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  1. P

    High SGPA with Bad Pre-Req Grades?

    If I have mediocre (3.0-3.3) grades for all or most of my pre-reqs, but have an overall good SGPA (3.6-3.7) due to being a science major and thus having that many more BCPM courses to make up for my poor pre-reqs... how does that look to adcoms? The reason I am asking is, couldn't a science...
  2. OnedayIlloperate

    MD & DO Basic comparison documents

    I will be doing the MD one next, please private message me with source to correct something. The cost to apply to every DO School is $3,270. DO Schools: Post-Bacc/Premed programs: The cost to apply to every DPM School is $515 Podiatry Schools: Caribbean Schools:
  3. L

    New to field, how many science prerequisites can I realistically take each semester?

    Hello, I will be a 2017 Spring Graduate with a B.A. in Music and Minor in Psychology. I have a 3.6 GPA, a full tuition ride through undergraduate, good leadership roles, plenty of general volunteer hours and tons extracurricular activities, but no science prerequisites. I have read the general...
  4. N

    Texas Non-Trad/Career Change (MD)

    Hi All, I am looking for some guidance in deciding on a path towards medical school (pref. MD). A brief background: Dallas, TX resident Currently working in the IT industry B.S. Management Information Systems - Penn State University (2015) cGPA: 3.0 sGPA: 1.0 (Took a semester away from Penn...
  5. P

    MD Canadian Applicant Need help with school list

    Hi all, I really need help generating a school list for American Universities. I am a Canadian citizen planning on applying to the states for the 2017/2018 cycle My GPA is 3.98 My MCAT is 516 130/126/129/131 (relatively low MCAT for Canadian applicant... should I rewrite?) My ECs are as...
  6. D

    Retake MCAT

    Hey guys, I recently took the MCAT and got a 505 which I know is below the average but with a 4.0 GPA do you think I have a shot at MD schools in Texas? Or would I be better off retaking the exam?
  7. F

    School List help please

  8. MedicalMermaid

    What do I do now?

    Hello everyone, I posted here a couple of months ago asking about how to increase competitiveness. I finally received my MCAT score and need your advice again. Here are my stats before I go on: 3.66 cGPA 3.61 sGPA (I had put 3.59 before, but I found a mistake in my calculations) (upward trend...
  9. D

    Becoming a MD/Ph.D. student - from the perspective of a High School Student

    Hello, I know there are many threads on this topic, but I wanted to create a new one geared towards High School students who may be interested in the MD/Ph.D. track. I am currently a High School Senior and I always wanted to become a research physician since the...
  10. M

    MCAT DOs and DONTS

    Hello everyone, this is my first forum, and after years of looking at everyone else's post that weren't exactly answering my question,... I decided to ask my own finally. 1.) I am a Junior in Biology minor Nutrition Pre- professional. I am currently taking the MCAT in June on the 29th and have...
  11. F

    Accepted to expensive MD school vs much cheaper DO school

    Hey everyone, I have received an acceptance to an out-of-state school (East Tennessee State) and also to an in-state osteopathic medical school (Campbell). I felt like I could thrive in either schools, but the biggest problem is that ETSU has an out of state tuition around 60k, whereas...
  12. S

    MD WAMC (520, 3.99, School List Provided)

  13. F

    MD Investment Banker Looking for Help

    Hello friends! I'm new here, and I've never been the type of person to post on forums, but I genuinely feel very lost right now and would appreciate any input from folks who are pre-med / have gone through the med school application process. My story in short: I'm Canadian and I went to an Ivy...
  14. L

    what are my chances coming from a small liberal arts college??

    I was referred to this source by a friend and thus I am taking the plunge, because at this moment I am in desperate need of advice before I pull my own hair out. I am a rising senior at a small liberal arts college who will graduate in December of 2017. It is my lifelong dream to be a practicing...
  15. F

    No Grade Replacement, what to do? Please help :)

  16. N

    No MD interviews--tips for reapplying

    I applied quite late in the cycle, for most schools I was complete by mid-late September because I retook my MCAT in July and did my secondaries after that due to studying for finals and the MCAT earlier on in the summer. I have yet to hear back from several schools, but I am not too hopeful. I...
  17. FractalLotus

    Does taking a gap year to work (not med related) hurt your chances when reapplying to an MD program?

    Title says it all.
  18. W

    I'm a Canadian that wants to study in the US

    Hi there, I'm from Canada and I'll be finishing my senior year of HS fairly soon. I was thinking of finishing my undergrad here, in Canada, and then going to a US medical school because I've heard Canadian medical schools are ultra competitive and getting in is very hard (for example, applying...
  19. karikari

    MD & DO Chances for MD and DO? (open to both)

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know a little bit about my position and what schools I should be looking at! I am open to both MD and DO! Applying next cycle and took the most recent MCAT date in September. With the grades I'm looking at this semester, here are my stats: MCAT 509 (but low CARS...
  20. go2viveksingh

    MD & DO My chances as a non- traditional student

  21. M

    3.2 GPA 521 MCAT

    Hello! I have quite a story haha I completed my associates degree with my high school diploma and my grades were not too great, I had multiple B's and C's and failed 2 classes (General Chem 2 and College Algebra) I continued onto university and I failed General Chem 2 again and Physics 1 I...
  22. M

    Online Science classes -DO & MD

    Hello ! I've been on my journey to med school for quite some time; and fortunately, medical schools in my area accept online pre-req. my heart is Stanford, however, I'm open to which medical school accepts me and have broaden my horizons to going after DO and not just MD. Does anyone know of any...
  23. D

    3.9 cGPA, low MCAT, non-traditional - Chances?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first time posting on here, so please bear with me. I recently graduated (June 2016) from a 5-year BSc program that includes co-op (i.e. every year after first year we work at places related to our field for 4-8 months; I worked as a clinical research assistant at 3...
  24. Dr. Penguin

    Misdemeanor dismissed not dropped

    In 2011, as a 19 year old, I received an MIP misdemeanor. I successfully completed the pretrial diversion course which, per the court website in my county states... "The participants benefits by having the charges against him dismissed and his record expunged after successful completion of the...
  25. R

    MD 3.95 cGPA, 4.0 sGPA, 517 MCAT. Chances, 2018 cycle. Weak EC?

  26. D

    Hope for Med School

  27. bschaefer97

    MD Worried about grades..

    Hello all, I just got a test grade back in my Genetics class that means I'll likely end up with a B, B+ or A- in the class overall, and I was just wondering how everything shaped up so far. This has likely been covered in a different thread, if so, just LMK and I will check it out. Just a bit...
  28. C

    Are there any PhD programs that let you eventually apply to MD programs?

    I know that in some medical schools, MD programs let you apply in your first year of medical school to try to get into the dual MD/PhD program. One of my friends told me her cousin was going into a biomedical science program that allowed her to apply for medical school in the second year to...
  29. Azide047

    MD What are my chances at MD?

    OK guys. I just applied to dental schools. BUT I am just curious and want to know what kind of chances I would have at medical school if I did just as well on the MCAT, got new (possibly better) LORs, and rewrote my personal statement. Take where I am at now and push it to the 2018 AMCAS...
  30. turtles43


    Hey everyone! I have been reading through some threads regarding update letters, and I was wondering if it is looked down on to not send any updates? I honestly don't have updates for schools. I've been working full-time, tutoring, volunteering, and travelling, but all of that was already noted...
  31. S

    Current nursing student now realizing M.D. is the right path, where to go from here?

    I am currently in an associate degree nursing program at my local CC, where I have a 3.5 GPA. Long story short, I messed up my first semester (got into a bad car accident and stop going to classes because I was scared to drive) and had a 1.8 GPA, which still is bringing down my GPA that without...
  32. B

    MD 514 MCAT, 3.81cGPA, 3.65sciGPA

    Here's some basic info: 23 yo Female, white resident of IL. Undergrad cGPA 3.82, sciGPA 3.65 (BS, Saint Louis University) Graduate cum and sci GPA : 4.0 (MS, George Washington University) MCAT : 514 (129/124/131/130) I was a Division I athlete, nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year, Senior...
  33. S

    3.5 GPA, 500 MCAT

    I am from Illinois. I have a 3.5 and 500. Upward Trend: 3.7 GPA last two years 3 years of research +200 community service shadowed MD and DO 2 DO school interviews last year, but very late in the cycle. What are my chances for DO schools and low-tier MD schools if I have already applied...
  34. Y

    Took MCAT 3x!

    I have taken the MCAT 3x.... waiting on my 3rd score. First MCAT taken in Jan 15... rushed through it cuz I didnt want to take the new one -_- 23 Second 127/121/127/127 Third: waiting on the score cGPA: 3.54 sGPA: 3.33 otherwise super strong applicant in terms of experiences... including...
  35. RenegadeOkapi

    Submitted AMCAS Application Late July (25th)?

    Hi SDN: I have been really concerned with how significantly a late submission can impact my chances if I submitted in late July. I really was not convinced of a cohesive central theme in my PS until late in my writing process. Coupled with full-time research, a 1.5+ hour daily commute, and EMT...
  36. L

    Ivy league undergrad low GPA high MCAT SMP or Apply?

    I am a URM tha graduated with a pretty low gpa from an ivy league (HYP). A 3.33 cGPA and 3.0 BCMPgpa due to a lot of personal issues that required me to be back home frequently. I plan on taking the MCAT soon. So far I have been scoring in the 518-520 range on practice and AAMC sample tests. If...
  37. I

    504 MCAT 3.81 cGPA 3.70 sGPA - M.D. / D.O. Applicant - What are my chances!?

    Hello there, I just received my scores for the June MCAT, and I would like to see whether my application is at all competitive or acceptance worth for the following Florida schools. (I am FL Resident) USF NOVA LECOM UCF UM UF FIU (Number 1 Choice) FAU FSU (Number 2 Choice) Honors Biomedical...
  38. M

    How many LORs are too many?

    So obviously different schools have different requirements for their LORs. Some schools want to see a letter from 2 science professors and 1 non-science, others want to see a work supervisor, some want one from a peer and I've even heard some want to see one from a physician (no confirmation on...
  39. N-Man

    MD & DO Where to apply? In dire need

    Hi all, sorry for the typical "what are my chances" post. But I'm freaking out a little bit and could use some guidance. About myself: Canadian citizen, Completed undergraduate at University of Toronto. Poor GPA due to depression in the first two years. Started graduate student (research based)...
  40. B

    Where to apply?

    Hi! I am in a 7-year program at USF in Florida and the program requires a 514 in order to matriculate into Morsani COM. I am looking for back up school (in-state and out-of-state, private/public) for if I come short or miss the score. Right now, I have a 509 (unbalanced) score and I am retaking...