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  1. W

    Update Letters

    Hey everyone! I applied to a medical school via early decision, so I will be accepted, rejected, or waitlisted on or before October 1st, 2019. I recently started volunteering as a scribe/translator at a local free medical clinic that caters to the Hispanic and Latino populations. This is...
  2. P

    What are my chances of getting into MD, or MD/Phd program?

    Chemistry Major BCM Gpa 3.59 AO GPA: 3.88 I haven't taken the MCAT but what would be a good score for such GPA? I have one more year before I apply to medical school and I'm hoping to raise both GPA's by then. I have over +200 Hrs of volunteer work +3 Years of research ( working on my 3rd...
  3. Ray_of_Sunshine_MD

    MD The Chance of a Dual Enrolled Student Applying at 20?

    Hello SDN members, I would like to get your advice on my chances of getting into medical school, specifically an MD school, at the age of 20 with getting my Biology degree early? To further explain, I technically started college at the age of 15 while being in a unique dual enrollment program...
  4. H

    Usyd 2018 md program

    Hello, I am a Taiwanese. I just wanna check if there are international students are applying for the 2018 MD program in Usyd and get the interview invitation. I am also looking for someone who can practice the MMI together, let me know if u are interested. It will be appreciated if someone may...
  5. Q

    MD & DO Help por favor, Pre-Med+Med SDN community

    Here is my basic profile... -MA resident -Cumulative GPA: 3.60 (school=top 30) -Science GPA: 3.51 (2 W's, retook for A-'s) -MCAT: 27 (10-7-10), 508 (129-124-128-127), 516 (129-127-130-130) -Research: 12 months linguistics/cognitive neuroscience, 8 month neuropsych with poster presentation...
  6. N

    Can I apply after sophmore year?

  7. H

    Is an SMP for me?

    Long time lurker, first time poster! I was hoping for some advice. Graduated from a top 25 undergrad with a 3.46 ugpa/3.01 science gpa, 33 MCAT. I applied to ~30 MD schools this cycle and its not looking good currently. A little more about my app for reference: I worked through college which...
  8. W

    should i consider doing something else?

    Hello everyone, im new to the forum and wanted some advice as to what should i do. so currently i am a junior majoring in cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University. i really want to go to medical school (DO/MD, it doesn't matter). My GPA as of now is a 3.4 cumulative and science. i...
  9. E

    MD 3.5 cGPA, 524 MCAT

    White male, not URM or disadvantaged, PA resident Undergrad: Top Midwestern Private School (Notre Dame, Northwestern, UChicago, etc) sGPA: 3.41, cGPA: 3.55 MCAT Chem/Phys-131 –----99th percentile CARS-131 –---------- 99th percentile Bio/Biochem-130 --– 97th percentile Psych/Soc-132 –----- 100th...
  10. G

    Study partner(i'm a caribbean medical student)

    hey.. I'm a caribbean second year medical student. I'm looking for a study partner so that we can review all the subjects of first year and go along the second year at the same time. This would help to fill in the information that i don't know or vica versa. Currently i'm in india but will be...
  11. T

    Next Course of Action

    Hi everyone, I would seriously like some advice. I have a relatively good GPA, science GPA included. It by no way will hinder my chances in getting into medical school. My extracurriculars are great. What is hindering me is my MCAT score. I took it three times. I go a 24 on the old test and a...
  12. NuckyThompson

    MD Doing bad in math

    I have two C's in math, (Biostat and Algebra, but got a B in Trig). I have two B's in biology. I am a sophomore right now finishing up my 1st semester at my new university. the college before I had a 3.54 GPA first semester, then a 3.4, yielding a 3.46 GPA. I think my GPA this semester at my new...
  13. I

    3.62 c/ 3.45s 510

  14. ThisisReality

    MD & DO 3.4 cGPA/3.2 sGPA/NY Resident

  15. C

    High MCAT, Low GPA - MD / DO what are my chances

    Both my science and cumulative GPA are sitting around a 3.3, just graduated In college I went through some family issues, so these numbers above are not as high as I would have liked them to be. I decided to give my dream one last push and managed to score a 522 on my MCAT, a 99th percentile...
  16. ziaaa

    MD programs for international students or taught in english in Asia

    Hi everyone! I've been researching quite a lot these days for MD programs taught in Asia specifically in Japan, Taiwan, and Hongkong but I can't seem find any information. I'm hoping you could suggest some school. I'm in my second year of premedical study taking BS Biology in Philippines. I...