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Sep 17, 2012
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
Off the bat: You're not in too bad of a way, just make sure to turn around all secondaries within a few weeks. Pre writing helps.

Looking at your school list: New Mexico and Fl. State were poor choices as they accept VERY few out of state students. UCLA is an uphill battle based on residency, Rush has a huge service requirement (avg matriculant has >800 service hrs and >1000 clinical hours, if either of these aren't present in your app your chances are low here), Brown has a preference for their undergrads (about 30-40% of their class) and I would consider Duke a reach. If your comfortable with having 5-6 schools where chances are low regardless of when you submit your app. You could consider adding schools like St. Louis, Thomas Jefferson, Drexel, Temple, Quinnipiac, and NYMC
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