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  1. R

    School suggestions? cGPA : 3.96, sGPA : 3.95, MCAT : estimated 512-515

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some feedback on what schools to add, remove, or swap! -Connecticut state resident, non-Ivy undergrad, no gap years, white female -cGPA : 3.96, BCPM GPA : 3.95 (both AMCAS verified) -MCAT score will be released on 7/19, but based on practice exams, estimated...
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    Reapplication Thoughts

  3. turtles43

    Challenge Secondary...Appropriate?

  4. Ayy_MadScientist

    MD & DO My chances for this year? or Should I retake MCAT?

  5. J

    What md schools should I apply to?

    Already applying to many do schools. I am a borderline applicant with 508 mcat spring 2016, 3.5 cumulative gpa univ of virginia(science gpa is higher), medical experience in 2 labs, medical sales, hospice administration.
  6. T

    MD Need help w/ realistic school list (517 MCAT, 3.83 cGPA) + Avg EC's

    1) MCAT 517 - 96th Percentile (129 PS / 130 CARS / 130 BS / 128 Psych) 2) 3.83 cGPA - 3.80 sGPA 3) Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill 4) NC Resident 5) Asian EC's: A) Undergraduate Clinical Internship x 2 - NYU ED x 450 Hrs - 3rd World Country Rural ED x 150 Hrs B) Clinical Volunteering - ED x 110...
  7. P

    Looking for advice

  8. S

    Help with List and Advice

    Hey guys, I have submitted my AMCAS application 2 hours after it opened and received verification for it a few days ago. I have been beginning to feel a little skeptical about my chances for an MD school because of the GPA they have calculated for me upon verification. BPCM 3.15, cGPA: 3.55...
  9. Y

    Chances of acceptance at Texas school?

    Wondering what my chances would be to get into any of the Texas Medical Schools? I will not be applying until next round, however I currently have a 3.93 gpa (but I would also like to know my chances if my gpa dropped to say a 3.75), and a 4.0 science gpa. I have recived a 515 on the new MCAT. I...
  10. A

    please advise. MCAT 506, GPA 3.588

    University of Maryland School of Medicine Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Howard University Meharry Medical College Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine Morehouse School of Medicine Central Michigan University College of Medicine Eastern...
  11. U

    MD 518, 3.91 GPA, 3.87 science GPA

  12. N

    Disadvantaged Status ?

    I'm not sure if I qualify as a disadvantaged student. I am an immigrant, from a small island in South Asia. I came to the US in 2009 as an 18 year old when my whole family received permanent residency status through diversity visa lottery program. I had to go back in a couple of months to finish...
  13. M

    MD & DO Is this realistic...

    Hey all, Applying to MD programs (possibly DO programs) this cycle. Background...1st time applicant, NH resident...mehhh undergrad experience...3.57 cGPA/3.52 sGPA (3 W's)... worked as an EMT for my university, worked part time at a restaurant (to pay for some of my college expenses), a little...
  14. N

    Tufts MBS or NYIT-Arkansas new DO school

    I am currently on the waitlist for NYIT-Arkansas Campus and have been accepted to Tufts MBS Program. It is a completely NEW DO school. It would be the first class ever. So there are no stats on anything. Tufts is a well known SMP program. NYIT- Arkansas: Pro: US DO school Cons: In Arkansas...