1. I

    PSLF and moonlighting

    Hello, sorry to bring this up if it's been brought up before but we are running into this situation at my institution were we are trying to set up moonlighting opportunity for residents but don't know how to proceed with respect to compensation. We are technically paid by a non profit and the...
  2. U

    HIRING: Physician Positions at Urgent Care Facilities [NYC]

    Hi everyone! If you or anyone you know is interested in working at an urgent care facility, we are currently looking to fill both full-time and part-time/moonlighting physician positions. As our offices are all based in NY, applicants MUST have an active NYS Medical License. Pay is competitive...
  3. S

    Moonlighting Opportunities, MD or DO, Flexible 3 Hour Shifts, Greater Birmingham Area

    LetsLose, Advanced Weight Loss Clinics, est. 2003 has moonlighting opportunities for MD or DO. Great pay, with bonuses. Flexible 3 hour shifts, work around your existing schedule. Medical malpractice provided. Six locations in the Greater Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area. Fun, rewarding job! Send...
  4. angleoflouise

    Position Available Moonlighting Job for Residents

    We are looking for residents with active medical licenses in Wisconsin, Florida, Alabama. Please PM me if you are interested. Pay is ~$1000/day. Clinics are held on Saturday from 8AM to 5PM.
  5. J


    Wondering if anyone has experience moonlighting with Heal.com -- they do physician home visits in SF, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and DC. If so -- do you sign up for shifts w/ guaranteed pay or is it like Uber/Lyft where you wait on some app and if you're lucky someone requests an appointment? Just...
  6. J

    Residency Moonlighting

    hello, I'm a third year surgery resident and am going into two years of research. Any leads on PRN moonlighting opportunities in the Houston, TX area? Thanks
  7. angleoflouise

    Position Available Moonlighting Job Available for Residents

    Looking for residents MD, DOs with full medical active license in any state to perform disability physicals. No board eligibility or certification required. No diagnosis or treatment of patient involved. Work one to two weekends a month. Earn $1000 per day. PM me if you are interested.
  8. P

    Moonlighting: What to Wear?

    Hi, all! I'm a PGY-3 psychiatry resident starting a moonlighting position soon and I'm wondering what you all think appropriate attire would be. The answer is, of course, "that depends," so I'm just looking for general thoughts. I will be working at an inpatient state psychiatric facility...
  9. heysexylady


    Is this a good deal....$2000 a week phone coverage of psych ER in the Northeast.
  10. V

    TELEPSYCHIATRY positions for residents, fellows, and attendings!

    Hello! I am a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow working for an AWESOME new company providing telepsychiatry services across the United States. Work includes ED consults, primary care integration, and outpatient work. There are VERY EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES available NOW if you are...
  11. Stagg737

    How does billing when moonlighting work?

    So this may have been discussed in a previous thread, but I wasn't really able to find anyone answering my specific question. From what I've seen on here in a few different sub-forums and threads, residents aren't able to bill for seeing patients until after they they've finished their...
  12. KloudMD

    Licensed Residents, Fellows: Telemedicine opportunity available

    Set your own availability, get paid $120-$180/hr, malpractice fully covered, apply here If you have any questions e-mail [email protected] or call 844-4-KloudMD or +14077921197 ext 123 to reach me personally if you have questions. This isn't a paid ad. I work for them and it's awesome. They're...
  13. L

    Possible to Moonlight after PGY-I (if you resign or are in the process of transferring)??

    As per the title, can you moonlight after you complete and receive credit for the full PGY-I psychiatry year if you resign after finishing the year or are in the process of transferring?? Is it highly state-dependent or are there other typical clauses? As always, really appreciate the...
  14. ldechamps

    Hiring Medical Residency Experts: Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge

    Work from Home for Doctors and Medical Students Great opportunity for medical residents who are looking to earn extra income. We're seeking medical residents and MDs who have successfully navigated the medical residency application process to provide guidance in one or more of the following...
  15. D

    Technology Moonlighting app

    I am a UK-trained physician with board certification in IM. I've got about 4 years of practice under my belt. I was getting pretty restless in my job (doctors in the UK have it tough...) so I started looking around for other opportunities and ended up with a generous scholarship to do an MPH...
  16. R

    Call load and moonlighting in radiology residencies

    Radiology applicant here. I'm older than the average applicant and have two kids to feed, and that I would like to spend time with. Wife is sick and cannot work. Could you please answer the following, regarding UCSD, UCSF, UCLA, MGH, MOUNT SINAI, MONTEFIORE, COLUMBIA and CORNELL. 1. How often...
  17. heysexylady

    stupid question but can you moonlight as an attending as a fellow?

    Title says it all. Can you moonlight as an attending as a 2nd year cap fellow or regular fellow? Thank you.
  18. MoscowAbe

    Looking for Ophthalmology, Dermatology and ENT physicians interested in moonlighting (NYC)

    Hello, We are an established practice in the Brooklyn (NY) area looking for the above specialtists to moonlight and see patient's in our clinic 1-2 days a week. If interested please send CV to [email protected] with SDN in title. Regards, MD staffing
  19. S

    Moonlighting - disability evaluations

    Anyone has ever done disability evaluations as a moonlighting gig during residency or fellowship? I was referred by a friend to this company that will pay 80 dollars an hour. The company seems legit, they have sent me a contract and it seems pretty simple. I have never done any moonlighting...
  20. D

    Fellows moonlighting on child psych units?

    Random question, I'm trying to moonlight as a child psych fellow in DC. The position I'm looking at is a mixed adult/child unit but my program is telling me that I CANNOT see children while moonlighting... I cannot figure out why this is, anyone have any ideas?
  21. R

    Army Questions about AEGD, Moonlighting, and Duty Stations!

    Hello everyone. I'm about to graduate next spring from dental school (HPSP recipient) and I have some questions in regard to AEGD programs offered in the Army as well as some miscellaneous questions/comments. I've read a quite a few threads in regard to AEGD programs offered but I still have a...
  22. A

    Endo programs that allow moonlighting

    Hello everyone, I was curious to find out which Endo residency programs are open to students moonlighting during weekends? I have heard of the following programs that do let you moonlight: NYU West Virginia Uni University of Connecticut Would appreciate it if we could create a list of...
  23. A

    Moonlighting for residents in NYC?

    Hi, old medical student member back as a PGY3 of 4, looking to moonlight next year in NYC. Any leads? I tried to search the forums so apologies if this has been done before. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  24. P

    Moonlighting curtailed by poor/no reimbursement from insurance companies

    Something our program in Indiana has run into seems to be moonlighting obstacles because in convenient care the insurance companies supposedly won't pay for visits with Doc's who haven't finished residency. I am a U.S. Grad, pgy2, state license, DEA license. Has anyone else run in to this...
  25. C

    Position Available Moonlight/Locum Nationwide Opportunity

    *Residents are welcome (weekends available). All specialties except Pathology are accepted* I’m currently looking for physicians interested in independently contracting for us performing, in-home, pre-scheduled history and physical evaluations of seniors insured under the Medicare Advantage...
  26. S

    Current Moonlighting Rates

    Hello I am starting this thread because I was hoping someone could guide me towards a site or study looking at the average rate for moonlighting in internal medicine in 2015. I am a 4th year chief resident credentialed as an attending. I know the offers vary from 40$ to 200$/Hr depending on the...
  27. Doctor Octopus

    Moonlighting opportunity in Western Pa, Pittsburgh Area

    Dear colleagues, As you are aware we are currently in the middle of an unprecedented epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse. There are not nearly enough treatment programs, addiction specialists, and other specialized treatment options for this enormous problem. In an attempt to...
  28. Chinkley

    Seeking physicians to perform H&P's

    I’m currently looking for physicians interested in independently contracting for us performing, in-home, pre-scheduled history and physical evaluations of seniors insured under the Medicare Advantage plans that we represent nationwide. When performing the evaluations you would be provided...