md vs do

  1. M

    Take Acceptance or Reapply

    Hey Everyone just looking for some advice on what to do, I recently applied to multiple schools but granted my fault I submitted late near October/September. This is my first app cycle and I am 22. My stats are as follows 3.91 cGPA, 3.85 sGPA, 505 MCAT, and solid EC. Because of my late...
  2. C

    SMP while Applying to Med School?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently going to apply to medical school for the next cycle as I am a current senior and I need some help regarding deciding if I should do a SMP or not! Im looking into applying about 30 schools both MD & DO but I recently got accepted to an SMP program at Kansas City...
  3. anovas

    SJB in PR vs VCOM-Auburn

    San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Puerto Rico vs Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Auburn Campus. Hello! I am making this post because I need honest opinions as to best choice here. I am leaning towards SJB, although I understand that both choices have some dilemmas (MD outside...
  4. Master Bone Wizard


    Hi all, please bare with me if this is a stupid question. I know that in most cases a MD will give you more opportunities than a DO but I have been hearing that MSUCOM ( one of the best DO schools ) is better than MSUCHM ( a mid tier MD school). What is your take for: -Someone who wants to...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Allopathic vs. Osteopathic: Which Med School Program is Best for YOU?

    Osteopathic (DO) schools approach medicine with a different toolbox than Allopathic (MD) schools, yet ultimately the training and opportunities for specialization are similar. In the past, DOs have had a harder time getting accepted to traditional residencies and even employment. Some...
  6. Nirvana48

    Taking MCAT for the 3rd time???

    Some background Pepperdine graduate, Class of 2016. Major: Biology Minor: Art GPA: 3.55 Extracurriculars during undergrad: Volunteering, service club member/service trips, and research. Post grad: ER scribe for 1 year and now currently working as a scribe/MA at an Immunologist's office. Doing...
  7. D

    DO acceptance but considering reapplication for next cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here but I just wanted to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to receive an acceptance to AZCOM this cycle and a waitlist at NYITCOM, but circumstances that have come about recently have made it in my best interest to not go to med school far away (I am...
  8. B

    JCESOM/Marshall vs WVSOM

    Both in West Virginia about 2-3 hours apart from each other. Marshall Pros -- MD -- Connected to a busy and well functioning hospital -- Undergrad Campus -- Cheaper school -- small class size (around 75) -- lots of research opportunities. (may or may not be interested in) Cons --...
  9. nackbaxster14

    Louisville vs LUCOM; An MD vs. DO school for an aspiring EM doc

    I have been accepted at the University of Louisville (MD program) and the four-year-old Liberty University of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) (DO program). I loved both of them and would be happy attending either. However, there a few factors I need some help on. As of now, I want to go into...
  10. C

    Why MD?

    Hello everyone, I have been writing my secondary applications about a week now. As I fill out the boxes for both allopathic and osteopathic schools, I reflected on what I have learned about the distinction between the two. I have learned a lot about what distinguishes the osteopathic approach...
  11. S

    UNE vs Quinnipiac (Netter)

    Hi all - I never thought I would post here, but I need to throw this out into the ethos and see what comes back. I am supposed to go to UNE this year (next week!) but yesterday Quinnipiac called me and offered me an accept-defer. Basically I would accept this year, but defer until this year...
  12. T


    Was recently accepted to OU and I am interviewing at NEOMED. I already know that neomed is mainly for six bs/md people but what are the other differences between the schools for comparison? I am interested in rural medicine so both feel like a good fit.
  13. doctorwhy493

    I just made the biggest mistake of my life.

    I'm a rising junior at Harvard University and recently finished my spring semester. Organic Chemistry was one of the courses I took. I have a 3.78 cumulative GPA, with a 3.43 science GPA. Now, you might be asking why there is such a huge difference between the two. And I'm going to tell you. I...
  14. S

    California Northstate College of Medicine vs TUCOMCA vs AZCOM

    Accepted to these 3 schools. AZCOM vs TUCOMCA seems to be discussed quite a bit on SDN so I'll save that issue, but what about CNUCOM? I am skeptical of CNUCOM because it is so new and has not gained full accreditation yet for clinical rotations (if I recall correct). But if it does gain...
  15. H

    3.49 cGPA, 3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT

    Hi SDN! I need some advice on what to do! Graduated from a top 25 undergrad with a 3.46 cGPA/3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT. I applied to ~30 MD schools this cycle and its not looking good currently. A little more about my app for reference: - my science GPA is definitely hurt by a few classes: C- in...
  16. T

    MD VS DO

    Hi, I know this was probably addressed before here and there. But I really haven't found answers that are clear. What's the difference between MD and DO? If you have the time to go into details please do. I was only recently introduced to the idea of DO schools so I know almost nothing about...