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  1. lialalala

    Medical Assistant vs. Medical Scribe

    I have clinical experience working in a big hospital watching hospitalized patients for 8 hours a day. Although I built great clinical experience, I do not have "shadowing" experience because I never worked beside doctors so I was planning to do a scribe job. I found a few places looking for...
  2. Sage of Pale Bones

    Is becoming a certified medical scribe a "significant" application update?

    Recently I passed my scribe test and became a certified scribe. Given that and one of the schools I am applying to is Wayne (who seems the sending out one last batch of interviews before thanksgiving) I figured maybe I can pull a Hail Mary and just send them my scribe certification to remind...
  3. friendlynectarine

    Anyone Worked/Working for Nuance Communications or Scribe-X?

    I have 2 upcoming interviews: one with Nuance Communications and the other with Scribe-X. How is/was your experience? How was the culture? Was there a non-compete clause that you had to sign? (I heard they do that with ScribeAmerica but not sure if they also do that for these companies). The...
  4. R

    Should I Obtain a Medical Assistant Certification?

    I am an undergraduate non-traditional senior (B.A. in Computer Science). My overall GPA is 3.85, science GPA is 4.0 as I’m taking my prerequisites, I have 17 hours of clinical volunteering, and I was just hired as a medical scribe (job title is “Medical Assistant”) for a psychiatry/neurology...
  5. Perchperkins

    EMT vs CNA vs Medical Scribe vs PCA

    I’m on the premed track and I was considering being either an EMT, CNA, PCA or a scribe but I don’t know which one is best. I’ve heard mixed reviews for all of them but what are your thoughts?
  6. FruitCanal

    Medical Scribe - How to frame on an application?

    I should start by saying I did not switch to dental because it was an "easier path"! I just found that medicine wasn't for me... after starting my scribing position. However, I still need the money and I want to be able to use the time I've spent here in my application if possible. I am also...
  7. monstercat129

    Medical Scribe Application Email Title reads "Quality Applicant"

    As the title states, I received an email stating that I am a "Quality Applicant" from a medical scribe company I am applying to. I am hopeful that they will follow up with me, but it has been five days since the email and I am starting to worry. Should I be concerned? Side note: I am hoping to...
  8. A

    Medical Scribe Info

    Hi guys, so I'm new to the forums and everything but I recently got a position as a medical scribe. I just wanted to know a few tips and pointers for the position. I'll be working in the ER if that helps. If you have anything helpful please reply! Thanks :)
  9. P

    Should I put my 1 month of scribing on my app?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this! I am planning on applying to medical school this cycle, and I was just wondering whether I should include my experience medical scribing as clinical experience on my app? Unfortunately, I was only a scribe for one month because the...
  10. C

    Anyone worked as a scribe?

    Pre-med student looking into becoming a medical scribe to gain clinical exposure. If anyone has worked as a scribe, I would be grateful if you could help guide my decision by answering a few questions... 1. What made you want to become a medical scribe? 2. How did you receive training for the...
  11. hollywoodhorse

    Choosing a medical career- PA, MD/DO, something else?

    I’m a recent December graduate with a bachelors in biology and 22. My GPA is 3.38 and my science is about 3.2. I know I want to do something in medicine, but i’m exploring all my options as my recent attempt at MD/DO programs was unsuccessful. My mcat was 495 which I know is not quite...
  12. L

    Boston/Metro north Medical Scribe opportunity I have personally been working with ScribeAmerica for over 8 months so feel free to message me with...
  13. broken down muffler

    What are my chances?

    Hi SDN community, Schools Ohio State, Case Western, Cincinnati, Wright State, Toledo, Thomas Jefferson, Temple, Drexel, Pitt, Georgetown, George Washington, U. of Maryland, USU, Rutgers, Brown, Dartmouth, NYMC, Tufts, Quinnipiac, Wake Forest, Duke, UNC, Rosalind Franklin, Mayo, UCLA, and USC...
  14. broken down muffler

    August/September AMCAS Verification

    Hey All, what are my chances?
  15. F

    Medical Scribe

    Hi, I recently accepted a position as a full time Medical Scribe that will require me to work 4 times per week. I am graduating from undergrad next month and I plan on applying to PA schools this time next year. I still need a few classes/I am planning on retaking one or two. I have been...
  16. L

    Will Quitting The Scribe Position after 5 months and putting it on my application look bad?

    I was hired by a popular scribe company in September, however due to the more than advertised hours (I was expecting 2 shifts a week, but I am actually getting 3-4) and very disorienting shift times( over night shift one day and then a morning shift the next day) I don't think it is worth it for...
  17. L

    One and a half year Postbac Program. Any advice is appreciated!

    Hi guys, I just graduated in spring 2016 with a major in mechanical engineering. I have a 3.36 overall GPA and 3.7 science GPA. I am admitted to the Postbac Program at Columbia and planning to take the accelerated track so that I can finish all prereqs by spring 2018 and apply in order to...
  18. S

    Advice for ED scribe with t1 diabetes?

    I'm a recent hire medical scribe completing classroom training and very excited to start on-site training in the ED of a small hospital (not the busiest ED). A little bit of background, I'm a premed student and I also have type one diabetes, so I wear an insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose...
  19. calidermatologist2023

    Medical Scribe (Gaining Clinical Experience) in Rochester, NY

    Hi, How does one go about finding medical scribe opportunities around the New York (especially Rochester) area or just looking for medical scribe positions in general? I looked up positions on ScribeAmerica as well as but have not heard back from those places yet. I also tried...
  20. N

    cGPA 3.5, sGPA 3.2--Early Grad? More

    Hello! Long lurker, new poster here. //waves I'm a junior at UCLA sitting at a 3.5 cGPA, 3.2 sGPA (2/3rds B's, rest A's or A-'s), a slight upwards trend in all GPAs, and according to my major requirements, capable of graduating next quarter (though by the looks of it, it'd be wiser for me to...
  21. A

    ED medical scribe advice

    so i just got offered a medical scribe position at a hospital that is very close to my school and i am not sure if i should take it..... i am just finishing my first year of college and have sophomore status due to my ap credits. during the interview i was told that they wanted someone to had...
  22. D

    Medical Scribe Good for Med School Application?

    Hi Everyone, I just got a medical scribe position for the summer and I was wondering if this would be considered good experience? Because basically I am shadowing a doctor all the time and in the clinic I will be working at, I get to interact with the patients even and help out in very minor...
  23. L

    EPPA Scribe Positions in Minnesota

    Men and women wanted for hazardous journey to medical/PA or health professions school. Potential for late nights, early mornings, cognitive and physical exhaustion; uncompromising professional integrity a must. EPPA Medical Scribe Program seeks the next generation of physician, PA and other...
  24. Dr. Teddy

    Medical Scribe Intervew

    I just had an interview for a medical scribe position at Florida Hospital. This is a big deal for me because this could be my first chance finally stepping into the medical field so I have been freaking out trying prepare for this interview. However, I have this really bad habit of being highly...
  25. Thomas D

    PhysAssist ScribeU

    After interviewing with PhysAssist, I got offered a scribe position. I start the online portion of the training, "ScribeU", next Friday. I was wondering if anyone who has gone through the online training with this company (or others) could share their thoughts on it? Also, what would help me...
  26. J

    PhysAssist Scribe Opportunity

    We are currently looking for candidates, who are interested in gaining medical experience, to join our team at PhysAssist Scribes in Milwaukee. Our scribes work in the emergency departments throughout the US. Application: Email our recruiting team: [email protected]...
  27. YungGeezy

    Medical Scribe

    Looking into applying for a medical scribe position for my gap year but most of the openings I've seen require a year of experience. Does anyone recommend I try to get certified with either Scribe Solutions or Scribe America in order to increase my chances of getting hired? Thoughts?