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  1. R

    Optometry Grade Repeat confusion

    Hey! I had a question that I tried looking for but can't seem to find an answer for it. So basically I got a D in physics in my local community college, then Transferred to a university and got a B+ in physics. The D is really hurting my GPA so I was thinking about retaking it at that community...
  2. E

    Question about retaken class in gpa

    hey guys! So I was looking at Puerto Rico's optometry school. For the course prerequisite gpa that they calculate, does anyone know if the take the higher grade or most recent grade in a retaken course? I retook Gen Chem and Physics, so I was trying to see what my prerequisite gpa would be for...
  3. J

    D in Biostatistics

    I jus finished my second year of college. I struggled heavily with my Biostatistics course and ultimately received a D. My school does not offer any grade replacements or retaking opportunities so unfortunately it is stuck on my transcript. My oGPA and sGPA is a 3.3. The class is no longer...
  4. E

    Low cGPA, low sGPA

    Hi! I have completed my bachelors of science in biology and didn't do so well the first time around (my sister passed away and I had a difficult time focusing on school, and my grades didn't end up being a priority - looking back, I probably should have taken some time off, but I didn't.)...
  5. E

    New AACOMAS Grade Replacement Policy

  6. G

    Graduating senior; where do I go from here?

    Good afternoon SDN! I am graduating this Spring semester and had a pretty clear cut plan for how I would be spending my gap year in order to make sure I was completely ready for medical school and the best applicant I could be. However, the AACOMAS policy change on grade replacement has forced...
  7. M

    DO Schools Grade Replacement GONE- Alternatives?

    Hello, I wanted to start a thread for any advice or alternatives for those of us who were depending on Grade Replacement GPA calculation offered by AACOMAS. Albeit, at this point I'm heart broken so I have no problem dropping my poor scores. Thanks for your honesty and advice! Age: 26...
  8. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Screw AACOMAS!

    BS grade change
  9. N

    No More Grade Replacement for DO schools? What Alternatives Does One Have?

    Basically, the year that I apply I receive these news. Great. However, I am trying to be realistic now and with no grade replacement I do not think I am competitive. What other realistic alternative pathways can I pursue towards the field of medicine in order to attend an MD/DO school. Are SMPs...
  10. J

    Grade Replacement (Retake Courses at Community College)

    Hello, I attend a CUNY school in New York and am interested in attending an osteopathic medical school in the future. I would like to retake my general chemistry and general biology course which I received a D+ in. However, CUNY policy states that students cannot retake classes that they...
  11. F

    Retaking Science Pre-requisites

    Hello, everyone! I have a question that may apply to a lot of applicants who are planning to apply next cycle or who may have not quite made the cut this cycle: What schools out there accept grade replacements for science pre-requisites? I know that a lot of PT programs only accept 1-3...
  12. SashKoshOMGosh

    Grade recalculation?

    If this has already been answered, I apologize, but I couldn't find the exact same question. I took some science classes at my first institution and didn't do so hot. I grew up and got my life together and then went back and did much better the second time around, but I retook the same classes...
  13. L

    Confused on what courses to take for post bacc

    Retaking course
  14. J

    School Won't Allow Me to Retake Science Courses

    I am a NYC resident interested in applying to D.O schools in the future, however, I need to improve my grades first. I wanted to retake my gen chem and gen bio course which I got a "D" in, but my school said that students are not allowed to retake classes that they already passed. I really want...
  15. J

    DO 2.68 cgpa 2.0 sgpa Retake classes or do an SMP program? DO school

    Hello, I am an undergrad with an overall gap of 2.68 and science gpa of 2.0. I have 37 credits worth of science pre req left (orgo, biochem, cell bio, micro, molecular bio, etc) to complete the bachelors in biology. In the beginning of college I struggled and did not seek help, and that is...
  16. M

    Retake credit hours don't match with original course?

    Hello! I originally took organic chem as a 3 credit hour class during undergrad, and in my DIY postbacc I am retaking it at another 4-year college. However, the course I was looking at is 4 credit hours, not 3. I've seen on other threads that "The credit hours of the new class must be equal to...
  17. M

    New AACOMAS policy for RE-applicants grade replacement

    If you applied through AACOMAS before and were verified, you can NOT take repeat course at a different undergraduate university for grade replacement. *EDIT* Just to clarify... called back 3x to confirm this (little overkill i know) but this only applies if you use the new carry over feature...
  18. M

    Grade replacement AFTER submission

    Currently taking a summer class at a different university from where I did my undergraduate degree. I want to submit my app in june but i have heard that if i submit before i get the grade for my summer class, AACOMAS will NOT do grade replacement since it is at a different school... confirm or...
  19. Y

    Osteopathic schools without grade replacement

    I was just wondering which schools do not use the aacomas gpa when retaking at another institution. I was under the impression that NYCOM just follows the aacomas GPA regardless of where the class was retaken. Now, I'm hearing otherwise and still getting mixed responses. Can anyone confirm? What...
  20. N1235

    Grade replacement

    Hello all! I have been reading and researching on which veterinary schools take the highest grade for repeated courses into consideration. However, I have been finding contradicting info! I have read that Kansas and Ohio are two colleges that do this. Is this true? Anyone know of any more? The...
  21. Y

    Grade Replacement Question

    So I received grade X in Bio Lab 2, which is 2 credits, and I want to replace it. I did not have to strictly take Bio Lecture 2(Organisms + Ecosystems) because the lab is a separate class in my university. Instead I took another Biology class(Cellular Physiology-lecture which was really not the...
  22. A

    Grade replacement

    Hi guys. I'd really appreciate some help/insight. Is the grade for each repeated course listed on the aacomas application? I know the newest grade is factored into your gpa but do schools see the individual grades for each time you took the grade? Im considering retaking two classes. Would these...
  23. M

    Do I retake this class? Physics grade B-

    Hi, In physics 1 I received a B-, and I anticipate a C in physics 2. I *want* to retake physics 1 to solidify my learning/understanding of the topic especially for the MCAT, but should I? Would look bad if I retook it at a CC and messed up and got a B+ or something? That's what I don't want to...
  24. M

    Is it okay to retake a lot of classes?

    So, I just freaked myself out by listing all the classes I would like to retake and it's, 10 classes (please no judgement). I know formal postbacc programs basically have students taking this many courses, but I'm just imagining how crazy my DO application is going to look with all...
  25. I

    Grade replacement after applying

    Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some input. I'm about to graduate, I have a 3.575 currently. I messed up my freshman year, and have been 4.0 student for a awhile, however great semesters barely change my GPA. Some early classes are bringing me down, I was doing some calculations and if...
  26. M

    Are community college courses for grade replacement really okay?

    Hello! So I admit I haven't read all of these forums so I'm so sorry if my question is repetitive. I used to be pre-dental, and in my pre-dental honor society every single dental school rep that visited told us that they look down on CC credits and will require a good explanation for science...
  27. M

    How to get research experience when I need post bacc?

    Hello! I am considering the DO career path. I was pre-dental for the longest time but after much shadowing decided that I couldn't focus on the mouth for my whole life/career and I wanted to be able to connect with patients much more. I'm still shadowing DO's, so nothing's set in stone. Anyway...
  28. C

    Grade Replacement Question

    Hello, I was wondering if I should retake Organic Chemistry II for a third time? I took Organic Chem I and II in a semester system school (University of California, Merced). The grades i received were: CHEM 008 Principles of Organic Chemistry (lab was part of the lecture)(O-Chem I) 4 units...