1. S

    mcat study partner DMV area ?

    Hi, I'm taking the MCAT in April 2017. I live in the DMV area (Silver Spring, MD). I have taken the MCAT before. Anyone interested in studying together ?
  2. E

    Maryland or NYU ?

    Hey y'all - is anyone else in this predictiment? I just want to know other people's thoughts. I was accepted to both programs and I'm not instate for Maryland. Just looking for opinions from students or people who are also looking into both of these programs! Everyone always talks money about...

    University of Maryland (In-State) vs UPenn (Dean's Scholarship)

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on SDN and I need help! There are plenty of posts out there like this one but none that are recent. Upon hearing back from schools yesterday morning, I'm left with an extremely tough choice. I am a Maryland resident and was lucky enough to receive acceptances...
  4. O

    Out of State Friendly schools?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone had a list or know if i could find a list of out of state friendly schools? Im specifically looking for the schools in New York, University of Maryland, Ohio state and case western, he Illinois schools, Pennsylvania schools, and Indiana schools? If you know any it...
  5. T

    PharmD Candidate, Class of 2017 in MD, interview offers.

    Hi all PharmD candidates, class of 2017. I know this time of the year P4s are going to have interviews with different companies for pharmacist positions. I am particularly interested in retail/grocery pharmacies in MAryland. My question is that do you or someone you know have received any...
  6. F

    Non-interventional Pain Physician, DC area

    A large, well-established hospital-based group looking for a non-interventional pain physician to be a crucial part of a comprehensive pain program. Significant resources already in place: interventional pain docs, pain pharmacists, addiction medicine, PM&R, alternative medicine, pain case...
  7. C

    Which of these schools are PBL-oriented?

    In a few years I plan on applying to these schools: UCLA, UCSF, NYU, UPenn, Columbia, USC, Boston University, Harvard, University of Maryland, University of Illinois, University of North Carolina. Looking at the USC threads I can infer that it's heavily based around PBL. Do you guys know if the...
  8. E

    Supplemental Picture

    So my picture on the Maryland supplemental application is not blurry on my computer but when I open it on the website it is blurry. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. J

    Maryland Application Bug?

    So, is anyone else having this problem? When I try to submit my application for University of Maryland School of Dentistry, I get to a page that says 'The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator."
  10. R

    just passed Maryland MPJE

    Took the MD MPJE 3/16, got my results 3/21. Passed with a 90. I studied using Reiss Guide to Federal Pharmacy and the MPHA pharmacy law book. I also bought the 150 Maryland practice questions along with 300 federal questions. I read Federal twice and MPHA book twice. I read...
  11. TampaDoc81

    Physician - Internal Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, or Nephrology

    Job Description: Are you a passionate physician with an Internal Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, or Nephrology background? Regional Medical Center in Western Maryland looking for a couple of Physicians. Excellent environment offering a unique work/ life experience. Our ideal candidate...
  12. H

    UCLA vs Maryland

    Okay so both schools are out of state for me as I am a Florida resident, however, I would like to see what everyone has to say about the two schools. Things already obvious to me are that UCLA is in a better city, they conduct great research, and in my opinion they're well rounded to satisfy...
  13. I

    My Stats / DAT / Chance to Dental School

    Hey so I just wrote the DAT and I wanted to get you guys opinion on my application and where I stand on my chances on getting getting into dental school. DAT: 19AA, 18TS, 20GC, 20OG, 17BIO, 19RC, 18QR, 19PAT. GPA: 3.65 (Biomedical Engineering) Science GPA: 3.4 Shadowing: 200+ Volunteering...
  14. Judson

    MCAT Study Group - Washington D.C./NOVA/MD area

    I am scheduled to take the April 1st MCAT and am looking to start a weekend MCAT Study Group. Currently, I plan to study Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. I will be studying on evenings and Sundays closer to April 1st. I live in Leesburg, VA and can host groups of up to 8 or so at my...
  15. terpdaderp

    Harvard vs. Maryland...Which to Choose?

    First post here on SDN, here goes nothing! So I got into a number of schools, and have narrowed it down to Harvard or Maryland (my in-state school). Harvard will cost me $71k a year (without room/board) and Maryland will cost me $45k a year (without room/board). I do like the stress-free...