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  2. H

    Non -US IMG Here, when to take USMLE exams?

    Hi there, I am currently a first year medical student in China leading up to an MBBS(in english taught curriculum) degree. (To be clear, I am an Indian National) I want to do my residency in the US. Though I am an non-US IMG, I will become a permanent resident soon. My course duration is 6 years...
  3. I

    Opportunities for an MBBS graduate in EU countries

    Hi. I am currently in my 6th year or Intern Year of MBBS in Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. What postgraduate degree can I do in a country like Belgium so I can acquire a specialty or a license to practice? Will they accept my MBBS degree? Can I do my Masters there? What are the...
  4. S

    MPH Please help me choose.

    Hi. I am a medical doctor from india with GPA of 3.5, Toefl 92. I am applying for the spring 2019. I have selected some schools for applying can anyone please let me know which among these are good ones( i am hoping to get into atleast 3-4 of them owing to my public health work and...
  5. C

    Grad entry to UK MBBS

  6. Illyrian313

    Swedish Covenant Hospital - Chicago rotations

    I was accepted into a international MBBS program that has rotations at The Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago. I don't really know much about the quality of the hospital in terms clinical exposure to different specialties. My question is does anyone have any useful advice or experience about...
  7. K


    I am just about to graduate high school and want to go for a medical degree. Im a south korean national but am currently studying A-Levels in Pakistan, i have 4As in my AS LEVEL. I really want to go abroad for my medical studies, UK doesnt seem to be a good option because i lack in finance and i...
  8. Hindustani Doctor

    [HELP] Want to do post-graduation in a Nordic country

    Hello! I am an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) doctor from India who wants to do post-graduation from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden. I completed my MBBS this year with the overall first division. I have only Indian citizenship. Please tell me what's the whole...
  9. E

    Washington University of Barbados School of Medicine - review

    Looks like friend of us reached to some agency in India and they were ready to get an admission into Washington University of Barbados School of Medicine. First of all, going through agencies is not a good idea. So thought of researching about that university. It says started only last year...
  10. Irishlady

    UK citizens who studied medicine outside the EU who are not exempt from the PLAB

    Greetings everyone, This thread is for all those unfortunate UK citizens who studied outside of the UK and EU in order to complete their medical degree. I am sure I am not the only one who was horrified to learn that any UK citizen that studied outside of the EU has to complete the PLAB and...
  11. Twinkle@123

    Career in research field for Medical Students

    Hello, I am a student of medical perusing MBBS in Biotechnology. I want to go in the research field and therefor preparing for the CSIR NET Exam in Biotechnology. What are the career benefits after clearing CSIR NET Exam and Can I go out of India for my research work. Which is the Indian best...
  12. C

    Zhejiang University MBBS vs. staying in USA

  13. S

    Smart to do MHA in Canada after completing MBBS from Bangladesh?

    As the title would suggest, I have completed my MBBS degree from Bangladesh and will be starting my one year obligatory internship soon. I was using my free time to look up what I could possibly study in the future and happened to come across MHA. I have heard about MPH a lot, and it's...
  14. H

    NRI Thinking about going to India for MBBS in Sri Ramachandra Medical College

    Hello all, Just wanted to say that I'm new to these forums and excuse me if this is in the wrong section (I don't believe so..?). Alright, lets get started. I'm a student in the United States as a senior (12th grade, high school). I'm currently taking the International Baccalaureate (IB)...
  15. rockatansky96

    Australian Honours Student looking to study Medicine in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, my name is Daniel and I am looking to study Medicine at one of the two Hong Kong universities offering the MBBS course. I am completing my Honours in Biomedical Science in 2017 so I'll be almost done. I understand that the Chinese University of Hong Kong is a little less tolerant in...
  16. 2

    What Are The Requirements For A License To Practice In UK/Thailand?

    I'm still in high school (first year of IBDP) and I'm interested in becoming a doctor. For university, I'd like to go to the UK (if I can make it), and I'm wondering what comes after MBBS/BSc? At what point do you get a license to practice (UK)? What about Thailand? If I don't take up...
  17. S

    Canadian Fourth Year MBBS student in Pakistan - please help

    I am a Pakistani-born Canadian Citizen who moved back to Pakistan (after high-school in Canada) for MBBS because its cheaper and shorter and also because my parents wanted me to become a doctor and medicine in Pakistan is easier to get into. Now, I'm currently in my fourth year of medicine and...
  18. D

    Help Please !!

    I am a freshly graduated doctor in Jordan and i want your point of view on my situation. My goal is to practice ophthalmology. I have 2 choices, one is to stay in Jordan and do a 4-year residency program that is without salary. The residency program is at an army hospital with more than a 100...
  19. Ribbo

    Need advice for final year

    Hey docs , can anyone give me advice on how you study effectively for final year majors ? I always make notes on my own and I tried making notes for these and it takes alot of time and there's so much to study, I felt like i was lagging behind.. I thought maybe I should stick to just studying...
  20. Chanze3

    US/UK(/Australia) Pathways to Medicine and High School Courses

    Hey everyone, The very first thing I want to do is to sincerely apologize for the text wall... But I would really appreciate it if you would read everything I wrote. With all due respect, I know that your time is important. But if you could, please take the time to read everything. If you...
  21. jk222

    Help!Urgent! Need to know Procedure to get Medical certificate from rguhs!

    Hey everyone, I finished my MBBS degree from Kolar (SDUMC) in 2011, I transferred back to the states for my internship (im a US citizen). After 3 years MCI FINALLY gave me NOC for my transfer. Rguhs wouldn't give me my degree without that NOC. Now I need to go apply for my MBBS degree...