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  1. Colin Cregan

    Mail order pharmacy or LTC

    Hi everyone I am a second year pharmacy student at Temple University. I am wondering if anyone has tips on how I can secure a mail order pharmacy or long term care pharmacy position as a pharmacist after I graduate. Thank you! accidentally double posted sorry
  2. Colin Cregan

    Mail order pharmacy

    Hi everyone I am a year two pharmacy student at Temple University. I want to ask the community for any advice on how to secure a job in mail order pharmacy or Long Term Care? I am very interested in these two career fields. Thank you!
  3. neurotic_cow

    What is an appropriate neuropsychology job search timeline?

    Hi all! I'll be finished with postdoc in August and was wondering when I can realistically start applying for jobs? Is it too early to start looking and apply to some now? What's a typical timeline for this stuff? I appreciate any guidance/advice!
  4. LifeTakesGuts

    Committing to Job Early in Fellowship

    PGY-4 GI fellow. Wondering what your thoughts are on commiting to a practice early in fellowship with stipend paid during training. I know some rural practices do this for applicants who they believe may be willing to relocate to a less than desired location for whatever reasons. Has anyone...
  5. W

    what job search firms/companies have you used after finishing residency to land a job? (hospitalist in my case)

    for those that used a recruitment firm or job search consultant, would you be able to share which one you went with and why?
  6. U

    How to find per diem or flexible jobs?

    I'm interested in working one or two weekend psychiatry shift per month in or near Seattle, WA. I'd be happy to do inpatient, ER, consults, or telepsychiatry. For instance, a friend of mine works for Kaiser in San Francisco and she is part of a doctor pool. She is able to sign up for any number...
  7. P

    California pay rates

    Hi all, What is the current typical hourly compensation for board certified EM docs (with experience) in the Inland Empire area, and in the greater LA area? Which area is the highest paying in California? Also, any concerns with some of the big groups/CMGs like EMA, Vituity, VEP, etc? Any...
  8. D

    Storytelling: Resumes and Cover Letters

    Want to land that interview? Tell a cohesive and compelling story. Storytelling: Resumes and Cover Letters
  9. L

    Other CV and Cover letter help for first job

    Dear all, Is there a different forum I should post this question? I just wrote my first Cover letter for an internist job position. Mine is very personal. Almost like a story. All the examples in internet are very professional and only talks about their abilities and skills. What is ideal...
  10. C

    Recruiting Resources

    Besides Gaswork, does anybody know of a good resource for recruiting talent? My group has been disappointed with the results we get from Gaswork. We have a stable physician only group with an exclusive contract with a mid-sized but growing hospital, we are offering a partnership without buyin...
  11. dillonkor

    Green card + job after residency

    Dear Colleagues, I am a foreign national, who is an AMG on an H1b visa with a couple years left in my average anesthesia residency program in the northeast. My goal is to focus more on my family after the training, so I would like to explore my options to get a job and obtain the green card...
  12. Green Man

    Starting salary and RVU expectation in the first job

    Hi everyone, I'm a US citizen, finishing PCCM fellowship next year. Recently, I started looking for mixed pul/CC private practice jobs in small cities in the West Coast. Could anyone share a general idea of compensation to RVU ratio and expected RVUs in clinic or ICU settings (as a new...
  13. A

    Search terms for jobs to accrue hours for licensure

    I am completing my doctoral internship at the end of next month. I have some applications out and a few interviews scheduled for post-doctoral positions, but want to make sure I am using the correct search terms to find a position. I have ample experience across the lifespan as well as...
  14. hellovetschool26

    Job search in different area than you are located

    Hi guys, I am going to veterinary school in an area that I do not plan on working around and constantly get emails through groups/professors that have had practices in surrounding states contact them when they are looking to hire a new veterinary associate. Now, these are really great...
  15. CompHealth

    Applying for a Medical License

    Attaining your first medical license can be a daunting task. If you start the process with a clear understanding of what documents you must include, the process can be much easier. Use the following list to determine what documents you will need to procure your medical license. Learn more at...
  16. truerx

    Learn About 22 Types Of pharmacy Jobs And Job Openings

    Pharmacy is an evolving profession. Over the years pharmacists have found new ways to leverage their status as experts in medication therapy to create new pharmacy careers that have significantly improved patient care and advanced the pharmacy profession. Learn about 22 jobs and careers for...
  17. A

    Jobs that can give me clinical hours

    I am a pre med student and I am in need of money. I would like a job that can give me clinical hours as well and I was just wondering what options I have. I have looked around and all I can find is EMT, scribe or tech. Are these the only positions that can give me clinical hours?
  18. G

    Job searching

    Hi everyone. I'm starting to look for jobs, and would like some opinions from people about job quality vs. commute time. I'm finding a lot of listings that I'm interested in at clinics an hour away from me or more (moving isn't an option for me). How long are most people's commutes? I don't...