    Looking into some groups in the South. Does anyone have thoughts on the following groups or know groups hiring for generalists? Feel free to PM: GA -Georgia Anesthesiologists at WellStar Kennestone, Paulding and Douglas Hospitals -MAK Anesthesia/Strategic Health Partners at WellStar Cobb and...
  3. K

    Free Premedical Event

    Hi everyone! KAMSA (Korean American Medical Student Association) from the Medical College of Georgia is hosting a premedical online event on May 14th from 10AM-2PM. This event is targeted for premedical students hoping to learn more about different medical specialties, medical student...
  4. P

    GA MPJE prescription- NPI requirement?

    I've been searching the law for hours, so has a friend of mine, for the answer to this question. Only to come up with multiple different answers and the law to be so confusing. I'm hoping a GA pharmacist or someone can help me. When exactly is an NPI needed on the prescription???? According...
  5. I

    Mercer Médical Accelerated Track - barely info online

    Hello, I’ll be applying next year and I’m positive I want to do primary care, specifically family medicine in a rural setting. I was interested in the Mercer accelerated track but there’s not much info online regarding it. How’s the application process, how many students get into it, is it...
  6. T

    Georgia Residency Determination Question

    Hi all, Just a quick question about how you think my state residency would be classified by the likes of Mercer and MCG. I grew up in a small town in GA and left upon high school graduation to attend college in CT. Immediately after college graduation in 2019, I spent probably 6-7 months...
  7. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Brenau University OTD

    Hi! I was just making a thread to see if anyone also got accepted into Brenau’s OTD program for fall 2021? I would love to connect with others and I don’t really know how I would find people who were also considering/planning on attending! :)
  8. H

    Salary Question for Georgia

    Hi, I am moving from a saturated market in the northeast to a rural area of Georgia. I am wondering what to expect as far as pay for both retail and hospital? I currently work in another branch of pharmacy that won't be available in the small town but I have 3 years of retail experience...
  9. D

    Agnes Scott 2019 - 2020

    Hey wanted to start this thread for anyone applying for the Agnes Scott post-bacc program or who was accepted! (I was accepted but looking for some more details before deciding) Also any students who finished the program within the past five years, what were your impressions of the program?
  10. B

    Georgia license transfer

    Hello! I will be taking a pharmacist position in Georgia (moving from NY) and could use some pro tips for the MPJE and practical exam. How is the practical compounding exam? Should I sign up for the review course at Mercer? How is the Georgia MPJE? Any good resources I should focus on...
  11. K

    MD & DO PLEASE HELP! WAMC - uGPA: 3.2, MCAT: 493 twice, 360 hours of shadowing, + more????

    1. I just wanted to get a quick idea and list of opinions on WAMC at any DO or MD school in America with the following info. 2. Is it worth doing a one year Masters Program (I was thinking MSPCS at Mercer University) to improve my cGPA and show I can do better in higher level science courses...
  12. acc10

    Vet School Visits!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from current vet students. I'm a rising senior undergrad student applying this admissions cycle. I live in New York and am going on vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks (July 21-July 29). My dad and I are planning on driving back so we can stop and...
  13. D

    Should I change State Residency before applying????!

    Help!!! I am a legal resident of Georgia but I have been living in Pennsylvania for a year while obtaining my Master's degree. I would like to stay in the area and work as an EMT for my gap year, but that would require me to change my legal residency to Pennsylvania. I've been told to look at...
  14. F

    Georgia State MBMS

    Anyone have any information about this program? Know anyone who has completed the program or is currently enrolled? I already applied but I’m having to decide between this and a few other programs. Thank you in advance!
  15. E

    Georgia shadowing requirement?

    I'm going to be an in-state applicant in Georgia for this upcoming cycle and I've heard that they only seriously consider applications with at least 300 shadowing hours. Can anyone here confirm that?
  16. G

    Don't Know Where to Go

    Hey SDN, I'm a senior in high school who is residing in Georgia and is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. However, before I can begin this journey I must first choose a undergraduate school to attend and I'm conflicted on where to go on one hand I can attend Kennesaw State University...
  17. X

    MD Step 2 CK score and Anesthesia residency for 17-18

    Hello, I am a current MS4, planning on applying for anesthesia this cycle. I took my Step 1 score and got a 234 but havent taken Step 2. My dilemma is that I decided on Anesthesia pretty late (end of May) then did an elective in June (which I honored, got 3 associate level letters). However, I...
  18. P

    GA Wet Lab Errors and Omissions

    Hello, I had a question regarding the GA Wet Lab Errors and Omissions. I am having a hard time differentiating between option C (problem with label) and option E (inappropriate substitution). For example, if an MD wrote for hydroxyzine pamoate, but the pharmacist/technician accidentally choose...
  19. S

    Which one new grad Cvs or Wags

    Sooo is cvs really that bad? I was just given an offer that I have yet to officially accept (they gave me 14 days). The reason I haven't accepted it is bc I was waiting to hear back from Wags but they want be able to get back to me until next week (DM is on vacation) which puts me at Day 15+...
  20. S

    Pharmacist jobs in Georgia

    Are there any pharmacist jobs in GA? Ive been trying smaller cities outside of Atlanta like Dallas, Acworth, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Lithia Springs, Douglasville etc with no luck with any chain pharmacies. I worked for WAGS as an intern before and really loved it but had to relocated to GA...
  21. S GA

    Has anyone used for GA MPJE? Was it helpful? How is it set up is there information for you to read or is it just practice questions? Or if you used any other source feel free to share
  22. T

    Study buddy for January 2017 MCAT in GA

    Is anyone interested in studying for the MCAT together? I can meet in Atlanta and surrounding cities. I was planning on a summer test date.
  23. T

    Business Opportunity in Georgia

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to inform you that I know of a retiring dentist who is looking to sell his business and work part-time as an associate after the transition (location – Georgia). I’m not a dentist myself but I’m interesting in buying this business from the retiring dentist...
  24. L

    Admission Forum for Interested Pre-med & Pre-DO students (July 21, 2016)

    Hi everyone, SOWEGA-AHEC is hosting a free webinar for students interested in applying to medical school in the state of GA. All 5 medical schools (including the PCOM- DO) will be represented in this. Feel free to register for the webinar (see attached flyer for link) or if you're in the...
  25. F

    HOUSING NEEDED: SAVANNAH, GA near South University

    Hi SDN, I'm looking for a single bedroom to lease for at least one year in Savannah. I will be moving in June. (I just got accepted today!) The closer to South University, the better. A little about me: I'm an incoming pharmacy student, 24 years old, and from California. I come from a big-ish...
  26. M

    Studying for MCAT (Georgia)

    Hi All! I am preparing to study for the MCAT. I wanted to know if anyone couls guide me in what materials have you used that seemed to be most helpful. Also, I wanted to know if there is anyone in the ATL area that would like to form a study group for the MCAT. This will be my first time taking...
  27. M

    Studying for MCAT (Georgia)

    Hi All! I am preparing to study for the MCAT. I wanted to know if anyone couls guide me in what materials have you used that seemed to be most helpful. Also, I wanted to know if there is anyone in the ATL area that would like to form a study group for the MCAT. This will be my first time...
  28. Artzilla

    Pediatrician and Family Practice - H1B, low stress, rural, underserved, warm

    We work with a medical group near Savannah providing services to a small, mostly minority population. We seek: Newly graduating residents People needing visa sponsorship People looking for a lower stress environment with a relatively light load People seeking the warmer climate of southeast...
  29. R

    Can I become a Georgia resident?

    Hey everyone, I've been researching some medical schools that I could apply to and one that I'm very much interested in is Mercer University as well as UGA. I'm an undergrad at UGA so my question is, and I was hoping that someone on SDN has been in a similar situation, if I rent an off-campus...
  30. M

    Getting licensed in Georgia

    Hello everyone!! I'm graduating in 2016 from FL. I was wondering about the 500 intern hours requirement in the state of Georgia to get licensed. Are these hours have to be work related, not included in rotations? can volunteer hours count as well? Please advice, thank you :)
  31. elliejellybean

    How to make myself a stronger canidate for the next cycle?