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  1. R

    GPA Enhancement??

    Not sure if I should do a post bacc or masters or neither for MD graduated from ucla, Molecular Bio major, applying 2022-2023 cGPA: 3.55 sGPA: 3.37 (AMCAS) CA resident big upward trend from junior to senior year ECs: 1200 clinical (400 unpaid, 800 paid) 2000 clinical research 80 humanities...
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  3. chunkyfilms

    Should I take another semester of science courses and re-take 1yr of General Chemistry?

    I graduated from college almost 2 years ago but I've been doing a DIY post-bacc among working and other things. I'm currently taking 3 courses this semester but in 8-week sessions. Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 credits) just finished a few days ago and I got an A (4.0). Now I have Anatomy &...
  4. aalleyne13

    NYU Masters Program

    Looking for opinions on whether or not it's beneficial to apply for a MS in Chemistry or MA in IDS or Psychology (Clinical Neuroscience Track). I'm pre med with a solid passion in Neurobiology and Biopsychology and all that intertwines, which shows through my undergrad coursework. However, I...
  5. Lnotoran

    Post-back or 2nd bachelors?

    So I graduated from Arizona State with a 3.0 as a Business Communication major in 2013, having completed 6 internships and steadily raised my GPA. Worked at some top PR and marketing firms, encountered major health problems, which inspired me to change my career. Was accepted into Loyola’s...
  6. SprinkleSerotonin

    HELP with explaining and remedying a low GPA from EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES

    Hey guys, so I'm in a pickle in terms of how exactly to go about writing my personal statement to help ADCOMs understand the truly uniquely horrible experience I had in college that severely impaired my GPA. I'll try and keep this short with just enough details to paint yall a picture of my...
  7. U

    Chances with med school and what I can do for a better chance

    Hi, I want to know my chances of getting into medical school. Give me an honest answer I am currently a junior in college and my gpa as of right now is a 3.06. If I get A's from there on , the highest I could get is a 3.2 gpa For extracurricular activities / organization - I am an Air Force...
  8. D

    Resume Builder: Take a medical course this summer!

    Georgetown School of Medicine offers two summer medical courses (Gross Anatomy and Physiology). A transcript is given at the end of the course from the medical school, indicating you have successfully completed a medical school course. Grades are given as well. We take rising juniors and...
  9. E

    2 DIY Post-Bacc Options - Ideal One?

    Hello, everyone. I'm graduating this December with a STEM degree, and I'm looking to go into a DIY post-bacc to career change into a pre-med path. I have not taken any of the prereq classes while in school except Math, so I'd need to start on everything from scratch. I'm graduating with a low...
  10. W

    Weird spot

    Hey! I’m thinking about doing a postbac program/special masters program after graduation(spring 2019) but I’m having a hard time finding one I meet the qualifications for. So far, I’ve taken every requirement except physics. This puts me in a spot where I’ve taken too many classes for a career...
  11. C

    DIY Post Bacc - Advice Choosing Classes

    Hi everyone, I need help deciding classes for a DIY post bacc. A little bit of background: I graduated in May 2018 from a top 40 private university with a degree in economics. I was pre-med and have completed all pre-med requirements (general biology, general chemistry 1 & 2, physics 1 & 2...
  12. D

    Does an EMT class actually count as "science GPA" for AACOMAS?

    Was just looking at the website for AACOMAS and I see that they count EMT as a "science class". Can anyone verify this and your opinions on taking the class not only to get paid clinical experience in the future but also as a science GPA booster?
  13. T

    What alternative medical careers can I pursue if I give up?

    Hi folks, I'm currently in the middle of a Master's program. Trying to earn a new GPA. Currently I'm at a 3.53. I've gotten the hardest classes over with so hopefully it'll get up to 3.7 or so when done. My undergrad GPA was 3.0 which is humiliating. In undergrad I was severely sick for 3/4 of...
  14. P

    5th year undergrad or post-bacc?

    ~CA resident I'm currently a 4th year at a UC and I'm going to be graduating with a cGPA of 3.43 and sGPA of 3.49. I initially planned to do a post-bacc program after graduation to try and raise my GPA for med school applications. Do you think it would be a better idea/stand out more if instead...
  15. P

    Taking extra classes after graduation to boost sGPA?

    I am a fourth year undergraduate student at UC Irvine (CA resident). I'm applying to med schools in June 2018, and my sGPA will be 3.43 by the end of my last academic quarter. How would MD med schools view me taking extra courses at UCI over the summer AFTER I graduate to boost my undergraduate...
  16. R

    Retaking General Chemistry

    Hey everyone, I don't post often so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm a junior, pre-med at a Top 20 university (if that makes any difference). I took Chemistry my freshman year at an accelerated level and got destroyed in Chem 2 with a C-. I understand that means I'll have to...
  17. C

    MD Need advice

    Hello all. I am a senior biology major currently on track to graduate in the spring. right now I have a 3.0 sGPA and a 3.7 cGPA. I have only 1 summer of research experience due to working throughout my undergraduate career. I am considering applying to med school and I know how uncompetitive my...
  18. U

    Best Path Forward

    Hi, I am a 25 year old graduate of the Biomedical Engineering program at UT - Austin. Recently, I have reconsidered my career path and am trying to best determine may path forward as I begin the application process for med school. My uGPA is a 3.34 I have not taken the MCAT. While I have...
  19. P

    Best Post Bac Programs: GPA Boosters?

    Hey guys, I am wondering what the best post bac GPA boosting programs are. I attend a top 15 university and have a 3.43 GPA through 3 years (neuroscience major) so I am thinking a post bac is necessary I am from the New England area but I am open to all options! Thanks!