1. H

    WAMC Looking for help making a school list. URM cGPA 3.89/3.81sGPA 521 MCAT Great ECs/Research

  2. eagledoc2025

    Hopkins vs HMS (Pathways)

    Johns Hopkins Pros Really great hospital Top residency program for neurosurgery which I am interested in Strong research reputation Great place to learn more about health disparities in the community Great scholarship that is full tuition + ~6K extra/year Cons Heard Baltimore not the best...
  3. N

    General JHSPH or LSHTM?

    Hi All! I've applied to the full-time MSc in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM (not yet accepted) and the full-time MPH at JHSPH (I've been accepted). My goal is to work in international emergency nutrition - with a UN agency such as UNICEF, WFP, WHO or an INGO, USAID...etc. For JHSPH I...
  4. K

    Difficulty of JHU Post-Bacc program?

    I am currently a 4th year student at Boston University majoring in Math & CS with a 3.3 GPA, I have taken almost none of the required med-school pre-reqs. My question is in regards to the difficulty of the JHU Pre-Med program. From what I've read, the program is designed to weed out a lot of...
  5. A

    UF Pre Health Post Bac Class of 2020

    I've just been accepted at UF Pre-health Post Bac, but since the program is relatively new, I can't really gauge how competitive the program is. Does anyone know the median gpa for the accepted students or is willing to share their stats? +Anyone entering UF Pre-Health Post Bac class of 2020...
  6. A

    Post Bacc/SMP Programs

    Hi! I'm graduating this May and know that I probably need an academic record enhancer post bacc program to be considered a strong applicant. I'm currently looking at Georgetown SMP, BU MAMS, Brown ScM and Johns Hopkins Master of Health Science (all 1 year programs) and got accepted to Duke MBS...
  7. J

    Johns Hopkins Hospital Emergency Department Volunteer Program

    Has anyone heard about the Hopkins Hospital ED Volunteer Program? It's not anywhere specific on the hospital's website, but I heard from a friend that it's like a legendary program that gives them a bunch of training and they do a lot of things with the doctors and nurses and even round on...
  8. S

    To SMP or not to SMP? Which is the riskier path?

    I'm a non-Canadian international student looking to strengthen my science GPA before applying to US med schools. I plan to apply after completing a Master's program. I have 3.51 uGPA, 3.46 sGPA from a top ten university in the US (notorious for grade deflation), and 501 MCAT (retaking). I felt...
  9. S

    Correct me if I'm wrong: MDPhD research area and duration

    Hello everyone, I have one more year to graduate and I already did research for a whole summer. My question is aimed at the amount of research I have to do before applying to MDPhDs. From what I learned I will need AT LEAST 2 years of research, is that correct?? I also read that it is better to...
  10. B

    Johns Hopkins MSPH in Population, Family, Reproductive Health vs Emory University Global Health

    Hi all, I have gotten into two excellent programs and am stuck deciding. I am currently working as a consultant in Kenya and won't be able to attend accepted student day or visit campus before the fall. I got into Johns Hopkins MSPH in Population, Family and Reproductive Health and Emory...
  11. E

    Deferral procedure?

    I am considering a 1yr deferral of admission in order to save money for tuition. Has anyone done this with the Hopkins program, specifically? How much detail should I include in my request? It stipulates that I have to pay the deposit and accept the offer of admission, but in the rare case I...
  12. E

    Hopkins MPH Vs. Harvard Job (+Harvard MPH)

    Hi all! I'm at a very strange and promising crossroads and would love to get some feedback, because I'm truly at a loss for what direction to take. I just got accepted to the Hopkins MPH Full-time program for the upcoming year, which I honestly thought I had no shot at. While waiting for that...
  13. M

    Johns Hopkins vs. UVA Post Bacc.

  14. S

    HELP: Should I transfer? What should I do...

    I'm currently a freshman just about to finish my first semester at a medium-large state school. I'm a psych major and on the pre-med track, but the school I'm at is considered to some as a "safety" school and a "party school" even though it isn't a community college. I'm having an internal...
  15. B

    JHU away consult service

    Hello, I am doing an away elective at Hopkins this summer and it looks like it's with the consult service. Has anyone done this away before and could comment on what to expect in terms of student role? Thanks in advance!
  16. bcmak

    JHU Epidemiology MHS/Ph.D application Q

    Hello all! I was hoping to get some light shed on a few questions I had about JHU's MHS and Ph.D program in Epi. I can't seem to find my answers in the handbook they have online. If I'm admitted to the MHS program, can I internally apply for the Ph.D program? If I'm admitted into the Ph.D...
  17. NorthBySouth

    Scripps Post-bac Versus Johns Hopkins University Post-bac *Career Changer* Program

  18. mpEHch

    MPH Johns Hopkins MPH 2017

    Since acceptances have started to roll in for 2017 I figured it would be nice to have a place for applicants and admitted students to discuss any questions we may have.
  19. F

    MPH Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public MHS 2016

    This goes out to anyone who has enrolled before: What do I get for my $600 deposit? A sweater, t-shirt, hat? I'm just curious because I like free stuff (if you ignore the $600...).
  20. K

    Clinical & Volunteer Experience for Postbac

    Hi! I am from the Philippines and earned my bachelor's degree from one of our top local universities. I am interested in applying for premed postbac for fall 2017 and would like to start working on the required experiences asap. I was just wondering do any of you know what is the recommended...
  21. K

    Recommended Clinical & Volunteer Experience for Premed Postbac

    Hi! I am from the Philippines and earned my bachelor's degree from one of our top local universities. I am interested in applying for premed postbac for fall 2017 and would like to start working on the required experiences asap. I was just wondering do any of you know what is the recommended...
  22. L

    Epidemiology MPH/MSPH from JHU vs U Mich vs Emory?

    Hi all! I'm having trouble deciding between the global epidemiology MPH programs at U Michigan (MPH global health epi), Emory (MSPH GLEPI), and JHU (MSPH GDEC) - I have some questions for current and former students from any of these programs/schools (or anyone else who can answer), any insight...
  23. drwestlol

    How difficult is linkage at top post-bacc programs (Bryn Mawr, JHU, Goucher)?

    I'm just wondering, if someone was dead set on wanting to do linkage after getting accepted to one of these top post-bacc programs, what is the likeliness that this will be accomplished?