1. C

    Pre-dent master's program suggestions?

    I am writing this thread looking for pre-dental master's programs to apply to. I'm looking for a degree-giving program that is tailored towards someone who has taken all the pre-reqs for dental school. I would prefer to stay in the midwest (I'm from Illinois) if possible but please post...
  2. P


  3. E

    Any online post bachelors / masters program for dental ??

    Wondering if there is any post bachelors / masters programs for dental students preferably post bach? I recently took the DAT and got a 19 AA / 19 TS, and previously had a 3.37 oGPA for my bachelors in biology. It seems like i might have trouble getting into dental school so i wanted to see...
  4. F4rbod

    Phd vs Masters in health economics after MD/MPH

    Hello dear friends, I'm a 5th year MD/MPH student in Iran (MD is a 7-year undergrad degree here so I will finish after 2 years). also FYI we do MPH while doing MD and this doesn't extend the duration of the MD. I have a strong interest in the topics of health economics and health-care management...
  5. K

    MD & DO PLEASE HELP! WAMC - uGPA: 3.2, MCAT: 493 twice, 360 hours of shadowing, + more????

    1. I just wanted to get a quick idea and list of opinions on WAMC at any DO or MD school in America with the following info. 2. Is it worth doing a one year Masters Program (I was thinking MSPCS at Mercer University) to improve my cGPA and show I can do better in higher level science courses...
  6. 8

    Is it wise to apply and defer this cycle?

    Hi All, I'm in the middle of writing MSTP apps right now (have requested all letters of rec and gotten draft of personal statement done), but I'm wondering what you guys think about deferral regarding this situation... Essentially, I am thinking of applying and possibly deferring a year to get...
  7. P

    Looking for any masters/post-bacc advice!

    So I've basically been pre dental my whole life, and after some soul searching I realized that just isn't what I want to spend the rest of my life doing and have switched to pre med. I was wondering about any successful programs you guys know of that would help me out. Currently looking at...
  8. G

    Graduate School GRE

    I recently took the GRE and scored 156Q and 156V. The graduate school masters program that I intend to apply to (University of Michigan), states that the minimum competitive GRE score is 160 Quantitative and 155 Verbal. Should I consider retaking the test, or apply with the score I currently...
  9. G

    Low undergraduate GPA, currently in a Master's program. Should I also do a post-bacc program?

    So during my undergraduate career my family had a lot of financial hardships and I had to work. This unfortunate circumstance took an emotional toll on me and it made an impact on my grades. I ended up graduating with an overall 2.86 gpa and around a 2.6 science gpa. I majored in biology and...
  10. B

    UVM M.S. Medical Science

    I'm curious about the University of Vermont's Master of Medical Science degree. Has anyone attended that can comment on it? It seems fairly new.
  11. D

    The Usual Post-Bacc vs. Masters.

    Hello, Im stuck. I have a feeling that im not going to get into dental school so why try. oGPA: 2.9 sGPA: 2.5 The deal is, i try for a post-bacc or a Master program. Ive heard that in my case i would have to do a master because a pos-bacc would not make much of a difference. Also if i do...
  12. M

    Best smp !!?

    Hello, I graduated last year with a cgpa:3.01. My science gpa is around 2.77 and I'm predental. My DAT score is 19. My application as a whole is pretty good as I have work experience and volounteer work. My question is what are my chances in getting accepted to a one year special masters...
  13. pavingtheroadtoDO


    I will be graduating in approx a year and a half. My sGPA will be around 3.0-3.2 when i geaduate. Im thinking about applying to Lund University in sweden and doing thwir molecular and medical biology masters program. Im interested in this because I have always wanted to study abroad ans travel...
  14. F

    MS Columbia (Sociomedical Sciences) Public Health

    Has anyone been accepted into the MS degree (in History and Ethics) in the Sociomedical Department at Columbia, and would like to share their experiences with the degree? Does anyone know how difficult it is to get in? Is it more/less difficult than getting into the MPH at Columbia?
  15. I

    NSU Master of Biomedical Sciences 2017

    Hey everyone. I haven't seen a thread for this years application, so I thought to make one. Feel free to post comments/questions/inputs if you are applying to the 2017 cycle. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL! Completed: 1/10/17
  16. strivingpanda

    I can't get in now. But what should I do?

    Im am currently am a junior in college and I have had MANY bad grades in my science classes. I recently transferred to a different school and thought I would be better since I have learned from my mistakes of studying in the past. However, I just looked at my microbiology grade and got another...
  17. DRHRT

    DUKE MBS 2017-2018

    Hi Guys! Any reviews on DUKE MBS program? Success Rate? Housing? Anything you guys would like to ask or share about this program this is the place.....:)
  18. C

    MS in Kinesiology or MPH before med school?

    I am a junior majoring in Economics right now. I plan to do med schools, but besides all med school pre-req, I don't know anything deeper about health science. I did shadowings, volunteering and also engage in research at my school yet I still feel like unsecured to apply for med school in the...
  19. T

    Master's before Med school and residencies

    Hi everyone! (sorry if this isn't the correct thread to post this in, I'm new.) I have a question about the benefit of having a master's in a biomedical science when applying to residency. I read somewhere that the majority of people who are successful applicants to certain residency programs...
  20. U

    competitiveness of entry level MSN california

    Hi, I was wondering what's a competitive gpa for entry-level msn programs in California. I think that my cumulative gpa will be around a 3.3 by the time I am done with my bachelors degree. Also, do you guys have any recommendations/advice for what I should do to become a more competitive applicant?
  21. L

    Non-traditional grad student..School fail to give me advice.

    I have always want to be a dentist since high school. So I went to college, intending to major in Biology. I wanted to graduate in 4 years so I instead, minor in Biology and major in general studies. This I think was a mistake. I graduated undergrad in 2013. My overall GPA was a mere 3.0 and I...
  22. J

    Master of Medical Science in Immunology at Harvard University

    Hello all, This is my first SDN post (or at least my first in a long while), so I apologize if this has already been posted elsewhere and I did not see. I'm a senior neuroscience major at a state school with below average stats (~3.45 sGPA, 507 MCAT). I have decided to take a gap year in...